Microsoft Announces Revamp of Fluent Design for Office

On June 14 (IANS) in San Francisco, Microsoft has announced in San Francisco, a design update to the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for the users of “” and “Office 365.”

Some biggest changes by Microsoft that are planned to roll out this month which includes a simplified controlled ribbon at the top, some new icons, colors and for a better search function, said by Microsoft in a blog post.

Trish Miner, the principal design researcher of Microsoft said, during the gathering feedback from thousands of people, we have found that people respond most positively to feeling in productive, control, and more secure,” said

The new abridged ribbon will surely help the users to focus on their work and join forces naturally with some others, the new colors and icons are built as scalable graphics which are designed to make the software more accessible and inclusive.”

However, the new search function would provide access to the commands, content, and also people along with the “zero query search” which would bring up recommendations that are powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also with the Microsoft Graph, immediately by placing the cursor on the search box.

The last version of “Microsoft Office” was “Microsoft Office 2016”, which was essentially released in the year 2015.

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