Tesla Model X Still Ahead Of BMW iX, Despite Years Of Research

Americans will have to wait until 2022 to buy BMW’s new iX all-electric SUV, that’s 7 years after Tesla
launched its Model X, and by then it will still be two to three years behind the U.S. company’s current crucial battery and connectivity technology.

That’s the view of Professor Stefan Bratzel, director of Germany’s Center of Automotive Management, who says upcoming premium electric vehicles from the likes of Mercedes and Audi will also lag behind Tesla.

Some analysts though reckoned the new iX would be a formidable competitor in this rarified market, where prices start in Europe at close to $90,000 after tax when it goes on sale late next year.  The base model iX is expected to be priced at just over $100,000 after tax.

The 500-hp iX, powered by 2 electric motors that drive all the wheels,

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2022 BMW iX Electric SUV Introduced With 300-Mile Range

Developed as an electric car from the ground up, the iX is unlike any SUV ever released by BMW. Its polarizing design hides a thoroughly modern powertrain and cutting-edge technology features that will permeate other members of the company’s range during the 2020s. It’s not a concept, either: It’s headed to production in 2021.

The iX lives up to its positioning as BMW’s tech flagship by offering 20 times the computing power of the company’s current SUVs, and by inaugurating a built-in 5G connection made possible by a partnership with Samsung. 5G will transform the ultimate driving machine into the ultimate streaming machine. It notably makes zero-delay streaming possible, which opens the door to in-car gaming, virtual reality experiences, and movie streaming at resolutions up to 4K. On a secondary but equally important level, it will also let BMW integrate an array of semiautonomous driving functions that need low latency,

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BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04- The new style of urban two-wheel mobility.

Bmw Motorrad Definition Ce 04- The New Style Of Urban Two-wheel Mobility.

With the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, the BMW Group is presenting the near-series version of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link at #NEXTGen 2020. As a link between the analogue and digital worlds of the user, the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 is both a means of transport and a means of communication for the urban commuter. With its electric drive, trailblazing design and innovative connectivity solutions, it sets out to redefine the scooter segment.

“Plugged to life” – electrically powered and plugged to the rider’s life.
The electrically powered BMW Motorrad Concept Definition CE 04 has been consistently developed and adapted to meet the everyday needs and requirements of the customer. True to the motto “Plugged to life” it combines the customer’s analogue world with the digital one. In conjunction with the corresponding intelligent rider equipment, a holistic, highly emotional and newly conceived mobility experience is created.

“Electric mobility

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Genesis’ quest to win buyers from Mercedes-Benz and BMW

  • Genesis is still a relatively new luxury brand and suffers from a lack of brand recognition, despite producing cars of stellar quality.
  • After reviewing the GV80 luxury SUV, Business Insider sat down with Genesis CEO of North America, Mark Del Rosso to learn more about the brand’s progress.
  • The GV80 might be Genesis’ first SUV, but Del Rosso said that the company is “filling out the lineup.”
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Genesis has an unusual problem. 

In the various times I’ve gotten behind the wheel of one of its cars, I’ve always been blown away by the quality. G70, G80, G90, GV80 — it didn’t matter. Each boasted a serene interior, good power, a comfortable ride, and responsive light-footedness. Most offered more car per dollar than what you’d get from a European competitor. 

So, Genesis has the product side of the business on lock.

Playing catch-up


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