The Uncertain Impact of Accelerating Science

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the biggest mobilization of scientific effort in a generation. Scientists from fields as diverse as immunology and computer science quickly pivoted to studying drivers of the epidemic and potential countermeasures. More than 54,000 articles relating to the SARS-CoV-2 virus have been published in academic journals in the biomedical and life sciences to date.

This scientific surge is astounding and inspiring, but it has produced some ethical dilemmas. The urgency of the crisis has led to a proliferation of studies, some of which short-circuit the most rigorous scientific standards. Results often get disseminated to the public before they’ve been reviewed by experts, which can lead to a situation in which doctors, politicians and others advocate unproven cures.


The gold standard for scientific learning is the randomized, controlled trial (RCT), in which a group of participants is randomly assigned to receive either the

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Accelerating the digital future in banking

If you feel like we have accelerated digitally 3 years in 3 months, you are not alone. From grocery delivery to curbside pickup, consumers have adopted new habits in the shadow of the pandemic; or in some ways, re-adopted old habits (such as drive-through banking). As more people switch to online and acquire digital alternatives to in-person collaboration, exercise, retail, and healthcare, businesses must adapt to the fast-changing world. 

Welcome to the Zettabyte World, one full of data from exponential growth of smart connected ecosystems.

So what is in store in our data-rich future? 

“Data is oxygen” is a saying that you are likely familiar with. 

Alternatively, data is the fuel that powers our businesses.

Imagine an infrastructure that is architected for exponential growth and scaled on demand, with data that can be remotely managed seamlessly across domains.

Imagine a virtual assistant that observes your behavior and learns your consumption

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Accelerating New Infrastructure Construction and Empowering Smart Cities for High-quality Development

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 22nd China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which lasted for 5 days, came to a successful conclusion on November 15. As China’s first science and technology expo, this year’s CHTF attracted over 3,300 exhibitors from all over the world, gathered a host of new technologies and new products, and received global attention, becoming a “wind vane” for the development in technology and industry.

As one of the most popular exhibition halls of the CHTF, the CHTF China Smart City Expo co-organized by the State Information Center and IDG Asia also ended on the same day. With the theme of “Smart Future Linkages”, this year’s China Smart City Expo is held around the events such as “exhibition, forum, selection, and matching”, presenting a professional, forward-looking and leading smart city event.

In the smart city exhibition hall, excellent smart city exhibitors from all over

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Accelerating Mini-Grids In Myanmar And Expanding Energy Access To Villagers

Only 50% of households in Myanmar, one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, are connected to the public grid. Five years ago, the government set a goal of electrifying 100% of the country by 2030.

With that in mind, in June, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, together with Smart Power Myanmar and supported by Chevron with a $250,000 grant, launched a pilot program to work with early and growth stage mini-grid developers expanding access to energy in rural and off-grid communities. 

Called the Mini-Grid Accelerator, the five-month program recently wrapped up with 13 entrepreneurs.

Mini-grids combine generation assets with distribution grids able to supply off-grid power to villages or townships. Typically mini-grids have generation capacity between 10 kW to a few hundred kW, although some larger mini-grids supply power to entire townships in Myanmar. 

For Miller, the program combines two areas of focus—women’s economic empowerment and

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Global Technology Conference 2020 China to Spotlight Innovations Accelerating the Digital Future

An engaging virtual event of insightful discussions and networking opportunities with thought leaders on future innovations

Shanghai, China, Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®), the world’s leading specialty foundry, announced today it will feature top semiconductor executives from the region who will highlight the latest innovations at its Global Technology Conference (GTC) China event on November 5. The one-day, virtual conference, themed ‘Accelerating the Digital Future’, is an opportunity for customers to engage and gain insight into how GF is helping to shape the digital transformation with the latest approaches and solutions for AI, 5G, edge to cloud, and automotive.

