DXC Technology Names Ken Sharp Chief Financial Officer

DXC Technology (NYSE:DXC) today announced that Ken Sharp has been appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer, reporting to DXC president and chief executive officer Mike Salvino, effective Nov. 30, 2020. Sharp was most recently vice president and chief financial officer for Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Defense Systems Sector.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201112006043/en/

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) has announced that Ken Sharp has been appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Ken is an outstanding addition to our leadership team,” Salvino said. “Ken is a proven hands-on, operations-focused finance leader who knows the industry and has deep experience in executing transformation journeys. We welcome Ken to the ‘new DXC’.”

Sharp will be responsible for DXC’s global financial strategy and reporting, general accounting, controllership, and investor relations. He takes over for DXC veteran Neil Manna, who has served as interim

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Advanced atomic clock makes a better dark matter detector — ScienceDaily

JILA researchers have used a state-of-the-art atomic clock to narrow the search for elusive dark matter, an example of how continual improvements in clocks have value beyond timekeeping.

Older atomic clocks operating at microwave frequencies have hunted for dark matter before, but this is the first time a newer clock, operating at higher optical frequencies, and an ultra-stable oscillator to ensure steady light waves, have been harnessed to set more precise bounds on the search. The research is described in Physical Review Letters .

Astrophysical observations show that dark matter makes up most of the “stuff” in the universe but so far it has eluded capture. Researchers around the world have been looking for it in various forms. The JILA team focused on ultralight dark matter, which in theory has a teeny mass (much less than a single electron) and a humongous wavelength — how far a particle spreads in

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Museum of Science & Industry launches free at-home and in-classroom learning resource hub on National STEM Day Chicago

To celebrate National STEM Day, the Museum of Science & Industry-Chicago launched a free educational resource hub for everyone — students, teachers, families, community groups — who is learning and teaching at home and in the classroom.

The Learning Resources virtual hub provides educational tools in science, technology, engineering and medicine to bring STEM learning to students no matter where they are, or what time of year resources are needed. The hub can be accessed anywhere, anytime at msichicago.org/resources, and will be regularly updated with content from MSI Educators as well as teachers and administrators in MSI’s Science Leadership School Partners program.



“Having a central location where students and their support systems can visit to improve their science learning both at home and in the classroom is critical for success,” said Rex Babiera, ITW director of teaching and learning. “We are excited to be able to regularly update and provide

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Liberty Science Center, Hudson County Schools of Technology Reach Agreement on Innovative High School Collaboration

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Liberty Science Center has come to an agreement with the Hudson County Schools of Technology to establish a unique public-private partnership for the creation of the new proposed Liberty Science High School, located within the new cutting-edge SciTech Scity. The planned 30-acre innovation campus, a “mini city of the future”, will be a revolutionary technological hub for students, innovators, entrepreneurs, and scientists working together to create a community for learning and innovation.

The state-of-the-art school will be built in Jersey City next to Liberty Science Center and will include a robust set of skill-centric classes for students in grades 9-12. Under the new collaboration, the Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) will oversee operations at the new public county magnet high school to provide 400 science-talented high school students from across Hudson County with a unique opportunity for a curriculum centered on science, technology, engineering, and

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One America News Spreads Debunked Election Claims: Live Disinformation Tracker

President Trump on Thursday spread new baseless claims about Dominion Voting Systems, which makes software that local governments around the nation use to help run their elections, fueling a conspiracy theory that Dominion “software glitches” changed vote tallies in Michigan and Georgia last week.

The Dominion software was used in only two of the five counties that had problems in Michigan and Georgia, and in every instance there was a detailed explanation for what had happened. In all of the cases, software did not affect the vote counts.

In the two Michigan counties that had mistakes, the inaccuracies were because of human errors, not software problems, according to the Michigan Department of State, county officials and election-security experts. Only one of the two Michigan counties used Dominion software.

