How to set up HomeKit security camera activity zones in macOS Big Sur

With macOS Big Sur, you can make your HomeKit Secure Video camera notify you of movement only in selected portions of its field of view.

As convenient and reassuring as security cameras are, it’s also hard to position them in exactly the right place. You need them to cover certain areas, but you don’t want them covering others.

So for instance, maybe the security camera on the back of your house can see your neighbor’s garden, and they are forever having barbecues there. Or perhaps the one on the front of your house has to be tilted to see the end of your drive, but then can’t help but include where the school bus stops.

Now with macOS Big Sur, HomeKit cameras can have the option to set what are called activity zones. The cameras will still show their entire field of view, and if they are recording then

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Novel imaging technology offers new way to study baby brain activity

A team of UK scientists and engineers has demonstrated a novel technology for imaging the brains of infants and babies. The breakthrough is hoped to allow researchers new ways to investigate baby brain activity in natural environments without the need for expensive MRI machines.

“There is a lot we still don’t know about how the brain develops, and a big part of the problem is that studying the infant brain is really difficult with traditional scanners,” explains Rob Cooper lead on the project from University College London. “As any parent knows, 6-month old babies are very active; they move around all the time and are easily distracted. Using a technique like MRI, the subject has to remain completely still, which is almost impossible with babies unless they are asleep or sedated.”

The system presented in the study, published in the journal NeuroImage, is a new generation of wearable caps

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AI helps scientists understand brain activity behind thoughts — ScienceDaily

A team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University has developed artificial intelligence (AI) models that help them better understand the brain computations that underlie thoughts. This is new, because until now there has been no method to measure thoughts. The researchers first developed a new model that can estimate thoughts by evaluating behavior, and then tested their model on a trained artificial brain where they found neural activity associated with those estimates of thoughts. The theoretical study appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“For centuries, neuroscientists have studied how the brain works by relating brain activity to inputs and outputs. For instance, when studying the neuroscience of movement, scientists measure muscle movements as well as neuronal activity, and then relate those two measurements,” said corresponding author Dr. Xaq Pitkow, assistant professor of neuroscience at Baylor and of electrical and computer engineering

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Healthcare Information Technology Market activity 2025 Overall View of Opportunities, Challenges, Key Players, Growth Rate

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Nov 24, 2020 (Market Insight Reports) —
Selbyville, Delaware This Global Healthcare Information Technology report studies the industry based on one or more segments covering key players, types, applications, products, technology, end-users, and regions for historical data as well as provides forecasts for next few years.

Emergence of artificial intelligence in healthcare will serve as a high impact rendering factor for the healthcare IT market. Artificial intelligence helps in providing practitioner assistance and decision support for tasks such as patient diagnosis and symptom analysis, thereby leading to better data management and driving the overall healthcare IT market.

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Market will exceed USD 441.8 billion by 2025; as per a new research report.

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Increasing funding for healthcare IT through various government initiatives will boost healthcare IT market

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Boosting stem cell activity can enhance immunotherapy benefits — ScienceDaily

Immune-system T cells have been reprogrammed into regenerative stem cell-like memory (TSCM) cells that are long-lived, highly active “super immune cells” with strong antitumor activity, according to new research from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The reprogramming involves a novel approach the researchers developed that inhibits the activity of proteins known as MEK1/2. Currently, several MEK inhibitors are used to effectively treat melanoma, but this study demonstrates that MEK inhibitors don’t just target certain types of cancer cells, but rather, more broadly, reprogram T cells to fight many types of cancer.

The finding appears November 23, 2020, in Nature Immunology.

“Although immunotherapies have improved survival for cancer patients over recent years, survival rates remain sub-optimal. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop novel, more effective anti-cancer immunotherapies,” says Samir N. Khleif, MD, director of The Jeannie and Tony Loop Immuno-Oncology Laboratory and head of the team that conducted this

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Piecing together the Alaska coastline’s fractured volcanic activity

Piecing together the Alaska coastline's fractured volcanic activity
Schematic diagram showing the geometry of a typical subduction zone and the production of arc volcanoes. New research by X. Yang and H. Gao at UMass Amherst reveals new information on Alaska’s arc volcanoes. Credit: Xiaotao Yang

Among seismologists, the geology of Alaska’s earthquake- and volcano-rich coast from the Aleutian Islands to the southeast is fascinating, but not well understood. Now, with more sophisticated tools than before, a University of Massachusetts Amherst team reports unexpected new details about the area’s tectonic plates and their relationships to volcanoes.

Plate tectonics—the constant underground movement of continental and ocean shelves, is often characterized by “subduction zones” where plates clash, one usually sliding under another. Many are prime earthquake- and volcano-prone regions.

Lead author Xiaotao Yang says, “For a long time, the whole central Alaska region was thought to have one simple subduction plate. What we discovered is that there are actually two major

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Masks don’t impair lung function during physical activity, study finds — ScienceDaily

Wearing a facemask helps limit the spread of COVID-19 by reducing respiratory droplets and aerosols spewed into the air when people breathe, talk, laugh, sneeze or cough. But the physical barrier created by masks has prompted concerns that they might impair the cardiopulmonary system by making it harder to breathe, by altering the flow of inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide and by increasing dyspnea — a medical term that describe shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, especially during physical activity.

In a new study, published November 16, 2020 in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, a team of American and Canadian researchers concluded that while sensations of dyspnea might increase, there is little empirical evidence that wearing a facemask significantly diminishes lung function, even when worn during heavy exercise.

“There might be a perceived greater effort with activity, but the effects of wearing a mask on the

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Millions spent on efforts to curb illegal activity not effective — ScienceDaily

Cities across the country have sought ways to improve neighborhood safety and in recent years have pointed to demolishing abandoned housing as a way to achieve the goal. While millions of dollars have been spent on the efforts, a recent University of Kansas study found a program demolishing more than 500 abandoned residential properties in Kansas City, Missouri, did not significantly reduce nearby violent or property crime.

Since the housing foreclosure crisis of 2007-08, the number of abandoned homes across the country has rapidly increased, drawing attention to dilapidated and abandoned residential properties and their effect on neighborhoods, including elevated crime rates. Hye-Sung Han, assistant professor of public affairs & administration at KU, conducted a study in which she examined 559 abandoned properties in Kansas City, Missouri, and nearby crime rates in the surrounding area. She found the demolition did not lead to a reduction in nearby crime and that

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No apparent signs of US malicious cyber activity

4:45 p.m.

The cybersecurity agency at the Department of Homeland Security says the U.S. election so far has featured the usual technical glitches and routine issues but no apparent signs of any malicious cyber activity — at least not yet.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency also says it’s too early to declare victory as polls near closing time around the nation Tuesday and with days of vote counting and certification ahead.

A senior agency official says, “It has been quiet and we take some confidence in that but we are not out of the woods yet.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity to brief reporters about ongoing nationwide election monitoring efforts ahead of the release of any kind of official evaluation.

The official warned that local and state election systems could experience problems as results are reported, but the most likely cause would be from high demand put on

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