The Perfect Three-Day Weekend In The Berkshires

The Berkshires are located in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, and are bordered by Vermont to the north, New York to the west, and Connecticut to the south. Berkshire County consists of 30 towns and two cities, Pittsfield and North Adams. The region is known for its four-season outdoor adventure activities (hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, and water sports), its cultural experiences and museums, as well as its fresh farm-to-table cuisine. Here, what to do for a weekend in the Berkshires. 

Where to Stay 

The Red Lion Inn, located in Stockbridge, is a charter member of Historic Hotels of America and dates back to 1773. As a result of its storied past,

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When repulsion turns into attraction — ScienceDaily

Materials can assume completely different properties — depending on temperature, pressure, electrical voltage or other physical quantities. In theoretical solid-state physics, state-of-the-art computer models are used to understand these properties in detail. Sometimes this works well, but sometimes strange effects occur that still seem puzzling — such as phenomena linked to high-temperature superconductivity.

A few years ago, scientists at TU Wien were already able to clarify mathematically where the boundary lies between the area that follows the known rules and the area where unusual effects play an important role. Now, with the help of complex calculations on supercomputers, it has been possible for the first time to explain exactly what happens when this boundary is crossed: The repulsion between the electrons is suddenly counteracted by an additional attractive force that enables completely counterintuitive effects.

Similar to the way water molecules combine to form droplets, the electrons can then come together

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Steve Bannon Caught Running Facebook Misinformation Network

Illustration for article titled Steve Bannon Caught Running a Network of Misinformation Pages on Facebook

Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Steve Bannon has been outed for his involvement in running a network of misinformation pages on Facebook. Who could have possibly seen this coming.

Facebook has talked a big game about monitoring election misinformation, and yet the independent activist network Avaaz said it had to alert the company to the pages before it removed them for coordinated inauthentic behavior. The group didn’t need an army of 35,000 moderators to figure this out, and yet Facebook consistently fails to spot the troublemakers that journalists and researchers with less funding and staff seem to keep spotting. As they say: makes you think.

Avaaz said that it alerted Facebook to the pages on Friday night. By that time, in aggregate, Avaaz says the top seven pages—Brian Kolfage, Conservative Values, The Undefeated, We Build the Wall Inc, Citizens of the American Republic, American Joe, and Trump

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What Is the Mexican Businessman Like? Here Is the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This Tuesday, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM) presented the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico , a comprehensive study from the perspective of entrepreneurs, who have founded micro, small, medium and large companies , which are the main employers of the country and an important engine for the economy.

The study was carried out thanks to the support of the technology company Akky and the research company Nauta, a benchmark in the field in Latin America. For this, 1,102 founders of companies from all sectors in the 32 states of the country were consulted between August and September.

It is expected that the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico will have an annual follow-up, “that will give us a guide to know, periodically, how entrepreneurs are

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Radiation Might Make Jupiter’s Salty, Icy Moon Europa Glow | Smart News

Jupiter sits in the hole of a giant, doughnut-shaped magnetic field swirling with charged particles that create intense radiation belts. The planet’s many moons are caught in the waves of radiation—and that might even make one of them glow, according to new research published on November 9 in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Researchers mimicked the cold, salty surface of Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon, Europa, using ice. When they exposed their frozen faux-Europa sample to radiation, it lit up, reports Science News’ Maria Temming.

Our moon appears bright in the night sky because it’s hit by sunlight, which it reflects down to Earth. The side without sunlight is dark. Europa, which is just a bit smaller than Earth’s moon, also has a sunlit side. But the other side might glow in the dark because of Jupiter’s radiation.

Scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory figured this out because they created a device

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Accenture unveils Project Spotlight emerging tech investment – Services

Global solution provider Accenture on Monday unveiled Project Spotlight, touting it as a way to invest in emerging technology startups that takes advantage of the company’s experience in dealing with customer challenges to find potential investees and help them grow.

Project Spotlight goes way beyond just investing in a tech startup, said Tom Lounibos, global managing director of Accenture Ventures.

“Spotlight’s goal is to have entrepreneurs come in and engage with entrepreneurs around the world,” Lounibos told CRN. “Entrepreneurs trust entrepreneurs.”

That goal was expressed by someone who himself is a serial entrepreneur. Lounibos had two former companies of his go to IPO, and sold four others to larger companies such as IBM or Akamai. Because of that experience, he was brought out of retirement in to Accenture, initially as an advisor to look at the company’s engagement model, but eventually asked to head Project Spotlight.

“I became almost full-time

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Overview of Technology Trends definition

Technology is constantly evolving, which means that there are constant changes in trends. In 2017, there have been and will continue to be some significant trends in technology. Changes this year tend to be more centered on shaping technology to meet individualized needs. In the 21st century, if there is one thing that is guaranteed, it’s changes to technology. Technology is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of individuals. While it used to be that people waited to see how they could adapt to the latest trends, in 2017, it seems that there has been a shift and technology is being adapted to meet the needs of users. What have been some of the biggest technological trends in 2018? Here’s a look at some of the latest advancements.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, often simply referred to as AI, has become a major focus in 2017. In previous

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Will enough people in the UK take the Covid-19 jab? | World news

The spread of scepticism and misinformation about coronavirus and the development of a vaccine for it has raised questions about whether it will pose a threat to the goal of achieving widespread immunity.

A report published on Tuesday by the British Academy and the Royal Society for the SET-C (Science in Emergencies Tasking: Covid-19) group said an 80% take up of a jab could be necessary in order for enough people to become immune to the virus and stop its spread. However, the actual threshold will depend on the efficacy of the vaccine, and the 90% achieved by the Pfizer/BioNTech candidate in trials was higher than many dared hope for.

The report was the latest of several to cast doubt on the ability to reach such a threshold, finding that about 36% of people in the UK said they were either uncertain (27%) or very unlikely (9%) to be vaccinated

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Misguided immune cells can contribute to vascular damage — ScienceDaily

Heart attacks strike suddenly and have a range of different triggers. Researchers from Charité — Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) were able to uncover a further underlying cause. Studying arterial deposits (plaque) in patients with acute coronary syndrome, the researchers found that, in some patients, these were characterized by activated immune cells which, as a result of altered flow conditions within the vessel, had accumulated on the interior arterial wall, causing damage to the arterial lining. The researchers’ report on this novel immune system-mediated pathophysiological mechanism has been published in the European Heart Journal.

Acute coronary syndrome (also known as heart attack) is a life-threatening condition which is characterized by impaired blood flow to the heart and is caused by a blockage or narrowing of the coronary arteries. Arterial deposits (known as plaque) represent a major contributing factor, as they can give rise to

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macOS 11 Big Sur launches on November 12

Today, Apple announced that macOS 11 Big Sur will launch on all supported devices on November 12. The operating system update was first announced at the company’s annual developer conference in June and has been working its way through various phases of beta testing since.

Big Sur primarily lays the groundwork for Apple Silicon-based Macs. Apple says the update has been designed to maximize the performance of the company’s new M1 system-on-a-chip and that the combination will make it possible to run iOS and iPadOS apps natively on M1-equipped Macs, though iOS/iPadOS developers will be able to opt out of that if

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