Choice Logistics: A Pioneer Emerges as a Modern Leader in Global Logistics

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Matthew McKeever, Chief Executive Officer of Choice Logistics, announced today sweeping updates to the company’s branding and go-to-market messaging, marked by a refreshed website and changes in the way the company defines and discusses its services and capabilities.

“Choice Logistics has evolved from a service parts, on-demand, delivery business primarily focused on the US market, to a global logistics provider with end-to-end capabilities powered by data and technology,” McKeever explained, “Choice’s deep history and experience in the on-demand market has uniquely positioned the company to develop technology to manage inventory and transportation on a global scale. Our technology has evolved to include milestone tracking and oversight for all modes of transportation, including import and export activities, allowing for optimal management of a full lifecycle logistics program,” McKeever continued.

“Today, we are advancing our proprietary technology to provide effective, real-time, transparent solutions that connect our global logistics network with our clients in a seamless manner,” McKeever continued. “Whether customers need transportation management, finished goods distribution, asset recovery or a reliable, scalable, global trade solution, Choice is equipped with the expertise to provide these services.”

“We offer clients a single point of contact, anywhere on the planet,” McKeever said. “Customs clearance, duties, licenses, permits, regulatory requirements…we manage everything professionally and efficiently. Our services — whether we are moving service parts or finished goods — allow clients to enter new markets, scale, and grow faster by leveraging our variable business model, eliminating any fixed cost considerations.”

Over the last 60 years, the company has established ten, strategically located, distribution centers across the globe. It also operates more than 400 strategic stocking locations, worldwide, with the ability to activate hundreds more at a moment’s notice. “There is no greater authority operating in this space, and no company is better positioned to offer global, end-to-end supply chain services than Choice,” McKeever added.

“The enhancements we are creating in our technology and services set us apart from our competitors,” McKeever emphasized. “Our process for managing technology, passion for developing data driven analytics and focus on innovation are significant differentiators with our clients. We will continue to lead the global logistics industry, even as we now move deliberately and confidently in the direction our client base has been taking us for many years.”

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About Choice Logistics

For nearly 60 years, Choice has helped the world’s leading companies enter new markets, scale and grow faster. We offer clients a single point of contact, global resources and expertise to deliver end-to-end supply-chain strategy and execution via customized, comprehensive, integrated solutions including transportation management, finished goods distribution, returns management, and global trade solutions. Choice leverages proprietary technology to deliver these solutions across its global infrastructure which includes ten, strategically located, distribution centers and 400 strategic stocking locations on six continents and more than 100 countries with the ability to activate hundreds more at a moment’s notice. As a pioneer in the service supply chain industry, Choice Logistics has remained the authority and clear choice to enabling and differentiating our clients’ supply chain.

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