Researchers link Florida summertime rainfall with a warming Atlantic Ocean — ScienceDaily

A new study by researchers at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science projects an increase in Florida’s late summertime rainfall with rising Atlantic Ocean temperatures.

Scientists have known for years that Florida receives more rainfall in decades when North Atlantic waters are warmer than average, but the UM research team wanted to learn more about this interaction to help communities prepare for a wetter future. This study showed that ocean temperatures are most influential on Florida precipitation in late summer, during the region’s highest high tide events.

The researchers used a suite of climate models to show that the link between ocean temperatures and rainfall only develops as a result of human influences on the climate system, such as greenhouse gas emissions and industrial pollution.

“We know that humans are continuing to make North Atlantic waters warmer, so we expect an increase in late

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China smartphone shipments fall in 3Q, Huawei stays top despite sanctions

China’s smartphone shipments during the third quarter of 2020 fell 14.3% year-on-year, the tech analyst firm IDC reports, adding that 84.8 million units were shipped during the period.

The figures are more or less the same as those announced by Canalys on 1 November; which were 83 million units and a 15% year-on-year decrease.

IDC said the decrease was due to soft demand, supply constraints imposed on Huawei by the US, and delayed launches of flagship models by both Apple and Huawei.

smartphone 3q china idc

“The escalated US trade restrictions in August ultimately impeded Huawei’s momentum in its home market,” said Will Wong, research manager for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific.

“Nevertheless, the ban did not cool off the enthusiasm of local Huawei loyalists who supported Huawei’s market share to stay above the 40% mark.”

Despite its problems, Huawei remained the top vendor, with 35.1 million units shipped, a drop of 15.5% year-on-year.

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The tribal journalism of cable news is at a crossroads

The tumultuous presidential campaign and its razor-thin result place much of the mainstream news media at a crossroads: They can continue to aid and abet polarization in the search for profits, or they can dial back and help shift the tone of the country.

Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, Chris Cuomo, Laura Ingraham posing for the camera: The tribal journalism of cable news is at a crossroads

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The tribal journalism of cable news is at a crossroads

Make no mistake: The profit motive is strong. Tribal journalism is very alluring, as revenue numbers for the major cable news channels prove, quarter after quarter. There is no financial incentive to do anything differently. But there are a couple of simple changes these channels could make to turn down the heat without freezing the bottom line.

First, media could reclaim the original, dictionary definition of “news” – something along the lines of fact-based reporting – once referred to as, simply, “reporting.” Calling the major cable channels “news outlets” is a misnomer:

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Scientists discover human ancestor fossil tracks in South Africa

a close up of a rock

© Provided by Quartz

Around a hundred thousand years ago, South Africa’s Cape south coast was a busy place. Giraffes, crocodiles, hatchling sea turtles, and large bird species populated the landscape. Early humans were there, too.

We know all of this because of fossil track sites that today dot the Cape south coast, which is about 400 kilometers east of Cape Town. These sites date to between 400,000 years and 35,000 years ago, to a geological epoch known as the Pleistocene. The tracks were made on dunes and beaches, which became cemented over time. These ancient surfaces, which often preserve the tracks in remarkable detail, are now amenable to our inspection and interpretation. Our research team has been documenting these track sites since 2007.

A substantial body of archaeological evidence has accumulated, indicating that ancient humans on this coastline adorned themselves with jewelry, developed sophisticated tool technology, created some of

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Technology of the Future Going Virtual

Technology of the Future (ToF) – an exclusive meetup for Nasdaq’s globally distributed Market Technology client community, now running its 17th edition – has for the first time gone virtual.

Lars Ottersgård, Lars Ottersgard

We sat down with Lars Ottersgård, Executive Vice President and Head of Market Technology at Nasdaq, to talk about the event and discuss why it’s important to keep up the tradition even though the delegates won’t be able to meet in person this year.

Lars, please tell us about ToF and how it became such an iconic event!  

Well, ToF is very dear to me, and not only due to its long heritage. It’s a forum where we gather our community of 130+ marketplaces, clearinghouses, regulators, banks, brokers and CSDs from more than 50 countries to collaborate, together address the challenges that our industry face, discuss strategically important topics and showcase new technologies – technologies of the future

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How Microsoft’s Planned $7.5 Billion Acquisition of ZeniMax Will Strengthen Its Xbox Business

Xbox is set to kick off the next generation of gaming when it releases its new console, the Xbox Series X, next week. With the launch fast approaching, Xbox parent company Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is making moves to ensure it has the content to compete against the console’s archnemesis, Sony‘s PlayStation.

