Steam Adds More Support For PS5 DualSense Controllers

Steam’s latest client beta update added more support for Sony’s new DualSense controller. You could use the DualSense with Steam before this update, but most of its features weren’t included when you synced the new controller up with your PC.

“Added additional support for the PS5 DualSense controller including LED, trackpad, rumble, and gyro functionality,” read the notes from the update. Support for the directional swipe feature was also included.

This is the Steam Client Beta, where Valve tests new additions to their platform, so it’s not available to Steam users who haven’t opted into the beta. We could see official support come to all users soon based off how quickly they’ve added support for the DualSense. Hopefully we’ll see support for the adaptive triggers soon as well.

You can connect a DualSense controller to your PC with either Bluetooth or the USB cable that comes packaged with the PS5. You’ll need to access the Beta Client by heading to the Steam Menu hitting “Settings,” then “Account” and then click “Change” under “Beta Participation.” You’ll then see the DualSense listed as a PS4 controller, which is the correct option. Valve will change that once they make a profile for the DualSense.

The DualSense is one of the best things about the next generations of consoles. It makes Demon’s Souls, a remake of a decade old game, feel like a next-gen experience. Read our full PS5 review for more information on the console and check out our PS5 order guide to learn how you can get one.

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