SciTE: Free Text Processing Software by Microsoft for Programmers

Microsoft released the new free text processing software with the intention to make the work simple and make life easy for the users. Some of the users are looking for a free text processing software; then once you can go through the SciTE. It is a free text processing software and can be used by anyone. Below we describe top features and functions of SciTE tool for the windows computer.

Top Features of SciTE

SciTE consist of very few new and top features, one of the best things about SciTE is you need not to download or install the software because it belongs to a portable software. When we are discussing the features, then the SciTE has some latest and best features.

Export as PDF: You can export the file in any code to the Portable Document Format.

To Load Previously Opened File: In SciTE, You can easily open the previously opened files direct from the file menu option.

To Copy File Path: If you opened a file and you do not even remember the file path then,  you can copy the path from the same panel. After copying, you can paste that path in the File Explorer and then easily open the file.

Comment on a Script: For commenting on a script, you need to include “/* */” symbols.

Create Bookmark links: You can also bookmark any of the links in any code.

Best Language Support: Find language support easily such as C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and many more.

For more information and need any technical support dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or visit to get instant support.

How to Install SciTE on Windows system

We are providing you the best steps to download, install SciTE on your Windows system. The steps of installing are simple to follow, but follow up these steps in the given sequence to avoid trouble and saves your time and efforts. The steps are given below-

  1. Open and click on the “File” option, to open any former file.
  2. And for creating a new file, choose and select “New” file option.
  3. For exporting any file,
    1. you need to click on the File option
    2. Then, click on the Export option
    3. Then type the word HTML/RTF/PDF/LaTex/XML.
  4. Now, choose and select any format from that list.
  5. To execute a customary search,
  6. Go to the Search option
  7. Then, click on the Find option.
  8. Now an empty box will appear on the screen, in which you can edit your “”
  9. After adding the Word, it will automatically start searching for the text.

Text Processing software for Programmers on Windows System

  1. If you need to search the multiple files or a directory on your system:
  2. Then, open to the Search
  3. Then, click on the Find in Files option.
  4. By Following the steps, type your text that you want to find, files format or extension, and any other directory path.
  5. Then, two options appear on the screen:
  • Match the whole word only
  • Case sensitive words.
  1. After completing the search process, click on the Find button.
  2. Choose and select a language, and it’s syntax,
  3. Then an option appears on the window, click on the Find option again.
  4. After clicking the button, you will surely find some languages like PHP, CSS, Ruby, etc.
  5. Now, choose any of the language based on the script, and it will finally show the syntax of the language.

While continuing the process, if you need any technical support from the team of Microsoft then you can contact the Microsoft customer support. The technicians are qualified professionals and available 24*7 to assist you. For quick assistance, dial the toll-free number of Microsoft customer support or visit  to get instant help.

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