Five Solutions To Optimize B2B Tech Videos

Founder + Creative Director at Gallery Design Studio NYC, award-winning B2B communication design agency.

In my work, I’ve found that many business-to-business (B2B) technology companies struggle to maintain updated sales approaches. One major factor? In a typical B2B tech company, six to eight people are actively involved in a purchasing decision. Selling to that many people at once is a challenge!

Marketing specialists, including 71% of B2B marketers, use videos to efficiently welcome, educate and engage prospects, as well as new and existing clients. Making great videos, however, takes some thought, a lot of preparation and a little creativity.

The Challenges

Several challenges await anyone creating videos in the B2B tech sphere. You must identify content your clients and prospects need, take time to craft great videos, communicate value propositions, capture audience attention and track how effective your videos are to ensure your approach works. It sounds like

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New Research Unveils the Attributes of B2B Technology Buying and Selling

Image Source:  TrustRadius

This month, TrustRadius published the findings of its fifth annual B2B buying disconnect study. The 2021 B2B Buying Disconnect report provides a wealth of valuable insights regarding the sale and purchase of business technology solutions.

The report is based on two surveys that were fielded in September of this year. One was a survey of 907 individuals who were involved in making business technology purchases for their organization, and the second was a survey of 227 individuals who work for technology vendors in a sales or marketing capacity. More than 75% of the respondents in both surveys were based in the United States.

These surveys addressed a broad range of topics. The buyer survey includes findings about the technology buying process, how technology buyers learn about products and services and research potential purchases, and how they view technology vendors. The seller survey explored how technology vendors seek

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Visa and Conferma Pay launch digital B2B payment solution

  • Visa and payments technology provider Conferma Pay introduced Visa Commercial Pay.
  • This suite of digital payment solutions is meant to enable more efficient processes for commercial clients, extending the card network’s reach in the digital B2B payments space. 

The card network launched Visa Commercial Pay, in partnership with payments technology provider Conferma Pay, to help improve payment processes for Visa’s commercial clients and financial institutions.

visa payments volume

Visa and Conferma Pay launch digital B2B payment solution.

Insider Intelligence

The suite includes three offerings: The first, Visa Commercial Pay Mobile, is a mobile app with tools that help track and manage business spend. The offering also includes a virtual Visa-branded card that can be added to a mobile wallet to facilitate business transactions for employees and contractors.

The second product is Visa Commercial Pay Travel, a travel spend solution that plugs into the Pay Mobile app and integrates into business travel reservation processes

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Council Post: The Future Is Personalized: From B2B To B2Me

Chief Marketing Officer for Aptology. With Aptology, understand success at work and hire or pivot employees to success.

Let’s face it: The old ways of doing business to business (B2B) are going the way of the dodo, an extinction accelerated by the pandemic. In a remote world, businesses can no longer afford the glacial pace of discovery calls, and corporate clients are no longer willing to wait weeks or months for a transactional relationship to happen. They often want their user experience to be as streamlined as a business-to-consumer (B2C) transaction, featuring instant value and equally instant payment and delivery.

B2B: Moving Away From Blindfolding And Handholding

Previously, sales relationships for high-value corporate clients involved a lot of touch points to move leads through the sales funnel. Webinars, white papers, discovery calls, kick-off processes — these were all created with the intention of establishing “know, like, trust” touch points

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Surprising Changes Ahead For B2B Sellers

B2B sales forces have seen major disruptions in 2020 due to the prevalence of their customers and prospects working from home. But many of these changes were already underway, says Mary Shea, principal analyst at Forrester, who just released the firm’s predictions for 2021. According to Shea, “I’m calling 2020 the year that B2B, sales, marketing and buying has changed forever. But these trends that are occurring as a result of COVID-19 hardships are trends that were already in play, The face-to-face sales meeting has been on a downward trajectory since 2017 when one in seven business buyers said they’d actually rather not meet in person with a sales rep.”

So what’s in store for B2B sellers in 2021? Forrester is predicting four major themes:

  1. AI and automation
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Five Truths B2B Tech Startups Must Know

Claire Trimble is the CMO at Lastline, an AI-cybersecurity company that detects and contains the most sophisticated threats

Before Covid-19 transformed the way in which the world interacted globally, I attended an event where some of the world’s most influential chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief security officers (CSOs) discussed their top priorities and challenges. I have attended hundreds of these events over the years, but this one in particular stuck with me. During a panel discussion, a CISO from a Fortune 100 company commented that they really just wanted to buy from Microsoft and Cisco. Later, a CISO from a major financial institution asserted that he doesn’t want anyone to try to sell him solutions like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain or quantum-safe encryption. 

I was already aware that companies want to buy from vendors they trust, need a frictionless sales cycle and mostly apply current

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New B2B Tech Study Reveals 6 Key Insights From Customer And Product Experience Leaders

By Jesse Purewal, Global Industry Leader, Technology, Qualtrics

From the global pandemic to widespread civil unrest, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and unpredictability. Yet, even in the face of hardship, customer experience (CX) and product experience (PX) leaders at B2B high-tech and telecommunications companies are incredibly optimistic about 2021. 

Our team recently conducted a study of 500 U.S.-based CX and PX leaders at companies in the B2B technology and telecoms industries. We found that, in 2021, they envision greater customer demand, improved economic growth, and an easing of the challenges associated with COVID. At the same time, they are practical about the challenges they need to surmount in 2021 – namely, the ability to innovate and the pace of decision-making and execution. Leaders indicated that they need to develop a more holistic understanding of customer needs, and bring the voice of the customer into product development, in

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B2B marketplaces, edtech M&A, breaking into the $1M ARR club

I’ve worked at TechCrunch for a little over a year, but this was one of the hardest weeks on the job so far.

Like many people, I’ve been distracted in recent days. As I write this, I have one eye on my keyboard and another on a TV that sporadically broadcasts election results from battleground states. Despite the background noise, I’m completely impressed with the TechCrunch staff; it takes a great deal of focus and energy to set aside the world’s top news story and concentrate on the work at hand.

Monday feels like a distant memory, so here’s an overview of top Extra Crunch stories from the last five days. These articles are only available to members, but you can use discount code ECFriday to save 20% off a one or two-year subscription. Details here.

B2B marketplaces will be the next billion-dollar e-commerce startups

Marketplaces created for B2B activity

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Why Enabling Buyers to Buy Is the Future of B2B

Depending on the type of automobile you have, when you hit the gas pedal hard, there can be a slight hesitation. A hesitation that can be sometimes unsettling. Especially when trying to enter onto a highway. That moment of hesitation before the acceleration can feel like more than a mere second.

We are in that moment of hesitation when it comes to the future of how B2B buyers will engage in buying. An unsettling time. There is certainly an acceleration about to happen. The coronavirus pandemic has become the fuel of the forthcoming future of the B2B buyer-seller dynamic.

Various studies from McKinsey, Gartner, Forrester, Salesforce, and others show increasingly that B2B buyers want seller-free buying experiences. Our very own Center for Buyer Insights ongoing Buyer Outlook Insights Study, a qualitative versus quantitative surveying approach, shows similar findings. Here is a brief window into what this sounds like:


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