Our third decade of climate action: Realizing a carbon-free future

A few years ago flooding devastated Chennai, where I grew up. Seeing the images of the city—which had experienced extreme drought for so many years of my life—covered in flood waters, really made the impacts of climate change feel much closer to home. This year, the sky turned orange in Northern California as wildfires continued to rage up and down the West Coast. I know others in Australia and Brazil have experienced similar events, and sadly they won’t be the last.

The science is clear: The world must act now if we’re going to avert the worst consequences of climate change.

We are committed to doing our part. Sustainability has been a core value for us since Larry and Sergey founded Google two decades ago. We were the first major company to become carbon neutral in 2007. We were the first major company to match our energy use with 100

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Why the UK’s carbon-free future will need rules

Windfarm above Tal-y-bont, Rheidol Valley, Wales, UK. (
Windfarm above Tal-y-bont, Rheidol Valley, Wales, UK. (

A 10-point plan aimed at putting the UK on track for a zero emissions economy is due to be unveiled by the prime minister in the coming weeks.

Boris Johnson’s previous speeches on climate change have given the impression the problem can largely be solved by technology – a flash of nuclear, a gust of hydrogen, a blast of offshore wind, a dollop of carbon capture and storage.

But a government spokesperson told BBC News we’ll all need to “work together and play our part”.

And experts warn the issue’s phenomenally complicated – presenting challenges never seen before.

Tackling climate change, they say, will need action right across society and the economy – with a host of new incentives, laws, rules, bans, appliance standards, taxes and institutional innovations.

Let’s examine a few of the issues…

Weird electricity

Engineers fitting solar panels to a roof at Silvertown Solar Village, Docklands, London UK
Engineers fitting solar panels to
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