Microsoft Is Rumored To Release Andromeda Tablet This Year

Microsoft could be gearing up to launch a brand new range of Surface-branded devices. Inside records reveal that Microsoft could be preparing to release a trio of devices, as implied by the secret code-named ‘Andromeda,’ ‘Carmel’ and ‘Libra,’ as per Thurrott, which was the first to find the documents.

Andromeda is estimated to be one of the most progressive new launches from the tech giant, since it may include totally new hardware dimensions and component layout, including a dual-screen design which can fit in a person’s palms.

It is believed that the parents for pocket-able, dual-display, handheld device filed by the company earlier have been for Andromeda.

Stories have been rolling since weeks that the company has been contemplating a full overhaul of its Surface series of computers. Both Andromeda, as well as Libra, may hit the markets this year, whereas Carmel is more likely to hit the shelves next year or later. Andromeda was listed in the internal records as possessing a launch date of 2018, Thurrot wrote.

A patent which was issued in April 2018 boasted about a device which has a foldable screen, or a ‘digital pocket notebook’ which is able to fit in a person’s hands. As reported in, the company might want Andromeda to work as a PC and that it may also take the form of a Surface Phone.

Microsoft is not the only one!

 Microsoft is not the sole company which is rumored to be thinking about a dual-screen display.

Very recently, ZTE launched a dual-screen phone which has a hinge, whereas Asus has merchandized Project Precog, a concept computer which has two screens.

Lenovo also verified that Yoga 2, a dual touch-screen laptop is going to launch soon

‘Libra’ is expected to be a relatively less expensive Surface tablet which has been considered to be in the works.

In May 2018, it was revealed that Microsoft is planning to go for a reasonably priced Surface tablet in order to compete in a better way with rival iPad.

This device might be launched by the end of this year and will possibly have a 10-inch display screen, Intel processors, USB-C charging, and Windows 10 Pro.

What are the rumors floating around Microsoft this year?

The tech giant is rumored to have various new products in the pipeline for this year and the following year.

Up to this point, it has been greatly considered that Microsoft is estimated to refresh its range of Surface products. Microsoft may launch a brand-new, affordable Surface tab in 2018 that competes with Apple’s iPad. Codenamed ‘Libra,’ it is estimated to begin at $400, and it may be released post the second half of this year.

The other device, which is called as Carmel internally, will be a replacement to the newest Surface Pro device. Though, it will probably consist of the most recent processors from Intel, which are due to towards the end of 2018. Therefore the ‘Carmel’ device will not be released until the next year at the earliest.

Possibly the most obscure Surface device which is rumored to be in the process of being made is ‘Andromeda,’ which be a Surface-branded phone.

Besides these devices, the company intends to launch a low-cost keyboard case, stylus, and mouse. The current kit is priced at $160.

Microsoft might also be gearing up to release a low-cost version of the HoloLens, which has been codenamed ‘Sydney,’ in 2019.

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