Coronavirus live news: Biden vows to get vaccinated in public as South Korea reports highest cases in nine months | World news


WHO looks at e-certificates for Covid-19 vaccination

Seoul to shut down most establishments at 9 p.m. to contain coronavirus

Millions of people in low-income countries have been forced to go without healthcare or have had to pay for it during the coronavirus pandemic, despite billions of pounds in emergency World Bank funding, research has found.

The World Bank’s $6bn (£4.45bn) emergency health fund to 71 countries in response to Covid-19 failed to strengthen health systems or remove financial barriers to using them, according to an Oxfam report published on Friday.

Oxfam reviewed the World Bank’s project documents to assess its support for water, sanitation and hygiene services and public health promotion; action to remove financial barriers to healthcare; and work on increasing the supply of healthcare workers and the role of the private sector in the public health response:

India records under 40,000 new cases for fifth day in a row


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