How Students and School Can Benefit From Microsoft Office For Education?

It is obligatory for schools and colleges to provide best available education within their capacity. Over the last few decades, technology has revolutionized the education system. Not only do a majority of schools use technology to make the learning experience better, but technology is also a vital area for study. In order to be ready for jobs when the students reach adulthood, they need to be an expert in using modern applications, digital interfaces, etc. Since Microsoft Office is easy to use, it enables students to get their work done quickly and with less manual errors. The review tab of Microsoft Office has several tools like spelling and grammar checker, research, translate, word count, etc, which help the students in writing essays and making projects efficiently. Microsoft Office comes in a number of versions like Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. If you have purchased Microsoft Office, then visit the following link:

Role of Microsoft Word in education

MS Word is a good education application. With MS Word, students can process raw information into meaningful information.  Microsoft word helps both the teachers and well as students in coming up with new innovative learning and teaching methods. Tutors and teachers can use the templates available in Word to teach complicated fundamentals into straightforward methods. Microsoft word has an inbuilt auto-correct feature which corrects all the mistakes in real time and develops the spirit of self-learning in students. Microsoft Word is an amazing tool with regard to grammar and vocabulary.

Importance of MS Excel in education

Microsoft Excel is extremely helpful for students. Students can learn how to convert raw facts into meaningful data by using excel. Excel makes it easier to compute and calculate numbers. It also helps in students getting a better visualization of data. Students can learn how to track goal progress, make charts, and make spreadsheets on Excel. The formula and formatting options available in Excel help the students in learning data management. Microsoft Excel contains functions, formulas, charts, graphs, and tables. Almost all working professionals should be adept at making Excel worksheets. Spreadsheets are very beneficial while studying arithmetical problems and algebraic equations. They also do a good job at statistical analysis.

Role of Microsoft PowerPoint in Education

Microsoft PowerPoint is an extremely valuable classroom tool. PowerPoint can be used to guide the students in note-taking, repeating key points made in the class lecture, and injecting visual reinforcement. Students can make and showcases their personal presentations in the form of a slideshow. Teachers can make slideshows for presenting a small lecture on a topic. PowerPoint builds class engagement by providing textual as well as visual appeal to the students. Here are a few ways by which students can use PowerPoint:

  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Displaying graphs
  • Creating games
  • Making instructions
  • Producing self-made quizzes
  • Displaying homework
  • Presenting information

Microsoft Office is an important tool for students and teachers. It helps the students in learning and retaining information. To know more about Microsoft Office activation, go to

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