This cheap (and fake) accessory can damage your Android smartphone

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a growing number of “1024GB MicroSDXC” cards being offered by sellers on the likes of eBay or Amazon for ridiculously low prices.

But what’s the worst that can happen? You buy one, find you’re getting about 22GB of storage, and lose out a few bucks?

No, worse things can happen. Much worse.

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Working in conjunction with my local trading standards office (a UK government service that works to protect consumers from unfair trading), I decided to take a look. So, I bought a couple of the fakiest looking microSD cards I could find on Amazon to take a look. They cost me about $15 each, but I got my money back, so the people selling them didn’t profit, and I also passed on my information to my local trading standards office.

For reference, a

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Best on Cyber Monday gaming accessory deals still available: Xbox controllers, gaming mice and more

This story is part of Holiday Gift Guide 2020, CNET’s gift picks with expert advice, reviews and recommendations for the latest tech gifts for you and your family.

The holiday season can be a great time to pick up some sweet, sweet discounts on some great gaming gear. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, but there are still some fantastic deals available on controllers, mice, headsets, monitors and more.

You won’t find reduced prices on this year’s hottest products like the Xbox Series X, Series S, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite or their newest accessories, or on the latest RTX 30-series Nvidia GPUs and AMD Radeon RX 6000-series GPUs — if you can even find any of them in stock. Nor are there any reasonable deals, as far as I can tell, on any graphics cards. Even the old models seem overpriced

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7 Best Cyber Monday Camera and Accessory Deals: SD cards, Mirrorless, and More

We prefer the square format of the SP-3, but if you want the rectangular prints, the Instax Share SP-2 printer is on sale for $80 ($20 off).

Sony A7RII

Photograph: Sony

Sony A7RII Full Frame Mirrorless Camera for $1,200 ($100 off)

Amazon, B&H Photo (With Memory Card and Camera Bag), Adorama (With TTL Flash)

Want to really step up your photo game? Go with a full-frame sensor. I was hoping this would be the year the A7RII dropped below $1,000, but it didn’t. This is still a good deal, though. It’s two models old, but the A7RII remains one of my favorite full-frame cameras. The 42-megapixel sensor produces stunningly sharp images with excellent dynamic range.

The newer A7RIII has some speed and metering improvements but still uses the same resolution sensor and, in my view, is only worth it if you need faster autofocus. If the price is

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Best Black Friday PS5 And PS4 Accessory Deals: Gaming Headsets, Controllers, And PS Plus

Black Friday 2020 is here, and while this year’s shopping event linked up with the launch of the new PS5 console, there won’t be much in the way of major console gaming hardware deals. It’s been hard enough for many shoppers to even track down a PS5, with the next-gen consoles selling out in minutes after each restock. If you haven’t managed to order one already, Walmart’s big Black Friday sale is already out of stock, so the only other opportunity may be picking up a PS5 at GameStop stores on Black Friday itself, but that means risking a potentially crowded in-person visit–if you do decide to go, please wear a mask to protect your fellow shoppers! If you did manage to secure a PS5 this holiday season, you’ll surely want some accessories to go with it. PS4 and PS5 gaming headsets, controllers, and other accessories are all on sale

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Apple Launches New Pricey Accessory Meant To Keep iPhone 12 Models Safe


  • Apple has released the new Leather Sleeve with MagSafe for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
  • The accessory is designed to do more than just protect the iPhone 12 from scratches and drops
  • The Leather Sleeve with MagSafe retails for $129

Apple is now accepting orders for the new iPhone 12/12 Pro Leather Sleeve with MagSafe, a pricey new accessory designed to protect the new handsets.

The Leather Sleeve is now available for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, according to Apple’s Online Store. It’s pretty expensive at $129, but it does have a few features that will hopefully make up for the steep price.

First, Apple said the sleeve is made from high-quality, supple European leather that’s specially tanned and finished. The leather material feels “soft to the touch” and should be expected to develop a lovely patina over time. Those who like leather’s

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This Chili-Shaped Smartphone Accessory Can Measure a Pepper’s Spiciness | Smart News

The Carolina reaper pepper currently holds the Guinness World Record for the hottest chili pepper in the world. On the Scoville scale, a numerical rating aimed at quantifying spiciness, individual Carolina reapers typically fall somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million Scoville heat units (SHU). For reference, the more pedestrian jalapeno tops out at around 8,000.

But for those looking to singe their mouthparts on the hottest peppers on Earth, the fiery calculus behind the Scoville scale is a bit vague. Individual peppers are subject to variation—they’re plants after all—leading spice junkies to rightly wonder: Was that taste bud inferno a weapons-grade 2 million SHU reaper or a more run of the mill 1.5 million SHU pepper?

Now, a new device can swiftly detect just how hot a chili pepper truly is, reports Andrew Liszewski for Gizmodo.

The portable device, called the Chilica-Pod, is shaped like a red hot pepper

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Smartphone accessory maker Moment releasing line of MagSafe products for iPhone 12

a close up of a box: Moment cases and mounts for iPhone 12 utilizing MagSafe technology. (Moment Photo)

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Moment cases and mounts for iPhone 12 utilizing MagSafe technology. (Moment Photo)

Moment, the Seattle-based maker of cases and lens attachments for smartphones, is introducing a new line of products intended to take advantage of MagSafe technology in the new iPhone 12.


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Calling magnetic attachment “the future” for how quickly mobile photographers can attach gear to a phone, Moment has its own patent pending configuration of magnets called “(M) Force.” The custom-tuned magnets, combined with a grippy backer pad, allow for a strong connection with our without a phone case on such attachments as tripod, car vent or cold shoe mounts.

“Whether you are new to mobile photography or a pro filmmaker, we believe MagSafe will be more accessible than any of the current phone clamp solutions,” Moment said on the product page for its line of accessories.

Apple is including MagSafe on all

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