The launch

First launched almost 20 years ago, Xbox has grown into a major player in the gaming industry, competing alongside devices from gaming giants Sony and Nintendo. Xbox has created a profitable services ecosystem with Xbox Live and now Xbox Game Pass, a subscription granting users on-demand access to a catalog of games.

Xbox Game Pass was introduced in 2017 and as of July had more than 10 million members in 41 countries. Game Pass currently provides unlimited access to a library of 100 games published by Microsoft as well as third parties. This is kind of

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Gulfnet Security Systems Partners with Patriot One as Middle East Reseller

The Company Plans Deployment of the PATSCAN Platform to The UAE and Overall Region

Gulfnet Security Systems (“Gulfnet”) has partnered with Patriot One Technologies (TSX: PAT) (OTCQX: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL) (“Patriot One”) , developer of the PATSCAN™ Multi-Sensor Threat Detection Platform, to purchase, deploy and service as the Middle East region’s security system integrator.

Gulfnet Security Systems has been servicing the Middle East regions for over 16 years, under a leadership with experience running profitable businesses for 31 years in United Arab Emirates, where the Company will focus its initial PATSCAN Platform sales and deployment effort before expanding to other Middle East countries. The Company’s first deployment of the PATSCAN Platform will be in its own state-of-the-art demo center in its Abu Dhabi Headquarters, where clients from The UAE and the region can travel to see the solution in use. The UAE has been known as a nation of early

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eXp World Holdings to Host Industry’s Largest Real Estate Event, EXPCON, On Virbela’s Virtual Business World Technology Platform

Over 10,000 Agents, Staff and Guests From Around World Expected to Attend Week-long Event; Company to Release Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results in Virtual Fireside Chat

BELLINGHAM, Wash., Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — eXp World Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty and Virbela, will hold its 11th annual EXPCON event virtually on Nov. 9 – 13, 2020. Over 10,000 agents, brokers, staff and guests are expected to gather in eXp World, the company’s virtual world platform powered by Virbela.

“From the inception of eXp Realty we have operated the entire company to be the most agent-centric real estate brokerage on the planet. We created the first cloud-based brokerage model that directly benefits our agents through a generous revenue share program and an equity plan. With eXp’s immersive technologies like Virbela, we continue to invest in capabilities to support use cases that the competition

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Astronauts arrive at launch site for 2nd SpaceX crew flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Four astronauts arrived at Kennedy Space Center on Sunday for SpaceX’s second crew launch, coming up next weekend.

For NASA, it marks the long-awaited start of regular crew rotations at the International Space Station, with private companies providing the lifts. There will be double the number of astronauts as the test flight earlier this year, and their mission will last a full six months.

“Make no mistake: Every flight is a test flight when it comes to space travel. But it’s also true that we need to routinely be able to go to the International Space Station,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in welcoming the astronauts to Kennedy.

The crew of three Americans and one Japanese are scheduled to rocket away Saturday night, provided approaching Tropical Storm Eta doesn’t interfere. It will be a speedy trip to the space station, a six-orbit express lasting under

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License Plate Recognition Camera Results In Arrest For Stolen Vehicle, Narcotics Paraphernalia

Sausalito’s license plate recognition camera received a hit Saturday afternoon that resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle that had exited off Highway 101 at the Alexander Avenue offramp.

Police said that narcotics paraphernalia was also recovered.

Sausalito police received the alert from the camera of a stolen 2013 Toyota Tacoma traveling through the city on Alexander Avenue. The truck was reported stolen in San Rafael on Friday.

Police searched the area and located the truck at the intersection of Bridgeway and Caledonia Street.

Officers removed and detained the driver, Patricia Friley, 30, of Novato. A search of Friley revealed that she was in possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

Further investigation revealed that Friley reportedly had fled the scene of a traffic collision she was involved in shortly after exiting Highway 101. The California Highway Patrol is conducting the collision investigation.

Friley was arrested and booked into the Marin County

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