Microsoft Launched Skype New ‘Classic’ Version For Desktop

On Monday, Microsoft launched a new version of Skype for desktop and also said that it would be the end support for the Classic version on September 1.

However, the dubbed version 8.0 is the updated edition of the groundbreaking video-and-voice platform which includes some new features, such as free HD video and group calls that can provide accommodation as many as 24 people. And the new version will also include message reactions; @mentions for the individual notifications in a group chat; and a chat media gallery; and photo & video file sharing feature.

Microsoft said that the latest version is more reliable and has also had faster load times. And the users can easily upgrade for free.

Although the software giant has also started to roll out some other new Skype features and it will continue to do over the summers. The company will also include the Skype version 8.0 on the iPad; it’s a feature which allows you to see who is reading your messages, encrypted audio calls and also text messages and call recording among some other features of the Skype new features.

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