“Over the last several months the world has changed, and people are reimagining the way they work and live. Now, more than ever, semiconductors are central to the economy and humanity, presenting both opportunities and challenges for our industry,” said Juan Cordovez, senior vice president of Global Sales

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Accelerating Discovery and Diversity at #OregonBioDigital

How the Pacific Northwest accelerates and amplifies the growth and diversity of our life science and biotech clusters will be under the microscope at the Oregon Bio Digital 2020: Amplifying Diversity of Discovery, Access and Economics Conference. Happening over three half-days, November 17, 18 and 19, the event will bring together investors, start-up entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, policymakers and bio-supply chain sector executives

“Attendees from our region and across the U.S. and beyond will get a unique view of emerging research, entrepreneurial thought leadership and early-stage companies in the Northwest,” said Liisa Bozinovic, executive director of the Oregon Bioscience Association. The conference will hold industry symposia, a job match session and platform called Career 2020, and the signature pitch competition, Pitch & Partner 2020.

Registration is now open for the seminal event where participants will explore regional collaborations, virtual power networking and new and/or growing companies as well as meet rising-star

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Remote Workforce: How CIOs are accelerating digital transformation for the future of work

Work from home is now a six-month-old norm for organizations across the globe. The pandemic led CIOs and IT teams across industries—irrespective of sizes—to adopt the new style of work and quickly shift their teams to virtual environments. 

This transformation required investment in PCs, services, and infrastructure to support data and work happening at the ‘edge’ which includes security and compute for new collaborative SaaS tools, and productivity as per their business type, IT budgets, and customer expectations.

After the initial shift to facilitate remote working, CIOs are reassessing priorities as technology, workforce enablement, and culture are now taking the center stage. 

Amit Midha, president (APJ) region and Global Digital Cities business for Dell Technologies agrees: “2020 has certainly been a year like no other with no playbook for what we’ve been through or for what lies ahead. Our teams and our customers are all trying to navigate

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GLOBALFOUNDRIES Global Technology Conference 2020 Asia to Spotlight Innovations Accelerating the Digital Future

An engaging virtual event provides insightful talks and networking opportunities with thought leaders and technical experts on the latest innovations in AI, edge to cloud and 5G

Singapore, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GLOBALFOUNDRIES® (GF®), the world’s leading specialty foundry, announced today it will feature leading semiconductor tech visionaries from the region at its virtual Global Technology Conference (GTC) Asia event on November 3. The one-day conference, themed ‘Accelerating the Digital Future’, is an opportunity for customers to engage and gain insight into how GF is helping to shape the global digital transformation with its latest approaches and solutions for AI, IoT and 5G.

“The world has changed dramatically in the last several months, and now more than ever semiconductors are playing a vital role in our lives, presenting both opportunities and challenges for our industry,” said Juan Cordovez, senior vice president of Global Sales at GF. “GLOBALFOUNDRIES GTC

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Accelerating Technology Adoption Is The Key To Solving Climate Change

Background:  The ideas mentioned in this article were significantly sharpened by participation on a panel on sustainability held by Florida Polytechnic University’s Executive Leadership Initiative (ELI). Special thanks to my fellow panelists Sean Kidney (Climatebonds) and Michael Hawes (Fulbright) for a very interesting discussion.

Transportation technology has always been central to the organization of society because of its direct impact on very important daily functions such as education, work, commerce (especially daily necessities such as food), entertainment and medicine. Associated with the technology are the input energy sources and enabling infrastructure which often requires significant investment.  Finally, these transportation technologies have also been central to the sustainability concerns of the day. 

This article argues that sustainability problems have historically been solved by the accelerated introduction of the next generation of technology, and governments would be well advised to place their focus

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Accelerating digital transformation during and after COVID: 6 key technology pillars

While many organizations were embarking on the digital transformation journey at one stage or another prior to COVID-19, the pandemic has caused such disruption in the workplace that they now find themselves having to accelerate that journey amidst a suddenly fragile physical world.

Priorities are changing, and companies are reexamining emerging technologies with a higher focus on digital initiatives as they develop new growth strategies.

“We knew the technology revolution was occurring [pre-COVID], we knew the multicloud world was real, we knew that machine intelligence was real,” said John Roese (pictured), global chief technology officer of products and operations at Dell Technologies. “But prior to COVID, many of these areas were still considered risky or speculative. COVID has been an interesting catalyst to get people to really think practically about the newer technologies available and how they might be able to take advantage of them quicker.”

Roese spoke with John

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