Microsoft News to Compete with Apple News and Google News

Now, the Microsoft is changing their way of bringing Apple and Google news for you.

On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed that a news engine which curates the articles from across the web and also delivers them in your Microsoft feed. It will be the powerful force behind the, Microsoft News app and also with the Microsoft Edge start page for Android and iOS.

Microsoft has been assisting news since the MSN launched in the year 1995, but after 23 years, journalism and the form we consume news have been changed. Recently, a study from the Reuters Institute initiates that aware from aggregators such as Apple News and Google News are much more important to the ways we are consuming digital news than ever. Microsoft News can help the company to compete for more awareness on your Smartphone and computer system.

The Microsoft News uses AI, a publishing partnerships and human editors to find some stories by over 3,000 publications. Currently, it is available across the world and in almost 28 different languages around the world.

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