Amazon Faces Allegations It Harvested Sensitive Voice Data

Illustration for article titled Amazon Faces Allegations It Harvested and Stored Sensitive Voice Data

Photo: Denis Charlet (Getty Images)

Amazon is being hit with a class-action suit alleging that the tech giant’s severs are storing biometric voice data from countless callers, in contravention of an Illinois privacy law.

At the center of the suit is Amazon Connect—a suite of call-center software that Amazon Web Services began licensing out under since 2017. One of the companies Amazon partnered with in order to offer this call-center service, Pindrop Security, specialized in creating what are known as “voiceprints,” which can be used to identify and “authenticate” callers by the cadence of their voice. These specific vocal quirks—much like an iris scan, a finger print, or a facial scan—fall under the umbrella of “biometric data” under Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA.) There’s a chance that Amazon ran afoul of the state law by collecting that data without obtaining callers’

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