Issues in three Georgia counties had other explanations. In one county, an apparent problem with Dominion software delayed officials’ reporting of the

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Pitt vs. Georgia Tech football game becomes latest Week 11 matchup postponed due to COVID-19 issues

NCAA Football: Miami at Pittsburgh

Pitt announced Thursday that its game at Georgia Tech scheduled for Saturday will be postponed until Dec. 12. The news comes as the Panthers pause all team activities due to COVID-19 protocols while college football continues to grapple with an increase of COVID-19-related postponements and cancellations.

“We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of doctors and medical professionals providing us daily consultation in this challenging environment,” Pittsburgh athletic director Heather Lyke said in a statement. “Following their recommendation, our football program will pause all activities. Our protocols have prepared us to anticipate and manage these circumstances. Our top priority will always be the health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and staff.”

Pitt at Georgia Tech is the ninth game to be canceled or postponed this week as college football continues to deal with COVID-19 issues, but it’s the first postponement or cancellation of the week in the

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What’s new and how to update

It’s finally release day for Apple’s macOS Big Sur — and there’s a lot to unpack here. It’s arguably the biggest change since the original macOS, with new features and a full redesign.

a screenshot of a computer


Big Sur is also designed from the ground up to work with Apple’s M1 chip, the first Silicon chip for Mac. That means it works with the chip on the new Mac Mini, MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro for an experience that’s faster throughout.


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You don’t need to get a new Mac to run Big Sur, though, as compatibility goes back pretty far. Apple will start rolling out Big Sur November 12 via the Mac App Store (read how to install it below). But first let’s dive into all that’s new with Big Sur.

A refreshing design

Big Sur is essentially a full redesign of the user interface. It can be jarring

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Smart camera founder gets Wyze to car prowler and uses his own tech to catch criminal in action

When Dave Crosby, one of the co-founders of Seattle-based Wyze Labs, was the victim of a robbery this summer, he turned to his own company’s technology for help in solving the crime. A new, outdoor security camera — unreleased to the public at the time — was mounted over his driveway and captured footage of a car prowler grabbing another of the cameras from Crosby’s vehicle.

Crosby, head of marketing for the 3-year-old smart home products maker, was testing the Wyze Cam Outdoor. He ended up as a main player in a YouTube video (above) that could serve as a testimonial for the new security device.


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“I actually had grabbed those Outdoor Cams from the office and put them in my car because later that week I was shooting the actual promo video for the product,” Crosby told GeekWire, admitting that he mistakenly left his car unlocked. “Little

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Boston councilors seek to make city’s surveillance technologies transparent

A proposed ordinance from several Boston city councilors would require officials to be forthcoming regarding the surveillance technology the city has at its disposal, including how it’s used, when it’s obtained, and how information collected is shared.

The filing follows incidents in recent years where Boston police faced scrutiny from privacy advocates regarding how the department secretly acquired and used new surveillance tools.

The measure would also provide clear-cut rules about what Boston Public School student information is provided to police and when — the product of longstanding concerns surrounding how school officials and local police cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Councilors say the provisions are needed companions to the city’s ban on facial recognition surveillance technologies the council passed in June, amid evidence that currently available systems misidentify people of color at higher rates.

“The basic premise is that we are misusing public resources and exacerbating distrust when the

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Neutron star merger results in magnetar with brightest kilonova ever observed — ScienceDaily

Long ago and far across the universe, an enormous burst of gamma rays unleashed more energy in a half-second than the sun will produce over its entire 10-billion-year lifetime.

After examining the incredibly bright burst with optical, X-ray, near-infrared and radio wavelengths, a Northwestern University-led astrophysics team believes it potentially spotted the birth of a magnetar.

Researchers believe the magnetar was formed by two neutron stars merging, which has never before been observed. The merger resulted in a brilliant kilonova — the brightest ever seen — whose light finally reached Earth on May 22, 2020. The light first came as a blast of gamma-rays, called a short gamma-ray burst.

“When two neutron stars merge, the most common predicted outcome is that they form a heavy neutron star that collapses into a black hole within milliseconds or less,” said Northwestern’s Wen-fai Fong, who led the study. “Our study shows that it’s

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