North Capital Reveals First 3 Users Of Its Blockchain ATS

As much promise as native digital assets have for the economy, some believe that an even bigger opportunity lies within the world of tokenized or digitized securities. In fact, capital formation through tokenization could turn out to be one of the biggest advancements of financial engineering in our lifetimes. Through tokenization virtually anything could be securitized, from works of art to employment contracts. That said, despite this promise security tokens have failed to make the same impact in our collective mindshare or actual economic activity.

There are several reasons for these false starts and shortcomings, the biggest being the  continuing search for a product-market fit. After all, just because something is tokenized doesn’t mean that

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Want A Job? Don’t Write Your CV For ATS Robots

If you have been looking for advice on crafting the perfect CV, it’s likely you will have seen numerous articles warning you about the perils of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and why it’s imperative that your CV is optimised for them.

Articles with titles like these: “How to get your CV past the ATS robots,” “How to write an ATS friendly CV,” “How to ensure your CV is seen by a human.”

And so on.

Whilst applicant tracking systems do play an important role in modern recruitment, these kinds of articles over-hype their importance somewhat.

And in fact, focusing your efforts on “getting past the recruitment robots” when writing your CV, can actually be detrimental to creating a document that will impress real people.

What is ATS?

ATS is simply software

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