this is BMW’s scooter of the future, the motorrad definition CE 04

back in 2017, BMW debuted a zero-emission mobility concept called concept link. three years later, the german automotive giant presents the evolution of this concept titled the BMW motorrad definition CE 04 which will go into production in the following months. aiming to create a link between the analogue and digital worlds we now inhabit, this electric scooter is not only a means of transport but also a means of communication for the urban commuter.

BMW motorrad definition CE 04
images by BMW group



with the BMW motorrad definition CE 04, BMW showcases how to bring a concept to reality. the electrically-powered motorcycle has been developed and adapted to meet the customers daily needs and requirements. design-wise, the bike breaks from traditional scooter looks, featuring an elongated, low-vehicle body with a diagonally rising front end that creates a silhouette that is modern and clear. the generous surface design with sharply designed edges

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Can BMW’s IX Electric SUV Compete With Tesla?

There has been a flurry of news from BMW this week. Top of the list was the announcement of the new all-electric iX SUV. Promising a WLTP range of around 375 miles (so at least 350 miles EPA), and 0-62mph under 5 seconds, this looks like a viable competitor to the Tesla Model X at long last. We won’t be seeing it until the end of 2021, but this could be a real fight back from BMW against the Californian challenge. Or could it?

Certainly, the specification appears spot on. The electric motors, which are shown to be front and back in the internal schematic, will provide over 500hp. The battery will have more than 100kWh capacity, which is about right to deliver the expected

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