Office 365 Will Be Coming To Mac App Store

In the one day keynote held by tech giant Apple at WWDC 2018 recently, the company declared the upcoming major versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple further proclaimed a revamp of the Mac App Store and with this in consideration, a number of organizations that will be getting their flagship applications to the Mac App Store.

Among those companies is Microsoft, which will be getting the Microsoft Office 365 suite to the Mac App Store. Therefore, it means that the users will be able to download, install, activate and set up the entire Office 365 suite from the Store with just one click, something that they have never been able to do previously. As a matter of fact, they have never been able to download any Microsoft Office applications apart from OneNote from the Mac App Store.

Of course, Microsoft Office 365 applications are already available for Mac, and they are renewed continuously with added features. Microsoft also runs an Insider program for the users of Mac to test new capabilities before they are released to everybody else. Although, installing the Microsoft Office apps via the Mac App store will provide the users of Mac a single place for managing updates and installing Office 365 along with all of the other applications.

Here are the Office 365 applications which will be available on Mac Store

Word: This application has set the bar for word processors, and it is possible with Microsoft Office 365 for Business along with Premium. If workers in your business have to create documents, then this is the application that they will use.

Excel: This incredible spreadsheet application has been the go-to tool for standard data analysis ever since it was launched way back in 1985. Excel bears the current standard, and it comes with Business as well as Premium Office 35 subscriptions.

Outlook: The Office 365 application for managing emails and calendar is named Outlook. The Outlook app has existed for a long time, and all of its users love its user-friendly interface.

PowerPoint: Communicating data to a group of people at a meeting often includes giving a presentation. With PowerPoint, you can produce, display and broadcast data in various formats such as slides, audio, video, text, etc.

Publisher: At times communicating information to a broader audience needs something which is more lasting and official than a presentation at a meeting. The Publisher application of MS Office 365 offers the tools to the users which are essential for publishing stuff which looks professional, such as a newsletter, booklets, brochures, advertisements, etc.

SharePoint: If you subscribe to MS Office Business Premium, then you will get a couple of apps for backend infrastructure management. You can use SharePoint to host intranet sites for the company. In addition to that, it can be used for hosting small websites which are designed for small divisions and teams.

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