Best Alienware gaming PC and laptop deals

If you want a reliable, high-performance rig, you could do a lot worse than Alienware gaming PC deals or Alienware gaming laptops – the company is famous for their top-tier gaming machines. Indeed, the newer models have continued that trend with exceptional performance to go with an eye-catching design unlike anything else on the market right now. 

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Best Alienware gaming PC and laptop deals

That’s why we’ve listed the best Alienware gaming PC deals (and the best Alienware gaming laptops) below. As well as spotlighting the primary models you should keep an eye out for, we’ve also listed the sales, discounts, and bargains you shouldn’t miss. After all, Alienware products can be a little expensive… especially if you’re seeking out one of the older models (the most recent Aurora PCs are available on Dell’s website or Amazon webstores, but anything before that is hard to come by).

Want to know what makes them worthwhile? You’ll find the answers below. In the meantime, here are the best Alienware gaming PC and Alienware gaming laptop deals available right now.

Expect to see some Alienware models in the Black Friday gaming PC deals sales.

Best Alienware gaming PC

Note: Although the R11 has been released in the US, its launch in the UK isn’t until late July 2020.

The brand-new Aurora R11 is leading Alienware into the next generation of gaming; as well as 10th-gen Intel processors and the possibility of liquid-cooled graphics cards, it offers a variety of builds to suit most budgets. If you want to get into PC gaming for the first time or would like to upgrade your existing setup – perhaps in preparation for ray tracing games – this is the most cost-effective way to do it.

Ranging from affordable starter rigs to pimped-out super PCs, the Aurora R11 strikes a good balance of choice. Better still, these desktops can be easily opened and upgraded with different parts as and when you see fit. Want more RAM or a larger SSD? No problem. Because the power supply unit swings out on a metal arm, you get more room to fiddle with the PC’s insides.

The R11’s design builds on the already-attractive R9, too. Although it sticks with the distinctive case and scooped-out front of its predecessor, this update enriches that formula with new lighting around the central strip in some cases. It’s an addition that turns heads and makes the design feel even more futuristic than it did before.

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Alienware Aurora R11 | Official website

Interested in grabbing an Alienware Aurora R11? The official Dell website should be your first port of call. Although it won’t provide big discounts, you’ll be able to pick and choose which components you want to create a build that suits your budget.

UK store: The R11’s not available in the UK just yet, but you don’t have to wait long – it’ll be along by the end of July 2020.View Deal

One of the latest Alienware gaming PCs is arguably its best. As an update to the popular R8, the Aurora R9 comes out swinging with a variety of builds, a killer design, and everything you need to future-proof yourself for the next generation of gaming. Want ray tracing? This is your ticket aboard the hype-train – depending on the components you choose, of course.

That’s because a range of versions are available. Low, high, and mid-range specs are on offer from Dell and beyond; you should be able to find an R9 to suit you regardless of your budget. Because there’s space within the chassis to add or swap components as you see fit, this PC is also an investment you can keep adding to in the future. When something costs several hundred dollars or pounds, such versatility is important.   

You won’t mind having the R9 case for the long-haul, either. It’s both practical and distinctive, with a curved look that’s reminiscent of the PS5. There’s a clever blend of form and function as well; the scooped-out front doubles as the PC’s vents, with air being sucked in and passed through the rest of the system.

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Alienware Aurora R9 | View on Amazon

If you want an Aurora R9, this is the best place to go. There are a couple of builds and components available for you to choose from, so you’ll be able to pick the version that suits you. You may not get the lowest prices, but you will be able to dictate what processor and graphics card you walk away with.

UK store: Official Alienware Aurora R9 deals View Deal

If you’d prefer to build your Alienware gaming PC with a Ryzen-based foundation, the Aurora Ryzen R10 is where you should start. It’s almost identical to the R9 listed above – with all the benefits that entails – but opts for an AMD-centered build instead of Intel alternatives. Depending on the components you choose, it’s a reliable means of getting your hands on ray tracing and preparing for next-gen.

As per usual with Alienware gaming PCs, a range of specifications are available; you can opt for more modest processors or go all out with a liquid-cooled powerhouse. No matter which version you get, it’s possible to swap out or add in new components. This may not be as easy as other rigs thanks to the R10’s unique case, but customization is still possible.

Not that you’ll mind working around the R10 chassis. It’s a head-turning design unlike anything else on shelves right now, offering a scooped-out front that doubles as an air vent. A slick gray or white color-scheme with minimal RGB then ties the look together.

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Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10 | View on official website

For those looking to pick up an Alienware Aurora R10, we’d recommend going right to the source at the official Dell website. There are a few different builds to choose from at varying prices, allowing you to select a PC that suits your budget.

UK store: Official Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10 dealsView Deal

Pitched as an entry-level Alienware gaming PC, the Aurora R8 does the job magnificently despite being a few years old. In fact, it was the best of the best before the R9 swept in like a conquering hero. Well-stocked with variants to suit a variety of budgets, the R8 is still versatile; it’s easy to crack open for upgrades. 

When it comes to the latter, the R8 has some clever quality-of-life touches. For example, a power supply ‘arm’ allows you to swing the PSU out of the way to make room for new graphics cards or RAM without having to detach cables. And because there are two full PCIe lanes, five storage drive slots, and enough space for 64GB of DDR4 RAM, there’s plenty of room for further improvements.

All in all, this is a fair starting point if you want to get your hands on a good Alienware gaming PC that doesn’t need top-of-the-range components. Its age means there are more bargains hovering around, too.

