Awesome Apps to Optimize Your Airport Experience

While traveling or preparing to explore the globe, it is necessary to know the flight status, boarding details, and other stuff to avoid problems such as delays. If you wish to make your flight experience better and even exiting, then you need to download some fantastic apps. Here is a list of amazing applications that will help you boost your airport experience:

Awesome Apps to Optimize Your Airport Experience

1- Lounge Buddy

Do you want to keep away from packed terminals, horrible airport food, and the general airport noise? Well, if you want to wait for your flights boarding to start somewhere in peace, then you must use Lounge Buddy.

This application contains extensive data and reviews regarding several airport lounges across the planet. Merely enter the airline status along with other information, and you will get notifications regarding the lounges that you can access in that airport. In case, there are no free lounges available, and you will get recommendations regarding the day passes for paid lounges. You can buy lounge passes from the application itself.


Are you traveling on a budget and wish to save up on money wherever possible? With FLIO application, you can make air travel far more convenient and pocket-friendly. Everyone is aware of how frustrating the task of connecting to Airport Wi-Fi can be. Instead of locating the official connection name and entering personal details each time, this application connects you automatically to the Wi-Fi in more than 300 airports.

 Apart from this, you can also avail offers and discounts on meals and other facilities. This application assists users in navigating airports across the planet, and getting information regarding where to locate Airport facilities such as charging booths, restrooms, etc.

3- GateGuru

In just moments, GateGuru is capable of generating data regarding stores, eateries and other facilities in several airports over the entire world. This app has solid alliances with different airport management enterprises and services from across the planet. For this reasons, a majority of the data within the application is accurate and latest.

Users can check the flight’s arrival and departure schedules. They can also update their flight information to receive real-time updates regarding delays and other changes. Users can check out restaurants and their reviews, and hire rental vehicles from within the app.

4- Airport Transit Guide

This application is very useful as it is loaded with suggestions and information regarding transportation options for over 450 airports across the world. Even though this app is comprehensive, it is extremely easy to use. Just locate the airport you are headed to, and check out how to get to any place in the city. You will also get information regarding train and shuttle schedules, along with the estimated charges of hired taxis and cabs. This application allows you to travel like a local, and check out the most affordable cab prices.

5- FlightView Elite

Do you want to get more information about your flight than what is being displayed at the airport? Are you worried that you might not reach your connecting flight in time? Download the FlightView Elite app.

This application allows users to see where their upcoming flight is coming from, check its location on the map, and get details about the estimated weather conditions. This intelligent flight tracking tool can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You can send your travel details over email, and the details will get updated in the app.

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