Miles College Gets $2 Million In Technology Resources From IBM

FAIRFIELD, AL — Miles College has announced a multi-million dollar collaboration with IBM on a comprehensive program designed to develop diverse and high demand skill sets that align with industry needs and trends for both students and faculty.

IBM and Miles College are building on the need to advance digital skills in education and are dedicated to providing future focused curriculum and educational tools to help train the diverse workforce of tomorrow in fast-growing technologies such as AI, blockchain, data science, cybersecurity, cloud and quantum.

“Miles College celebrates IBM’s leadership in recognizing the value of investing in HBCU students as current and future leaders and innovators in the technology workforce,” said Bobbie Knight, Miles College President. “While the digital divide has historically placed many students at a technological disadvantage, this initiative will absolutely help narrow that gap.”

The collaboration extends IBM’s recent investment in technology, assets, resources and skills development

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Emerging markets could break to all-time highs if the dollar breaches this level, Miller Tabak strategist says

Emerging markets have rallied this year, even keeping pace with the S&P 500 since the March low.

Why this investor advises portfolios should be exposed to China



From that March 23 bottom, the EEM emerging markets ETF and S&P 500 have rebounded more than 63%.


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The group’s next move depends on the U.S. dollar, according to Matt Maley, chief market strategist at Miller Tabak.

“The DXY Dollar Index, even though it was selling off for quite a while, it actually stabilized a little bit the last four months, and it’s bounced off the $92 level four or five different times,” Maley told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Monday. “If you see a breakdown in the dollar below that $92 level, that’s going to help the small outperformance the emerging markets we’ve seen over the last six, eight months become much bigger.”

A weaker dollar

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AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

a hand holding a cell phone: List of All Chinese Apps Banned in India So Far: AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

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List of All Chinese Apps Banned in India So Far: AliExpress Joins TikTok, PUBG Mobile

The government of India has announced a crackdown on 43 new Chinese apps in India, which include popular e-commerce platform AliExpress, operated by Chinese internet services giant, Alibaba. The November 24 crackdown is the fourth of its kind, after the first ban on June 29 suspended social media app TikTok, and a subsequent July 27 ban also removed the likes of CamScanner from the Indian internet app markets. The biggest ban till date came on September 2, which suspended a total of 118 mobile apps – the most notable of which was PUBG Mobile. Now, the government has announced a ban on 43 more apps, bringing the total number up to 267. Hence, the full list of all Chinese apps banned in India now is quite extensive, and are as follows:

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Rocket Lab on road to reusability after successful booster recovery

Rocket Lab is now confident that its reusability dreams can come true.

The company recovered the first stage of its two-stage Electron rocket for the first time on Thursday (Nov. 19), fishing the booster out of the Pacific Ocean a few hours after it had helped launch a 30-satellite mission aptly called “Return to Sender.”

The stage survived its trip back from space in great shape, helping to validate Rocket Lab’s reusability vision, according to company founder and CEO Peter Beck.

“The test was a complete success,” Beck said during a call with reporters today (Nov. 23). “We’re really confident now that Electron can become a reusable launch vehicle.”

Related: Rocket Lab and its Electron booster (photos)

The 58-foot-tall (18 meters) Electron, which gives small satellites dedicated rides to orbit, has been an expendable vehicle since its debut launch in 2017. Last year, however, Beck announced that the company plans

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The Hisense 65-inch 4K UHD smart Android TV is coming back to Best Buy for $250


Put 65 inches of Android TV goodness in your living room for just $250.


Welcome to the latest episode of Ridiculously Cheap TV News. A couple weeks ago, Best Buy had a 70-inch Hisense model for just $400. (It’s up to $450 now, but still $200 off and a pretty amazing deal.) Shortly thereafter, that TV’s slightly smaller brother was on sale for an even more amazing price.

It sold out very quickly, but as of this morning, Best Buy shows it as “coming soon” — meaning the deal will be back. (We have confirmation from Hisense on this as well, but the timing is unclear.) Here’s the offer: The Hisense H65 65-inch 4K UHD smart Android TV for $250. Earlier this morning, it was briefly available for purchase, but now it’s back to “coming soon.” My advice: Check Best Buy’s page often.

