Pubs, theatres, sport events dealt a blow as UK government puts pin in vaccine passport idea

Pubs, theatres and sport events were dealt a blow on Tuesday morning as senior minister Michael Gove denied that the government would plan a system of vaccine passports when a coronavirus vaccine is rolled out nationally.

Michael Gove wearing a suit and tie: Britain's Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove arrives to attend a cabinet meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London, Britain November 10, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Britain’s Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove arrives to attend a cabinet meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London, Britain November 10, 2020. REUTERS/Toby Melville

The idea would see those without a COVID-19 vaccination prevented from going to the pub or attending events — a scheme that could see the economy reopening faster.

Gove told Sky News this morning: “I certainly am not planning to introduce any vaccine passports and I don’t know anyone else in government (who is).”

Nadhim Zadhawi, the minister in charge of vaccines, said on Monday he expects that people who refuse the vaccine may be barred entry to some bars, restaurants, cinemas and sports

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Blow your kid’s mind with the VR Universe and Bill Nye’s VR Science kit for the holidays

We’re inching closer to Thanksgiving, which means it’s about time to start thinking about holiday gifts. This year, you can give your kids the gift of science with fully immersive VR experiments. 

Professor Maxwell's VR Universe

© Provided by Space
Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe

Two of the coolest gifts for science or space-obsessed kids are Bill Nye’s Virtual Reality Science Kit ($60) and Professor Maxwell’s VR Universe ($50). Both science-based virtual reality experiences include VR goggles and a free mobile app that can be used on any smartphone to make kids feel like they’re floating in deep space or are exploring rocky caves, volcanoes, or waterfalls. 

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Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit

Bill Nye (the Science Guy)’s kit lets kids join Bill in his virtual reality science lab. The kit includes an 80-page book that can be brought to life through the VR goggles, which teaches 30

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Huge Puerto Rico radio telescope to close in blow to science

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The National Science Foundation announced Thursday that it will close the huge telescope at the renowned Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico in a blow to scientists worldwide who depend on it to search for planets, asteroids and extraterrestrial life.

The independent, federally funded agency said it’s too dangerous to keep operating the single dish radio telescope — one of the world’s largest — given the significant damage it recently sustained. An auxiliary cable broke in August and tore a 100-foot hole in the reflector dish and damaged the dome above it. Then on Nov. 6, one of the telescope’s main steel cables snapped, causing further damage and leading officials to warn that the entire structure could collapse.

NSF officials noted that even if crews were to repair all the damage, engineers found that the structure would still be unstable in the long term.


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Global Streaming Giants Blow Dust Off Mideast Music Business

The Arab music industry — plagued by rampant piracy, free YouTube clips and dated channels — is the new target for global streaming giants intent on bringing the outmoded business into the digital era.

After their successes in Europe and the Americas, online platforms are looking to invest in emerging markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and capture their large populations of hyper-connected youth.

In a region plagued by political turmoil and economic crises, streaming giant Spotify is hoping to blow the dust off a Mideast business that has failed to keep up in a world of paid-for digital content.

“We arrived with a fully Arabic service, localised playlists and a local team,” Claudius Boller, Spotify’s Middle East and Africa managing director, told AFP.

“We are only just getting started.”

Global streaming revenues grew by 22.9 percent to $11.4 billion in 2019, accounting for more than half

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Microsoft Teams Issues New Blow To Zoom With Superb Features And Updates

Microsoft Teams is continuing to ramp up the video conferencing wars to beat Zoom with a bunch of new features and updates. So, what’s new?

First up is a feature that many people could find useful—the ability to switch accounts much more easily. In a bid to simplify day to day Teams use, Microsoft is giving users the opportunity to add multiple accounts and manage them without having to log in and out.

Using the new Teams feature, you can link your accounts together and switch between them via your Settings. 

Previously, if you were using multiple Teams accounts, you had to log in and back out, costing valuable time and effort and killing the service’s usability. The feature is in

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Why China Halted Ant’s I.P.O., Dealing Jack Ma a Blow

This was supposed to be the week that one of China’s biggest tech companies threw the most lucrative coming-out party in history, sending a swaggering message about the country’s economic might during the pandemic.

Instead, China sent a different message: No private business gets to swagger unless the government is on board with it.

Regulators pulled the plug Tuesday on the initial public offering of Ant Group, the internet finance giant, which had been all but ready to press go on its $34 billion stock debut in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The I.P.O. would have brought in more cash than did Saudi Aramco, the state-run oil giant, when it went public last year. And Ant would have raised the money on the opposite side of the planet from New York, which has long been the favored listing destination for Chinese tech groups.

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Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Research Report by Product, by End User – Global Forecast to 2025

Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Research Report by Product (Ampoules, Bottles, and Vials), by End User (Cosmetic Personal Care, Food Beverage, and Pharmaceutical) – Global Forecast to 2025 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19

New York, Nov. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the release of the report “Blow Fill Seal Technology Market Research Report by Product, by End User – Global Forecast to 2025 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” –

The Global Blow Fill Seal Technology Market is expected to grow from USD 362.18 Million in 2019 to USD 495.59 Million by the end of 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.36%.

Market Segmentation & Coverage:
This research report categorizes the Blow Fill Seal Technology to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following sub-markets:

Based on Product, the Blow Fill Seal Technology Market studied across Ampoules, Bottles, and Vials.


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Coronavirus deals blow to investing models that rely on tech and data

A trader at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at Wall Street in New York City.

Johannes Eisele | AFP | Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a body blow to the quantitative model-based style of investing, with a majority of the firms using such strategies negatively impacted, a study by Refinitiv has found.

In a report, financial data provider Refinitiv said 72% of such investors were hurt by the pandemic. Some 12% declared their models obsolete and 15% were building new ones.

Machine-learning refers to the use of complicated mathematical models and algorithms based on historical data in order to make predictions without being explicitly programmed to do so.

While such machine-driven models had success in the past as historical correlations among different asset classes held firm, they have suffered in the wake of the pandemic as these linkages have broken down.

These quantitative models have also suffered

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COVID-19 a double blow for chronic disease patients — ScienceDaily

There has never been a more dangerous time than the COVID-19 pandemic for people with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cancer, respiratory problems or cardiovascular conditions, new UNSW Sydney research has found.

Among the adverse impacts of the pandemic for people with NCDs, the study found they are more vulnerable to catching and dying from COVID-19, while their exposure to NCD risk factors — such as substance abuse, social isolation and unhealthy diets — has increased during the pandemic.

The researchers also found COVID-19 disrupted essential public health services which people with NCDs rely on to manage their conditions.

The study, published in Frontiers in Public Health recently, reviewed the literature on the synergistic impact of COVID-19 on people with NCDs in low and middle-income countries such as Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Nigeria.

The paper, which analysed almost 50 studies, was a collaboration between UNSW and public

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“A Blow Against Neoliberalism”: Socialist Wins Bolivian Election a Year After Coup Ousted Evo Morales

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AMY GOODMAN: We’re beginning today’s show in Bolivia, where former President Evo Morales’s political party, MAS, is claiming victory in Sunday’s presidential election. The results of the twice-postponed election have not been officially announced, but the centrist former President Carlos Mesa conceded defeat Monday as exit polls show Luis Arce has won over half of the vote, giving him an outright win. If confirmed, it will put the socialist party back in power, putting an end to the far-right government which overthrew Evo Morales in a coup November 2019. Protests have rocked Bolivia for months now, calling out the right-wing government’s use of military and police repression and violence against Indigenous communities.

At a news conference Monday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, former President Evo Morales responded to the election’s outcome.

EVO MORALES: [translated] Sooner

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