Bay Area Council, Stanford win as Trump admin rules nixed

The Bay Area Council, Stanford University and a host of other business and educational groups scored a legal victory over the administration of President Donald Trump on Tuesday, with a federal judge tossing out new rules for the H-1B visa.

“This is a major win for our economy and for our ability to recover from the worst downturn in generations,” Bay Area Council CEO Jim Wunderman said in a statement. “H-1B workers fill an important need in our economy and provide immense benefits not only to the companies they work for but the communities where they live. Many of the leading and fastest-growing technology companies in the Bay Area have been founded by entrepreneurs from other countries who first came here on visas.”

The rules issued in October by the federal departments of Labor and Homeland Security had imposed a one-year limit on placement of H-1B workers at third-party firms,

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Google Cloud unveils new healthcare AI tools for admin tasks

  • Google Cloud’s new healthcare AI tools hit on major healthcare data challenges.
  • And it’ll  likely become a top cloud partner for hospitals looking to ease administrative headaches driving burnout among their doctors.
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This week, Google Cloud pulled back the curtain on its AI platforms that will use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to counter some of the challenges associated with sifting through healthcare data, patient records, and interpreting unstructured text. 

Funding for global healthcare AI startups hit the $2 billion mark for the first time in Q3 2020

Google Cloud’s new healthcare AI tools hit on major healthcare data challenges.

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Here’s a breakdown of the tech giant’s new AI offerings and how they address major healthcare challenges:

  • Healthcare Natural Language API will identify medical insights in clinical text and extract relevant points,
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Trump admin unveils plan to protect U.S. critical, emerging technologies

Oct. 15 (UPI) — President Donald Trump released a plan Thursday to address government promotion and protection of key critical and emergency technologies against competitors like China and Russia.

The National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies outlines plans to secure a U.S. advantage in fields like artificial intelligence, energy, quantum information science, communications and networking technologies, semiconductors, military and space technologies.

“As our competitors and adversaries mobilize vast resources in these fields, American leadership in science and technology is more important now than ever, and is vital to our long-term economic security and national security,” a senior administration official told reporters in a conference call.

The administration’s plan draws a national strategy for the United States to maintain advantages in critical and emerging technologies against state-sponsored plans from China and Russia, which have dedicated large sums of money to boost their technology fields.

“The United States will not turn

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