Dominion: What you need to know about the voting company Trump claims “stole” the election

Egged on by Trump-friendly One America News and lawyers Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the president has accused Dominion of deleting votes for him with a system that is “horrible, inaccurate and anything but secure.” Trump’s advisers also claim Dominion’s software was created at the behest of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez to win that country’s elections.

While there’s no evidence for any of those accusations — The Post’s Fact Checker debunks the alleged ties to Venezuela in detail — they’re bringing fresh attention to the way U.S. elections are run and to private companies like Dominion that have long played a starring role in the process. They’ve also deeply unsettled cybersecurity and election administration experts, who worry that valid concerns about election integrity are now being overshadowed by claims that have no basis in reality.

The bottom line is that private companies do play a huge role in

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Microsoft Adds New Free Features for Teams as It Battles Zoom

Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Report continues adding new features to its Teams collaboration platform at a breakneck pace, as it tries to gain more ground against the likes of Zoom  (ZM) – Get Report and Slack  (WORK) – Get Report.

On Friday, the software giant expanded support for personal (non-business) Teams accounts to its PC and web browser apps. And notably — with the holiday season on the way — Microsoft will now let personal account users host up to 24-hour video calls featuring up to 300 people.

In addition, chats on Teams’ mobile apps now support non-Teams users via SMS integration, and (provided that both parties consent) Teams users can get notifications when a friend or relative arrives at a designated location.

The new features arrive two months after Microsoft revealed several features for Teams that are aimed at business users. These

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Musk guns for Gates’ No. 2 wealth ranking with Tesla on a tear

Elon Musk is just a Tesla stock rally away from unseating fellow mega-billionaire — and occasional verbal sparring partner — Bill Gates as the second-richest person on the planet.

As of Thursday, Musk’s net worth was $123 billion, $5 billion shy of Gates on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world’s 500 richest people.

Bloomberg News reported that Musk’s net worth soared $10.2 billion on Wednesday after Tesla shares climbed 10% on the strength of an overweight rating by Morgan Stanley. Analyst Adam Jonas predicted in a note that the company was on the brink of transitioning from being mainly a car-retailing business to one with multiple revenue streams from products like software and services.

It was the second day of banner gains for Musk. His fortune rose $7.6 billion on Tuesday after the electric-car maker was named for inclusion in the S&P 500 Index. Tesla’s meteoric rise

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Signs of Recent Volcanic Eruption on Mars Hint at Habitats for Life

Mars was once home to seas and oceans, and perhaps even life. But our neighboring world has long since dried up and its atmosphere has been blown away, while most activity beneath its surface has long ceased. It’s a dead planet.

Or is it?

Previous research has hinted at volcanic eruptions on Mars 2.5 million years ago. But a new paper suggests an eruption occurred as recently as 53,000 years ago in a region called Cerberus Fossae, which would be the youngest known volcanic eruption on Mars. That drives home the prospect that beneath its rusty surface pocked with gigantic volcanoes that have gone silent, some volcanism still erupts to the surface at rare intervals.

“If this deposit is of volcanic origin then the Cerberus Fossae region may not be extinct and Mars may still be volcanically active today,” scientists at the University of Arizona and Smithsonian Institution, write in

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New Cleanroom Technology Equipment Market Research Report- COVID-19 Analysis Based on Consumables and Equipment Products | Technavio

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The new cleanroom technology equipment market research from Technavio indicates Neutral growth in the short term as the business impact of COVID-19 spreads.

Get detailed insights on the COVID-19 pandemic Crisis and Recovery analysis of the cleanroom technology equipment market.

Get FREE report sample within MINUTES

“One of the primary growth drivers for this market is the Emphasis on Safety of Working Personnel,” says a senior analyst for the Industrials industry at Technavio.

