Book launch: Nitin Rakesh and Professor Jerry Wind to Release their First Book – Transformation in Times of Crisis

Featuring Eight Principles for Creating Opportunities and Value in the Post-Pandemic World

LONDON, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nitin Rakesh, CEO of Mphasis and distinguished leader in the IT services industry, and Jerry Wind, the Lauder Professor Emeritus and Professor of Marketing, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, have joined forces to co-author Transformation in Times of Crisis  Eight Principles for Creating Opportunities and Value in the Post-Pandemic World. Emphasizing key Management and Leadership Practices, the book will launch globally on 3 December 2020.

COVID-19, and the economic crisis and social unrest that it precipitated, has changed the world. Even before the pandemic, exponential advances in science and technology, empowered and skeptical consumers, and other forces of change, were disrupting every industry. The current landscape has accelerated these forces of change and their impact. If companies and their leaders don’t equip

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Lorde urges climate action ahead of new book on Antarctica trip

The singer Lorde has written an impassioned entreaty for the world to face the climate emergency head-on after visiting Antarctica.

a large body of water: Photograph: Robert Taylor/AP

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Photograph: Robert Taylor/AP

Lorde said Donald Trump, California wildfires and the advocacy of Greta Thunberg spurred her to “head south” in a bid to visit the frozen continent before it turned “to slush”.

In addition to the magazine essay, Lorde will be releasing a book called Going South – her first – about the journey, with the proceeds directed towards funding a PhD student to study climate change in Antarctica.

She said: “The heated global discourse around climate change was coming to a furious, bubbling head. The Trump administration had the previous year announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris agreement. In August, Swedish 15-year-old Greta Thunberg painted her simple sign and, taking a seat outside her nation’s parliament, mobilised a generation of passionate

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Renewable ocean resource technology focus of new book

ocean thermal energy conversion book cover over photo of ocean

A new University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa book addresses worldwide achievements and developments in ocean thermal energy. Edited by civil and environmental engineering Professor Albert Kim, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): Past, Present, and Progress dares the reader to consider how the world can advance the utilization of ocean resources given that the 21st century has been characterized as an era of natural resource depletion.

“As renewable energy production becomes more and more important, I believe that OTEC should be re-evaluated for us to decide to keep going or stop,” Kim said. “Things that inspired me are a community responsibility and the future generation. If we don’t do anything now, Hawaiʻi might not be paradise anymore several decades later.”

More about OTEC

OTEC is a process to produce energy using the temperature differences between warmer ocean surface waters and colder deep ocean waters (at least 500–1,500 meters

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Sunshine Contacts is an invite-only address book app from Marissa Mayer’s new startup

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has just revealed her first major product since stepping down back in 2017: a new contact management application for iOS devices called Sunshine Contacts.

Sunshine Contacts is the first product from Mayer’s Sunshine startup (previously known as Lumi Labs), and it promises to be “the world’s most advanced, intuitive contact manager.”

Sunshine’s goal is to unify and simplify your contacts across Apple’s Contacts app and Gmail, pulling down your data from those sources and combining it with publicly available information. At the same time, the app promises to help organize and clean up your contacts, filling in missing chunks of information, and deleting duplicate entries. Then, it can sync that information back to your contact app and help continue to keep it updated over time.

Sunshine also offers more granular settings for sharing contacts, allowing users to share more specific personal information (for close friends)

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Razer Finally Tackles Non-Gaming Laptops With The Productivity-Focused Book 13

Yeah, gaming on PC is great and all, but what if you want to, you know, accomplish other stuff too?

Today, Razer has announced a brand new line of ultrathin laptops that are, rather interestingly, hyper-focused on productivity over gaming. Dubbed the Book 13, Razer’s much-requested foray into portable computing solutions for busy professionals and college students seems to be aimed at “go-getters, side-hustlers, and spirited entrepreneurs of today’s mobile world”, at least according to the official press release.

