Despite development slowdown, the state’s life science industry keeps on building

From the industry’s traditional hub in Cambridge’s Kendall Square to emerging hot spots in Fort Point and the Fenway to vast campuses in more distant locations such as the former Fort Devens, life science companies are launching a wide array of projects, fueled by investors attracted to a fast-growing industry.

“There’s just tremendous interest in investing in these sort of projects,” said John Bonnano, chief investment officer at IQHQ, a real estate firm that’s launching two major life science developments here, and earlier this month closed on a $1.7 billion fund to finance more in Boston, San Francisco, and San Diego. “There’s an awful lot of capital out there right now.”

It’s chasing a market that has only become stronger relative to other real estate sectors. Traditional office tenants now occupy about 3 million fewer square feet of space across Greater Boston than they did at the start of the

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SpaceWaves: How Robots Are Building The Future In Space (With Video)

Why Japanese company Gitai is launching robots instead of people

Yuske Taguchi explains how Gitai will cut manufacturing costs with robots

Getting things into space is expensive, with the cost of sending up a person orbiting the $100 million mark. 

As manufacturing in orbit gets closer to reality, Japanese company Gitai is preparing robot technology to support the needs of manual labor at a fraction of the cost. 

FreightWaves Editor at Large John Kingston spoke with Director of Business Development Yuske Taguchi about the goal of robotic automation replacing humans to perform menial tasks. 

Taguchi says Gitai aims to put its robot into space as early as next summer through a partnership with NASA. 

There are currently two types of robots Gitai is working with: fully autonomous and human-controlled. 

The fully autonomous robots have more limitations due to the fact that they cannot adapt to changes in their environment or

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Someone spent 45 hours building an RTX 3070 gaming PC in Minecraft

Henceforth to be known as a master Minecraft builder, Reddit user AlanGeisse has been using their skills to recreate their very own fantasy PC builds in-game. In the first installation, as exhibited in this hilariously epic flythrough video, it’s even possible to swim through the PCs water cooling system—which is pretty amazing. 

Unfortunately, their initial post on r/Minecraft didn’t gain much traction. But, after spending 45 hours on an even more accurate, higher spec design, complete with an elusive Nvidia RTX 3070, Alan’s finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Speaking with us, Alan explains that, due to unavoidable height limitations associated with building in Minecraft, the scale of this second design ended up at around 2mm per block. And, although there were some inevitable scaling issues due to these restrictions, it still looks pretty darn accurate to us. 

Alan graciously divulged how they managed to achieve such an

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Building Better Trees, Supernova Simulations And Holograms

The members of the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 Science list are turning science fiction into reality.

“My father was a founder, my uncle has a logging company and my grandmother is a botanist,” says Maddie Hall, founder of the startup Living Carbon, which is growing genetically modified trees that take more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and offer greater durability and faster growth. “So there was a destiny for me to be a founder of a plant biotech company.”

Enlisting genetically engineered trees to fight against climate change may sound like science fiction, but Hall, 28, is just one of the members of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Science with inventions that sound straight out of a sci-fi novel. 

Take Jelena Notaros, 27, for example. This assistant professor at MIT is designing augmented reality displays that produce real-life holograms. Recently, her team developed

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Building The Batteries Of The Future

This year we mark the 10-year milestone for the Forbes 30 Under 30 project, with a diverse mix of up-and-comers leading the way to our clean energy transition.

Among this year’s winners in the Energy category you’ll find very few focused on fossil fuels like coal or oil. It’s little surprise that our young innovators are more forward looking. This year’s cohort has made inroads in flexible batteries; wind-powered Bitcoin miners; pipeline inspections, near-magical bacteria, tree-planting drones, even new tricks in fracking. 

And they have some inspiration from 30 Under 30 classes of past years. We’ve been doing this long enough that many of our alums have gone on to tremendous success. This year Thomas Healy, of the 2017 list, even became America’s youngest self-made billionaire (for a few weeks anyway) when his company Hyliion, a maker of electric drive trains for long-haul trucks, went public via a special

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Verdantix Smart Building Technologies Survey Reveals Spending Plans And Technology Priorities For 2021

Independent research firm Verdantix has released its annual global survey of 250 real estate occupiers across 13 geographies and 18 industries on their firms’ real estate strategic direction, governance, budgets and priorities in relation to technology decisions. The survey revealed that attracting and retaining talent was the top priority for 37% of respondents, followed by building resiliency (23%), cost reduction (22%), and building occupant health and wellbeing (18%).

“Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 has caused vast disruption to business operations globally this year.” commented Verdantix Industry Analyst, Dayann Charles Jeyamohan. “This has prompted many firms to prioritize talent retention and occupant wellbeing programmes within their business strategies to ensure a motivated and healthy workforce during the crisis.”

Key findings of the Verdantix ‘Global Corporate Survey 2020: Smart Building Technology Budgets, Priorities & Preferences’ report:

  • Enabling a remote workforce is the most significant factor shaping real estate strategies (96%), closely followed by social distancing
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A Beginner’s Guide To Building A Next-Gen Gaming PC

I’ve owned plenty of consoles over the years but PC has always been my preferred gaming platform. It used to be because I sucked at using a controller but these days I’m all about the flexibility a PC offers. As the Step Brothers would say, it has so much room for activities. 

I was lucky enough to have a stepdad who was into computers when I was growing up and he taught me most of what I know when it comes to building, maintaining and troubleshooting PCs. Even with that background, I still get overwhelmed with new builds given how fast components and standards change. I can’t imagine how intense the experience must be for beginners keen to wet their whistle in the PC gaming world. 

With a new generation of consoles now available, it’s the perfect time for those who’ve been considering a custom build to dive in. I

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Black Friday deals for building or upgrading a gaming PC

Now is both a great time and a frustrating time to build a gaming PC. Some fierce competition between AMD, Intel, and Nvidia is creating some desirable products at reasonable prices. But these great parts, combined with a surge in people working from home due to the pandemic, has also caused a spike in demand. And you may find it challenging to track down everything you want or need to complete your build.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up. I’m here with a combination gift guide/build guide/deals guide for Black Friday 2020 and beyond. Here’s what you should look out for.


Crucial P2 1TB NVME SSD

Price: $84 (using promo code: 93XPY98)

Crucial’s 3D NAND memory is ideal for gaming. It can slow down in some other tasks, but it’ll give you the speed you need as a Steam drive. Just make sure you use the

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Building Work on the New ISAE-SUPAERO “learning Center” Has Started

Press release content from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

TOULOUSE, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 20, 2020–

The foundation stone of the new ISAE-SUPAERO ‘Learning Center’ was laid on October 15th and its opening is planned for November 2021. At the heart of the campus, the future ’Learning Center” will offer a library, coworking spaces, a showroom and an event space.

Its opening is in line with the evolution of the courses and teaching methods offered at ISAE-SUPAERO that are more and more focused on projects, research and innovation led activities.

An ambitious project to answer new ISAE-SUPAERO needs

The Learning Center has been conceived to replace and modernise the library that had become too cramped : an opportunity to create a space dedicated to sharing and tailored to suit new working methods. Located at the heart of the campus in the

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