Serendipity and science aside, AZ-Oxford Covid-19 vaccine analysis raises many questions

The shortened dosing pattern of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate from the AstraZeneca-Oxford University combine has ended up raising several questions from the scientific community. An interim analysis shared just days ago on the AZ-Oxford vaccine revealed that they had given a shortened half-a-dose first, followed by a second full dose to trial participants. And this achieved greater efficacy, than two full doses.

While an AZ representative called it “serendipity”, it has triggered off queries on whether the protocol has since been changed on the clinical trial and whether it would require changes at the production level as well.

At the global media interaction on the interim analysis, the rationale for the shortened dosing was not explained, except to say that it was seen to work better and more work needed to be done. But in subsequent interactions, company officials reportedly clarified that a manufacturing error had resulted in the changed

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