It’s also potentially Razer’s most affordable laptop to date, which isn’t saying much when considering the usual prices involved, but it’s something to consider.

The mercury white Razer Book 13 pioneers an entirely separate line from the company’s more gaming-focused, and similarly thin, Blade Stealth. It boasts the first Intel Evo certification for a Razer device, a quality stamp which entails features like all-day (alleged)

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Quantum Physics Professor and Children’s Book Author Chris Ferrie Joins Q-CTRL as Quantum Education Advisor

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5, 2020 — Q-CTRL, a startup that applies the principles of control engineering to accelerate the development of quantum technology, today announced the appointment of Chris Ferrie, a renowned quantum physics instructor and author of popular children’s books such as “Quantum Physics for Babies,” as the firm’s Quantum Education Advisor.

Ferrie will maintain his position as Associate Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and Centre for Quantum Software and Information while he leads content development for a highly interactive, web-based educational software package Q-CTRL is designing to help non-experts begin their journey in quantum computing.

In addition to his academic career, Ferrie turned to a decidedly younger audience a few years ago as author of the international best-seller “Quantum Physics for Babies,” the first in a series of well-received board books teaching children about the wonders of science. Recently, Ferrie has also begun posting video lectures

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Science and Technology Innovation Executive Denise Drace-Brownell Signs Book Deal With Morgan-James Publishing

NEW YORK, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Science and technology innovation executive Denise Drace-Brownell, JD, MPH, has signed a deal with Morgan-James Publishing to publish her new book, Vision Maker.

More than 12% of the population may have an underdiagnosed vision problem, Binocular Vision Disorder, that impacts their productivity, life choices and ability to make a living. Denise Drace-Brownell, a technologist and inventor, is a pioneer whose research reinforces this market. She now advocates for this unmet need. She suffered for more than 40 years with her own underdiagnosed vision problem until she diagnosed and resolved her own challenges. Today, her discoveries and efforts have received wide support among scientists, executives, and eye care professionals.

In Denise Drace-Brownell’s new book, Vision Maker, physicians and tech enthusiasts can follow her journey from losing her sight to determining a diagnosis and eventually discovering a path to treatment. Vision

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In this book, Shahneila Saeed offers a fun and enlightening way to raise a technology genius

UK-based educator Shahneila Saeed’s new book ‘How To Raise a Tech Genius’ details the deeper technology we should learn and teach coming generations, and why we should not be intimidated

Machine architecture, the fetch-execute cycle, binary conversions, error-checking in encryption: how do you teach these heavy topics, typically featured in A-level or intermediate levels of schooling, to an 11 or 12 year-old? How To Raise A Tech Genius: Develop Your Child’s Computing Skills Without Spending Any Money (Hachette India) by Shahneila Saeed breaks this down for parents, students and teachers alike.

There are hundreds of books and films out in the world about how today’s and the future’s netizens should navigate social media. How To Raise A Tech Genius is about responsible rather than safe use. Shahneila, an educator of computing science, says, over a video call, “It is also about being able to prevent negative things from happening as

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Exponential Progress, book review: A patchy overview of today’s emerging technologies


Exponential Progress: Mind-Bending Technologies to Evolve Over the Next Decade and Dominate the Century • Farabi Shayor • Independent Publishing Network • 307 pages • ISBN 978-1-83853-333-5 • £12.99 (paperback)

The spacesuited figure on the cover makes it look like science fiction, the opening liability disclaimer would fit right into to an end-user licence agreement, the index is sandwiched between a 40-page bibliography and a handy list of abbreviations, from CAPTCHA to YOLO, that you probably know but might like an reminder of, and the whole book is covered by a Creative Commons licence. So how does this unusual approach to publishing stand up?

The introduction to Exponential Progress purports to be written at the back end of the 21st century, reframing the usual ‘outhouse to zero-gravity toilet in 70 years’ reference to the speed of progress as a 300-year jump from no electricity to ‘outer-terrestrial colonies’ (along with hints

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