How to Fix Google Pixel Wi-Fi Problem

Pixel, another major Android device launched by Google, is no doubt the most awaited product for people. Its impressive design and features make it a unique smartphone. But this stunning phone too has problems which are more prominent to its users. Sometimes, the phone doesn’t connect with Wi-Fi and it is really frustrating for the people and sometimes it connects but doesn’t load any webpage. Do you own Google Pixel phone? Are you also facing the same problem right now? Don’t worry because there are solutions to fix the issue regarding Wi-Fi connection.

How to Fix Google Pixel Wi-Fi Problem

Let’s begin with the solutions to resolve the issues.

  1.    Restart your Google Pixel

Sometimes Wi-Fi doesn’t connect or the connection doesn’t load a webpage. In such situation, restarting the device works. While restarting the phone automatically corrects the errors occurring in the phone and works correctly again.

  1.    Check the power saving mode

If you have chosen the power saving mode, you might have forgotten to remove the restriction from Wi-Fi connection. Check the Power saving mode and find out if you have restrictions or not.

  1.    Restart the Router

Maybe the problem is not in your phone and the router’s firmware is not working correctly. You can try switching the router off. After a few seconds, you can restart it and check if the phone is connecting to the Wi-Fi.

  1.    Check your web browser

At times, few applications do not open or work as the phone does not support them. To confirm, try open Google search in your web browser. If you can search then the problem is in the application you are using.

  1.    Check Date and Time in the phone

If the date and time are changed, the phone might face the problem in running the internet. Check if the date and time are changed. If changed, then select auto settings and let your phone change the date and the time.

  1.    Clear cache app data

The apps in your phone save their cache in temporary memory where the password, username and other data is saved. Cache memory might cause an issue which will restrict the phone to connect with Wi-Fi.

To clear the cache,

  •    Go to Settings.
  •    Tap app manager and go to the app you are using.
  •    Tap on it.
  •     Select Clear Cache.

To clear the cache of the applications, do it by selecting the applications individually.

  1.    Disconnect and Reset with Wi-Fi

If the Google Pixel is not connecting with Wi-Fi, try disconnecting the network.

  •    Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi.
  •    Tap the network you are connected with.

To reset a network,

  •    Go to Settings and tap More.
  •    Select Network settings reset.
  •    Tap Reset to confirm.
  •    Now, restart your phone and try connecting with the Wi-Fi network.
  •    This time, you will need to fill up the password.

Google Pixel is an excellent phone but the “Wi-Fi not connecting” is a common problem faced by its owners. Since it is possible to resolve the issue, you can now apply aforementioned the steps if and when the issue arises.

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