Twitter Shelves Threaded Replies And Beta App

Twitter is shelving its threaded replies feature for the time being in response to negative user feedback about its design, the company announced on Thursday.

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“We asked and you let us know this reply layout wasn’t it, as it was harder to read and join conversations,” Twitter said in a thread announcing the change.


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The company’s prototype app Twttr, its testing ground for experimenting with new designs like threaded replies, will also be going dark while it workshops “new conversation features.” Anyone currently using the app will lose access and should switch to the main Twitter app, it warned.

Twitter began rolling out threaded replies back in May on iOS and the web to help make conversations easier to participate in as users would no longer have to navigate a mess of branching replies, something even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has

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Users can now share App Store subscriptions via Family Sharing

The ability to share app subscriptions via Family Sharing on iOS 14 and Apple’s other operating systems appears to be rolling out.

First announced in June as part of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and macOS Big Sur, the new feature lets users share subscriptions on compatible apps with family members under a single purchase. Previously, subscriptions purchased on the App Store could only apply to one account.

On Thursday, the feature appears to have gone live in iOS 14.2. According to Flighty app founder Ryan Jones, who first spotted the rollout, a setting to Share New Subscriptions is now available in the App Store Subscriptions pane. Users can also elect to share existing subscriptions to apps that offer the service.

Although enabled by default, Jones notes that members of his Family Sharing group weren’t notified of the new available subscriptions, and those subscriptions weren’t made available to them. However,

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Apple Now Letting Developers Enroll for Reduced 15% App Store Fees

Apple in November announced a new App Store Small Business Program that lowers App Store fees for small business owners and independent developers to 15 percent, down from the standard 30 percent. The program is set to launch on January 1, 2021, and as of today, eligible developers are able to sign up.

app store 15 percent feature

Apple has launched an App Store Small Business Program website that has all of the information that developers need to know, along with signup tools. The program is open to all developers who earn less than $1 million from the ‌App Store‌ in a calendar year, which applies to 98 percent of developers, according to a recent analysis.

When initially announcing the program, Apple promised to provide developers with more information, and has today done so through the ‌App Store‌ Small Business Program website. The site walks through the basics of how it works, answering questions about

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Insiders can now delete images on their smartphones with the Your Phone app

Insiders can now delete their phone’s photos through their PC with the Your Phone app.

What you need to know

  • The Your Phone app now allows Insiders to delete images from their smartphone.
  • The feature is limited to Insiders at this time but should roll out to more people in the future.
  • The Your Phone app already allows you to view images from your smartphone on your PC.

Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to view your smartphone’s recent photos directly on your PC. A recent update for Insiders adds the ability to delete photos as well. The feature makes it easier to leave your smartphone in your pocket, as you can now do one more thing on your phone without having to have it in your hand.

At this time, the feature appears to be rolling out to Windows Insiders. We spotted the feature on a device registered in

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This new Google Maps feature may completely change how you use the app

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Google Maps

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Google Maps

  • Google Maps has launched a new Facebook-style news feed within the app, incorporating recommendations and suggestions from Maps users.
  • The feed builds on other tools Google has added to Maps this year that help people learn more about the places they want to go to, which they can then use Google Maps to help them actually navigate to.
  • 2020 is the 15th anniversary of Google Maps.

One of the things I’ve been fascinated to watch over the past year or more, in a way that certainly pre-dates the coronavirus pandemic, is the extent to which Google has woken up to all the latent potential inside one of its least-sexy apps, but one which is almost as utilitarian and relied upon as the company’s signature search app. I’m talking, of course, about Google Maps, which celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier this year by rolling out

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NHS Covid-19 and Zoom top iPhone’s 2020 app charts

a close up of a cell phone: The NHS Covid-19 app was launched on 24 September

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The NHS Covid-19 app was launched on 24 September

Apple has revealed the NHS Covid-19 app was the second most downloaded iPhone product on its App Store in the UK this year.

Only the video chat app Zoom was installed more times. TikTok came third.

The contact-tracing app’s achievement is notable given it only launched about two months ago and is solely targeted at users based in England and Wales.

The iPhone is the UK’s best-selling smartphone brand.

However, more people use Android. The BBC has asked Google where the government’s app appears on its own Play Store’s rankings.

‘Meaningful’ impact

As of 18 November, the NHS Covid-19 app has been downloaded 20,056,685 times across both platforms, according to the government’s latest figures.

The BBC has asked how many users have subsequently deleted it.

However, the Department of Health and Social Care has declined to provide the

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afloat, the App Delivering the Boost that Current Social Media Platforms Can’t

  • By joining public or private groups, members can interact daily to give and receive on-demand help, advice, gifts, and support.
  • At the touch of a button, users can request something as simple as a cup of coffee, a ride for a child, or gift something as large as a wedding gift or holiday gift for a teacher.
  • Users can rally groups to help with, support, celebrate significant life events, or check it daily to see who needs something from the grocery store or want to participate in a clothing drive.
  • Businesses can easily connect to their customers to support and celebrate like never before

“Everyone reaches a point where they need help—everyone. We can’t do life alone,” said CEO & Founder Sarah-Allen Preston. “As humans, we are wired to help others. This App connects that circle —in the palm of your hand—geared toward creating happiness and positivity for everyone

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Washington state launches COVID-19 exposure notification app using Google and Apple technology

Images of the Android interface for the WA Notify app being released Monday.

Washington state unveiled a new app to inform residents if they’ve been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, as infection rates in the state soar to an average of 2,700 cases a day.

WA Notify, announced Monday morning, is a free app that uses technology developed through a joint effort by Apple and Google called the Exposure Notification System. The app takes advantage of low-energy Bluetooth signals emitted by smartphones to detect and remember interactions, allowing people to be notified if they’ve been in proximity to someone who later tests positive for COVID. It does not collect any personal information to identify app users or track their movements.

“It rapidly gets the information out to people who were close contacts to watch for symptoms, to make them aware of testing opportunities, to self-quarantine and if they’re infected,

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Apple hires venture capitalist Josh Elman to help improve App Store discovery

Apple has hired Josh Elman, a prominent venture capitalist and former vice president of product at stock-trading app Robinhood, to help it improve iOS app discovery in the App Store. Elman announced the news via his Twitter account on Monday, saying he’s also leaving his role as a board partner at the firm Greylock Partners and as a board member of prominent tech companies like Discord and Medium.

Elman joining the App Store team may help improve the iPhone maker’s relationship with developers after a rather rough year in which Apple’s stewardship of the App Store has been called into question by critics, rivals, and regulators. For instance, Elman is previously a board member of and investor in Houseparty, the chat app acquired by Fortnite creator Epic Games.

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Cyber Monday Mac App Deal: get Parallels Desktop Pro, Luminar 4, plus 10 other apps for just $42

If you want to run Windows on your Intel-based Mac, you can’t afford not to pick up this bundle of 12 Mac apps worth over $1,266, which includes one year of Parallels Desktop Pro. Snap up the Cyber Monday Mac app bundle for just $42 with coupon.

The collection is headed up by Parallels Desktop Pro, the well-known tool for running Windows applications on your Mac, without needing to use Boot Camp or having to acquire a separate and dedicated Windows-based computer. Given that Parallels Desktop Pro is usually $99.99, that alone makes this an astonishing deal before you take into account what else is in it. Please note: The bundle includes a 1-year license that automatically renews, but users can cancel

Another well-known Mac app in the collection is Luminar 4, a $79.99 photo editor that takes advantage of artificial intelligence to improve your photographs. The software assistance

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