How good can this

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The Importance Of ‘Agility’ In The Future Of Work

Julia Stead is the CMO of Allocadia, a marketing performance management platform that helps maximize marketing’s impact on businesses.

Now that many of us have hit the eight-month mark, if not longer, of working from home, it’s high time to have a broader conversation about the future of work. At the beginning of the pandemic, most of us embraced a “we’re all in this together” mentality, assuming the disruption in our lives would last a few weeks — or maybe a month or two. I don’t have to tell you how that one played out. With no end in sight, it’s time to rip off the Band-Aid and explore how to make remote work effective and sustainable long term.

No matter how you slice it, we’re at the precipice of a landmark shift in work norms on many frontiers — where we work, when we work, even h

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Invest in These 3 Technology Funds for Splendid Returns

Risk lovers seeking healthy returns over a fairly long investment horizon may opt for technology mutual funds. It is believed that the technology sector is poised for a brighter earnings performance than others owing to greater demand for technology and innovation. Improving industry fundamentals and emerging technologies — such as wearables, VR headsets, drones, virtual reality devices and AI — are the key catalysts for the sector.

Meanwhile, most mutual funds investing in securities from these sectors prefer a growth-oriented approach that includes focusing on companies with strong fundamentals and a relatively higher investment prospect. Moreover, technology now has a broader coverage than just hardware and software companies. Social media and Internet companies are also part of the technology landscape today.

Below we share with you three top-ranked technology mutual funds. Each has earned a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and is expected to outperform peers in the

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Medical device research and innovation leads to prominent endowment for professor | UTSA Today | UTSA

Medical device research and innovation leads to prominent endowment for professor

NOVEMBER 24, 2020 — Teja Guda, associate professor in the UTSA College of Engineering’s biomedical engineering and chemical engineering departments, has been named the Jacobson Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The $500,000 endowment was established in 2013, with a goal of promoting innovation and technology entrepreneurship at the university.

The endowed professorship will help Guda and students under him continue their work on new medical device therapies with physicians, researchers and scientists, as well as collaborators at the UT Health Medical Center, Southwest Research Institute, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, and in the military and biomedical industries. Both undergraduate and graduate students will be working with Guda to develop devices and regenerative medicine therapies for clinical and translational use.

“He has been working to promote innovative research, student success and entrepreneurial training since he began as a faculty member at UTSA.”

“I was delighted, grateful and motivated when I

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Key Takeaways For Future MSPs

Marius Mihalec is a Founder and CEO of Pulseway, a mobile-first IT management and monitoring software.

For managed service providers (MSPs), 2020 has been a year of challenge, but also a year of opportunity. Their customers had to quickly adapt — and adopt new working practices — just to survive the new business reality. Against this backdrop, MSPs had to adapt even more quickly if they wanted to remain relevant and valuable to their clients.

Organizations that had already moved toward cloud-based solutions and flexible working were in a better place to survive and found the transition easier than those more reluctant to change. Even many of these technical laggards have belatedly seen the benefits and advantages of technologies such as cloud-based computing, and what many viewed as an inevitable shift has been accelerated.

As every business continues to work out how to survive and thrive during current

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Xiaomi’s profit jumps as smartphone shipments surge

SHENZHEN/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Xiaomi Corp on Tuesday reported a 19% jump in third-quarter net profit, beating estimates, as the Chinese smartphone maker’s shipments over the quarter surged by 45.3% on a year earlier.

FILE PHOTO: People wearing protective face masks visit Xiaomi brand’s store, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Kyiv, Ukraine October 22, 2020. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

Xiaomi has grabbed market share in China and Europe as its rival Huawei Technologies has faced U.S. sanctions that have hit its supply chain.

The company expects it will continue to gain market share after the latest round of U.S. sanctions against Huawei disrupted its supply chains in August..

Xiang Wang, Xiaomi’s president, when asked whether Huawei’s problems had helped Xiaomi, said that the company was “paying attention to what is happening into the market,” but was continuing with its own strategy.

Xiaomi’s smartphone revenue rose to 47.6 billion yuan,

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