Big oil’s answer to melting Arctic: cooling the ground so it can keep drilling | Environment


The oil company ConocoPhillips had a problem.

It wanted to pump 160,000 more barrels of oil each day from a new project on Alaska’s North Slope. But the fossil fuels it and others produce are leading to global heating, and the Arctic is melting. The firm’s drilling infrastructure could be at risk atop thawing and unstable permafrost.

A recent environmental review of the project describes the company’s solution: cooling devices that will chill the ground beneath its structures, insulating them from the effects of the climate crisis.

The oil development that is fueling climate change continues to expand in the far north, with companies moving into new areas even as they are paying for special measures to protect equipment from the dangers of thawing permafrost and increasing rainfall – both expected outcomes as Arctic temperatures rise three times as fast as those elsewhere.

Countries from Norway to Russia are

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The Best Prime Day Gaming Deals Still Available (Friday Update)

Amazon Prime Day ended earlier this week, but there are still some great deals to be found on video games, tech, and entertainment in its wake. A fair number of Prime Day deals are still available at Amazon and competing retailers who hosted anti-Prime Day sales. This includes some of the best game deals, such as Pokemon Sword and Shield for $40 and NBA 2K21 for $35. We’ve rounded up the Prime Day 2020 deals that you can still take advantage of now.

Since Prime Day is over, though, there’s no telling when the following deals will expire. If you see anything you’re interested in, it’d be smart to snag it as soon as possible.

Game deals

We’ve separated the best game deals still available, by platform. As you’ll notice, some of the best Nintendo Switch deals are still up for grabs, including first-party exclusives for as low as $40.

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Google Pixel 5’s wimpy camera is driving me to the iPhone 12

I’ve used Google Pixels and Apple iPhones for my daily smartphone photography needs for years. I’ve mostly relied on Pixels because of Google’s pioneering computational photography software, which wrings superior image quality out of limited hardware. My current iPhone, an XS Max, has been relegated to occasions when I’ve needed a telephoto lens.

a close up of a cell phone: Google's Pixel 5 smartphone has ultrawide and wide-angle cameras, but no telephoto for more distant subjects. Stephen Shankland/CNET

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Google’s Pixel 5 smartphone has ultrawide and wide-angle cameras, but no telephoto for more distant subjects. Stephen Shankland/CNET

But two recent smartphone launches — of Google’s Pixel 5 and Apple’s iPhone 12 lines — have changed my mind. The midrange camera hardware on the Pixel 5, and the high-end array of cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, along with the gadget’s large image sensor and new software options, are pushing me to the Apple camp.


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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I’ve been impressed by Google’s ability to

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