DXC Technology and Microsoft help companies address rapidly evolving business challenges

DXC Technology announced an expanded strategic collaboration with Microsoft to deliver a more personalized, intelligent, secure and modern workplace experience to help companies to address rapidly evolving business challenges and customer and employee needs.

DXC and Microsoft are joining forces to deliver a solution and suite of services that will help companies to empower their employees with a modern workplace experience and to ensure customers’ employees can seamlessly and securely work anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Called DXC MyWorkStyle, DXC brings the largest install base of workplace customers and the blueprint for the modern workplace experience. As part of the collaboration, Microsoft and DXC will work together to co-develop and deliver the solution, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning from millions of data points to create a modern workplace experience.

DXC and Microsoft will bring together leading technology, engineering talent and architects to enhance the DXC MyWorkStyle platform. The

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YouTube introduces new features to address toxic comments

YouTube today announced it’s launching a new feature that will push commenters to reconsider their hateful and offensive remarks before posting. It will also begin testing a filter that allows creators to avoid having to read some of the hurtful comments on their channel that had been automatically held for review. The new features are meant to address long standing issues with the quality of comments on YouTube’s platform — a problem creators have complained about for years.


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The company said it will also soon run a survey aimed at giving equal opportunity to creators, and whose data can help the company to better understand how some creators are more disproportionately impacted by online hate and harassment.

The new commenting feature, rolling out today, is a significant change for YouTube.

The feature appears when users are about to post something offensive in a video’s comments section and warns

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Bill Gates calls for creation of National Institutes of Energy Innovation to better address climate change

Wind power in Washington state. (GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser)

In the midst of one global disaster, Bill Gates is thinking about how to prevent the next. And while the world clearly wasn’t prepared to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Microsoft co-founder thinks there is one solution that could help address climate change.

In a new GatesNotes blog post on Thursday, the Microsoft co-founder is calling for a better national way to evaluate and nurture great ideas around clean energy research. Specifically, Gates would like to see the federal government create the National Institutes of Energy Innovation.

“This the most important thing the U.S. can do to lead the world in innovations that will solve climate change,” Gates said.

Rather than having research and ideas spread across departments such as Energy, Transportation, Defense and even NASA, Gates said the idea would follow the successful model demonstrated by the National

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UAE National Day 2020: President Sheikh Khalifa pays tribute to Covid frontliners, talks about optimism and future in address – News

President pays tribute to nation’s frontliners in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has called on the people of the UAE to look to the future with optimism and contribute with ideas and visions that will help the country achieve further progress across all sectors.

On the occasion of the UAE’s 49th National Day, Sheikh Khalifa, in a statement to Nation Shield, the UAE Armed Forces magazine, said that while the nation prepares to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in 2021, the nation’s sons and daughters should be ready to welcome the next 50 years with future visions “that will prepare our country for more development across all sectors, so that by year 2071, the UAE will become the first in the world in global indicators for well-being, happiness and quality of life.”

“Looking to the future with optimism, anticipating

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Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Accenture Form Strategic Partnership to Leverage Science and Technology to Address Major Societal, Economic, and Environmental Challenges

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accenture (NYSE: ACN) and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) have entered into a five-year strategic partnership to co-develop solutions in response to the major social, economic, and environmental challenges that humanity faces. A central aspect of the partnership is the creation of an academic and research chair that aims to foster the development of innovative technologies in response to these challenges.

The partnership is being led by Jean-Marc Ollagnier, CEO of Accenture in Europe; Olivier Girard, CEO of Accenture in France and Benelux; Eric Labaye, president of Institut Polytechnique de Paris; and Jean-Paul Cottet, executive director of the École Polytechnique Foundation.

Building on IP Paris Interdisciplinary Research Centers, the academic and research chair — known as the “Chair of Technology for Change” — seeks to promote industry transformation and the emergence of innovative business models to foster environmental and social sustainability. It aims to accelerate

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ITOCO Releases Current List of “Time Of Presentation” (TOP) Verification Solutions That Address Virus Testing on Its Blog – Press Release

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2020 / ITOCO INC. (OTC PINK:ITMC) has released a list of companies and organizations addressing Virus testing through time-of-presentation (TOP) solutions.

