Facebook to reimburse some advertisers after miscalculating effectiveness data

LONDON — Facebook is repaying some advertisers after misreporting one of the measures of their ads’ likely effectiveness over the course of a year.

The company’s “conversion lift” tool suffered a glitch that reportedly affected thousands of ads between August 2019 and August 2020.

Facebook fixed the error in September and is now offering a credit to clients “meaningfully affected” by the bug.

Conversion lift helps brands understand how ads lead to sales, using a “gold-standard methodology” that links ads on Facebook’s platforms, including Instagram, to business performance, according to an explanation of the tool on Facebook’s website.

The free tool shows ads to separate test and control groups and then compares sales conversions for each. Then, based on the results of the study, an advertiser can decide how much to spend on the social network.

But advertisers were only alerted to the error this month, according to a report

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Dentsu’s Carat rebrands with a focus on emotion for advertisers

  • Dentsu’s media-buying firm Carat is rebranding itself around the idea that advertisers need to use emotional intelligence to win over consumers.
  • The agency is making its pitch with a new research paper showing how brands like Nike and Netflix win market share by connecting to people.
  • Dentsu is applying its approach to work for clients like Microsoft and hopes to convince other clients to test newer, more entrepreneurial approaches over a performance marketing model.
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For years, marketers have embraced the use of consumer data to inform their advertising.

Now, media-buying firm Carat is rebranding itself around the idea that advertisers need to use emotional intelligence if they want to win over consumers.

The largest agency in ad holding company Dentsu is making its pitch with new research paper showing the 50 brands that best connect with consumers, based on interviews with 10,000 people.

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Not So Fast-Twitch: Debunking Ad Tech’s Buzziest Promise To TV Advertisers

On TV And Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video.

Today’s column is written by Brian Ejsmont, VP of product management at VideoAmp.

Recently, there’s been a lot of industry chatter from companies claiming they can reduce the latency of cross-channel reporting across attribution use cases, AKA “fast-twitch” reporting, enabling quicker in-flight decision making using delivery data. They offer this approach in lieu of something more traditional, such as relying on heuristic models or simply waiting to apply current learnings to the next campaign.

As a resource and source of truth for clients making media decisions, it’s important for the industry to understand what “fast-twitch” means, how it’s actually done, and what the potential drawbacks are. Does this term actually exist in the capacity that it’s marketed? If it does, can it ensure the same accuracy as historic models?

For many ad

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Facebook’s cloud gaming service could be opportunity for advertisers

  • Mike Shields is the former advertising editor for Business Insider and now CEO of Shields Strategic Consulting.
  • Shields says tech companies’ developments in video game platforms, such as Facebook’s recent  announcement of a cloud gaming product, could push them to tap into in-game advertisements.
  • Whether gamers and gaming companies will go for ads is yet to be determined, but there’s room for opportunity.
  • John Frelinghuysen, a managing director and partner at L.E.K. Consulting, says an “integrated ad model” in new services for new players could be the ticket, rather than pushing ads into existing games.
  • A lot is unknown, but Shields predicts that brands would jump at the chance to delve into the video game world when TV ratings are slipping.
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Advertisers have long wanted to crack the premium video game market.

But when it comes to shoving ads in front of gamers

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Alphabet sales growth revived as advertisers flock back to Google

OAKLAND, Calif./BENGALURU (Reuters) – Google parent Alphabet Inc GOOGL.O on Thursday powered back to sales growth, beating analysts’ estimates for the third quarter as businesses initially hobbled by the coronavirus pandemic resumed advertising with the internet’s biggest supplier of ads.

FILE PHOTO: A logo is pictured at Google’s European Engineering Center in Zurich, Switzerland July 19, 2018. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Alphabet shares, up 13% on the year, rose 8.5% after hours to $1,689.89.

Google’s billions of users are spending more time online transacting and entertaining themselves this year as they try to avoid the virus.

But many advertisers ceased spending in the second quarter as travel and leisure activity disappeared. As the global economy in the third quarter began to chug along again, advertisers flocked to Google to let shoppers know about deals and adjusted service offerings. Google also gained from political ad spending ahead of

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A&E Will Show Off 2021 Programs to Advertisers After Upfront Season

TV’s “upfront” sales session is more or less over. But that doesn’t mean A+E Networks has closed the sales window.

The company, which operates A&E, History, Lifetime and several other cable networks, plans to hold a half-hour showcase to highlight its 2021 programming. The preview will be made available between October 27 and 29, and will feature appearances by Tim Allen, Laurence Fishburne, Morgan Freeman, Salt-N-Pepa, Wendy Williams and others, who will help highlight more than 1500 hours of original content.

“Our business is 52 weeks a year and that’s why it is critical for content providers to have an enormous cache of immediately available, premium content. We are so fortunate to have a programming team that delivers a continuous pipeline of exciting projects across our distinctive brands,” said Peter Olsen, president of ad sales for A+E Networks, in a statement. “We continue to provide brand clarity to our audiences

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