The demand for better-quality products and the emphasis on safety of working personnel are the key factors fueling the growth of this market. The development of new biologics and their increasing use in the medical devices industry, along with growing demand for sterilized pharmaceutical formulations, is also driving the expansion of the market. The demand from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is anticipated to aid market growth during the forecast period. In both these

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Newegg Black Friday 2020 sale: Huge deals on smart TVs, gaming PCs, laptops and so much more

This story is part of Holiday Gift Guide 2020, CNET’s gift picks with expert advice, reviews and recommendations for the latest tech gifts for you and your family.

Black Friday isn’t just one day anymore, it’s a month-long event. And if you’re looking to save on technology products, the wait is over! You’ll find amazing discounts for the entire month of November, many of which guarantee Black Friday pricing. That means if the sale prices you see today drop any lower between now and Black Friday, you’ll get a refund with the difference. Best Buy is running Black Friday guarantees all month long, and Newegg’s “Black November” sale is in full swing with a similar pledge.

Newegg’s Black Friday sale features hefty discounts on tons of items, all of which have a badge that reads, “Black Friday Price Protection.” Really, though, it should read “Cyber Monday Price Protection”

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How to Cash in on Tech Stocks in 2021

ETFs A graphic of a person's hands resting on a laptop with a stock line graph moving through it

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ETFs A graphic of a person’s hands resting on a laptop with a stock line graph moving through it

Like you, I’ve been run ragged with all the negative news this year.

a blurry photo of a laptop: ETFs A graphic of a person's hands resting on a laptop with a stock line graph moving through it

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ETFs A graphic of a person’s hands resting on a laptop with a stock line graph moving through it

Together, the country faced the pandemic and the record bear market followed by the record bull … and we finished the year with a contentious election.

But last night was a very special positive development!


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That’s when thousands of people tuned in to The Technochasm Summit.

During that event, stock-picking legend Louis Navellier and I talked about the Technochasm — the growing divide between the rich and poor in this country fueled by the rapid growth of technology and the investors who take advantage of it.

I started talking

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Here’s what young voters want to see from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

CNBC’s “College Voices 2020” is a series written by CNBC fall interns from universities across the country about coming of age, getting their college education and launching their careers during these extraordinary times. Colette Ngo is a senior at Chapman University double majoring in broadcast journalism and business administration. The series is edited by Cindy Perman.

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate for Vice President Kamala Harris celebrate outside the Chase Center after Biden accepted the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination during the largely virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention, in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., August 20, 2020.

Kevin Lemarque | Reuters

In an election of many firsts, the impact of young voters was pivotal in the presidential race.

“I voted for the first time ever during this election,” said University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine student Sameer Ahmed. “Our collective

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The final trimming step — ScienceDaily

Ribosomes synthesize all the proteins in cells. Studies mainly done on yeast have revealed much about how ribosomes are put together, but an Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich team now reports that ribosome assembly in human cells requires factors that have no counterparts in simpler model organisms.

In every cell, hundreds of thousands of intricate molecular machines called ribosomes fabricate new proteins, extending each growing chain at a rate of a few amino acids per second. Not surprisingly therefore, the construction of these vital protein factories is itself a highly complex operation, in which more than 200 assembly factors are transiently involved. Mature ribosomes are made up of approximately 80 proteins and four ribosomal RNAs. But how these constituents are assembled in the correct order to yield a functional ribosome is still not fully understood. Moreover, most of our knowledge of the process comes from studies carried out on model organisms

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Steam Adds More Support For PS5 DualSense Controllers

Steam’s latest client beta update added more support for Sony’s new DualSense controller. You could use the DualSense with Steam before this update, but most of its features weren’t included when you synced the new controller up with your PC.

“Added additional support for the PS5 DualSense controller including LED, trackpad, rumble, and gyro functionality,” read the notes from the update. Support for the directional swipe feature was also included.

This is the Steam Client Beta, where Valve tests new additions to their platform, so it’s not available to Steam users who haven’t opted into the beta. We could see official support come to all users soon based off how quickly they’ve added support for the DualSense. Hopefully we’ll see support for the adaptive triggers soon as well.

You can connect a DualSense controller to your PC with either Bluetooth or the USB cable that comes packaged with the PS5.

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