TOP solutions provide updated status of vaccination and/or testing at point of contact.

Time of Presentation verification solutions refer to systems which uses verification to prove that a person presenting themselves to an event, physical location or service has completed a certain action, such as vaccination and/or virus test taking within a certain time period, and its result. These solutions can form a critical part of industries such as live events, trade shows, cruise lines, airlines and hospitality in opening more quickly and safely in 2021.

The list of companies and organizations available on the ITOCO blog post at www.itoco.net include Ticketmaster (LYV), Cathay Pacific (0293), United Airlines (UAL), Royal Caribbean (RCL), Carnival (CCL) and ITOCO (OTC PINK:ITMC).

This latest technology release

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Sunshine Contacts is an invite-only address book app from Marissa Mayer’s new startup

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has just revealed her first major product since stepping down back in 2017: a new contact management application for iOS devices called Sunshine Contacts.

Sunshine Contacts is the first product from Mayer’s Sunshine startup (previously known as Lumi Labs), and it promises to be “the world’s most advanced, intuitive contact manager.”

Sunshine’s goal is to unify and simplify your contacts across Apple’s Contacts app and Gmail, pulling down your data from those sources and combining it with publicly available information. At the same time, the app promises to help organize and clean up your contacts, filling in missing chunks of information, and deleting duplicate entries. Then, it can sync that information back to your contact app and help continue to keep it updated over time.

Sunshine also offers more granular settings for sharing contacts, allowing users to share more specific personal information (for close friends)

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December issue SLAS Technology features ‘advances in technology to address COVID-19’

Oak Brook, IL – The December issue of SLAS Technology is a special collection featuring the cover article, “Advances in Technology to Address COVID-19” by editors Edward Kai-Hua Chow, Ph.D., (National University of Singapore), Pak Kin Wong, Ph.D., (The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA) and Xianting Ding, Ph.D., (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China).

The December special issue houses a collection of articles addressing COVID-19 caused by a novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic demands the urgent need to diagnose and treat the disease globally. Research and development of new technologies and therapeutics have remained a pressing need in order to combat the rising number of COVID-19 cases. This special collection focuses on the advancing technological innovations being used to address the novel disease.

The special collection includes seven articles of original research, in addition to two reviews and the featured cover article.

Original research articles include:

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Combining Tech With Policy To Address Threats

As President and CEO of Ordr, Greg is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of the enterprise IoT security company.

When the House of Representatives voted in favor of the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 on September 14, it acknowledged that securing the Internet of Things (IoT) is a matter of national importance. As written, the bill affirms the risks inherent with accelerated use of internet-connected devices and calls for cooperative efforts between government, industry and academia.

It also establishes a hierarchy of responsibility for protecting federal agencies against cyberattacks that starts with the executive branch, “followed by the Office of Management and Budget [OMB], the Secretary of Homeland Security and the head of each such agency,” while directing the OMB to oversee the creation of IoT security standards by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Federal agencies and suppliers would be required to

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Researchers develop scalable method to help address PPE supply chain issues, help hospitals with limited resources — ScienceDaily

As the weather turns cooler and people move activities indoors, the number of new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases being reported in the United States is rising. This mirrors COVID-19 activity already seen in Europe and elsewhere across the globe.

Meanwhile, supply-chain problems are likely to cause limited supplies of filtering facepiece respirators, such as N95 masks. Yet strategies to decontaminate personal protective equipment, or PPE, remain unresolved in many hospitals with limited resources, both in the United States and abroad.

University of Delaware researchers, led by biomedical engineer Jason Gleghorn, have devised a system for decontaminating N95 masks using off-the-shelf materials available at any hardware store combined with ultraviolet type C (UV-C) lights found in shuttered research laboratories.

The UD-developed method offers comparable decontamination to more expensive methods at an affordable cost of about $50 in materials.

“We focused on frugal science — how do you decontaminate PPE in a very

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