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Alienware Aurora R8 |

View on official website

The Aurora R8 is still a very respectable choice as an Alienware gaming PC. You can get yours right here in a variety of builds. The official website is generally the best place to look, as it’s got the greatest selection of components to choose from.

UK store: Amazon Alienware Aurora R8 dealsView Deal

Best Alienware gaming laptops

If you’re looking for the best Alienware gaming laptop, the m15 is arguably the machine to beat. After a terrific redesign that re-imagined the m15 both inside and out, it’s thin, light, and powerful thanks to Nvidia Max-Q graphics and up to an i9 processor. As with everything else from Alienware, you can also configure your m15 however you like before hitting the checkout. 

Although this new design replaces the old 10-series GPUs with the 16-series, that doesn’t mean the m15 is overpriced. It’s still a fair bit cheaper than its biggest competitors, and you’re getting top-notch performance for your money. The keyboard, touch pad, and screen are excellent as well.

Sure, there’s still the Alienware premium to consider. However, it’s a joy to use and does a good job with any task you throw at it. If you can stomach the slightly higher price, the m15 is one of the best Alienware gaming laptops you can get anywhere in the world at the moment.

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Alienware m15 R2 | View on official website

This is a gorgeous machine no matter how you slice it. From a new design and excellent build-quality to superb performance, the R2 is a great choice for any gaming or office setup. We’d argue that it’s the best overall Alienware gaming laptop in terms of availability and performance, even if the R3 is newer.

UK store: Alienware m15 R2 dealsView Deal

What makes the Alienware m17 laptop special? On paper, it’s similar in design and specs to the m15. However, sit them beside each other and the difference becomes obvious. As the name would suggest, the m17 boasts a larger, 17-inch screen. That makes it the superior choice if you value top-notch visuals.   

Much like its m15 sibling, though, the m17 is impressively petite for a gaming laptop. In fact, it’s thinner and lighter than much of the competition. It’s more than a match for them in terms of specs, too. More specifically, you can fit the m17 with an RTX 2080 graphics card if you have the budget to do so. That makes it pretty future-proof.

Yes, more modest versions of the m17 are available. But even those builds will handle the latest games well. That makes this one of the best Alienware gaming laptops for any budget.

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Alienware m17 R2 | View on official website

Want a slightly larger gaming laptop? The m17 is your best option. It packs a 17-inch screen with the same design and range of specs as the m15, making it a solid choice for those hunting down a new setup.

UK store: Alienware m17 R2 dealsView Deal

The latest version of Alienware’s premier laptop range has only just hit the shelves, but it’s already looking like the one to beat. The Alienware m15 R3 (or the ‘new’ Alienware m15, if you’re in the UK) has a huge range of possible builds, stretching from affordable entry-level specs to world-beating processors and graphics cards.

To get exact, you can build a machine with up to a 10th-gen i9-10980HK CPU and Geforce RTX 2080 Super GPU if you want something truly future-proof. That makes it one of the best Alienware gaming laptops yet, and a strong contender for  your consideration if you want to future-proof your gaming setup. And if you want something with a larger screen? The m17 R3 has also just landed. 

Struggling to find the m15 R3 at retailers? That should change in the next few months – it’s only just been launched, so we expect it to become much more widely available before the summer is out.

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Alienware m15 R3 | View on official website

The 2020 version of the m15 is one of the best Alienware gaming laptops yet, and also the company’s most versatile. It has a huge variety of possible components, and is a good choice if you’re buying on a budget or want to future-proof yourself.

UK store: Alienware m15 R3 dealsView Deal

The Area-51m demonstrates what Alienware gaming laptops can do when they’re let loose; it’s tremendously powerful. Indeed, the official website describes it as a “desktop in disguise”. They aren’t lying. This is an absolute monster of a laptop, and it can be fitted with some of the latest kit to make it chew through the most demanding of games with ease. 

You won’t be surprised upon seeing it. This is a bulky device, all so it can squeeze in a 9th-gen Intel processor and, if you choose the R2 version of the laptop, up to an RTX 2080 graphics card. It’s something of a beast as a result, capable of handling games and work tasks with no questions asked. Even the ‘toned down’ variants with 2060 GPUs and i7 processors are very respectable, and more than enough to keep up with modern gaming.

Despite being loud when it comes to fans (all that power requires a lot of cooling), the Area-51m is a superb choice if you want a high-end gaming laptop that can do everything. Just don’t expect to be carrying it around too much. This thing is hefty.

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Alienware Area-51m | View on official website

No matter whether you get the R1 or R2 version of the Area-51m, you’ll be receiving a gaming powerhouse that’ll make short work of games and work tasks. It’s a superb device and one of the best Alienware gaming laptop choices in terms of sheer power.

UK store: Alienware Area-51m R2 dealsView Deal

Why buy an Alienware gaming PC or laptop?

At first glance, an Alienware gaming PC might seem overpriced – you’d be justified in calling them the ‘Apple’ of gaming. However, they earn that price tag with accessibility, ease-of-use, and smart design that sets them apart from other manufacturers. 

Alongside fierce technical capabilities that allow them to run today’s games at their best, Alienware gaming PCs come ready-made and good to go. That means you don’t need to faff about with construction or debugging – the hard work is done for you. In other words? Plug it in and start playing.

Happily, Alienware is keen to make sure there’s something to suit your budget as well. The official website lists a variety of builds with different costs, allowing you to pick and choose what you want. And if you decide you should have opted for more power down the line? It’s easy enough to open the case and make those upgrades yourself. As a general rule, Alienware gaming PCs are built with easy (and often tool-free) expansion in mind.

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