Deafening boom over Edinburgh caught on Hive camera

The dramatic moment was recorded by Alison Beattie Jarvie, from her home in Leith, close to the Ocean Terminal.

© The ear-splitting sound of thundersnow, which woke tens of thousands of Edinburgh residents in the e…

“It was my Hive camera in my grandson’s bedroom,” the 40-year-old explained,“I didn’t even realise I had it on camera until this morning.”

Thankfully her 3-year-old grandson was not staying in the bedroom last night.

The Hive camera in the corner of the room captured the bright light that flashed across the sky at 4:46am, before the deafening crash of thundersnow that followed.

The rare weather phenomenon is caused when the air low to the ground is warm enough to cause a thunderstorm, while the air above it is cold enough to create snow.

As the snow falls, the lightning is reflected off tens of millions of snowflakes, making the storm brighter than usual.

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Meteor “as bright as the full moon” caught on camera in Japan

A brightly burning meteor was seen plunging from the sky in wide areas of Japan, capturing attention on television and social media. The meteor glowed strongly as it rapidly descended through the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday.

Many people in western Japan reported on social media seeing the rare sight. NHK public television said its cameras in the central prefectures of Aichi, Mie and elsewhere captured the fireball in the southern sky.

「火球」目撃投稿相次ぐ 満月級の明るさと専門家 by
KyodoNews on

A camera at Nagoya port showed the meteor shining as brightly as it neared the Earth, the Asahi newspaper reported.

Some experts said small fragments of the meteorite might have reached the ground.

“We believe the last burst of light was as bright as the full moon,” Takeshi Inoue, director of the Akashi Municipal Planetarium, told Kyodo news agency.

A meteor falls in Tatsuno
A meteor falls in Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan November 29, 2020 in this still
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Stray Dog Caught On Camera Nibbling At Girl’s Unattended Body Inside Hospital, Family Alleges Negligence

A disturbing video showing a stray dog nibbling at the dead body of a girl at a hospital in India has surfaced online recently. The girl’s family is blaming the hospital for negligence.

A 20-second video going viral on social media showed a canine gnawing at a dead body that was left unattended on a stretcher. The body was covered with a white cloth. The incident took place in a government hospital in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.

Local reports said the girl was a victim of a road accident and her body was allegedly left unattended for over an hour inside the hospital.

“The body of the girl was left unattended for 1.5 hours. It is a matter of negligence on the hospital’s part. No one was there to look after the body,” the girl’s father told Indian news agency ANI.

The chief medical superintendent

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CBAK Energy Technology – Caught In The EV Hype, But EV Battery Revenue Has Collapsed (NASDAQ:CBAT)

Certain behavior in stock trading never changes. In the case of CBAK Energy Technology (CBAT), the behavior is buying a “a hot stock in hot space” with no attention to company fundamentals. The hot space for CBAK Energy is lithium batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

The stock has rocketed from $4 to over $11 in two trading days. 60 days ago, it was under $1. During the last two days, the stock has traded over 200 million shares, or about 7 times its float. It is safe to say the buying and selling is more by the day traders of Robinhood rather than followers of Warren Buffett. This article aims to raise the cautionary hackles of all those who own the stock, with a closer review the company’s poor fundamentals and history. The analysis should bring to the attention of CBAK Energy stock traders the likelihood that the stock will

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Santa Cruz catalytic converter thieves caught on camera

LIVE OAK — Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office investigators are investigating a link between a recent catalytic converter theft to similar recent thefts in the area.

As of Friday, the Sheriff’s Office already had received 20 reported catalytic converter thefts this month — adding to a tally of more than 130 for the year, according to a release from department spokeswoman Ashley Keehn.

Most recently, video surveillance footage showed two individuals driving up to a residential driveway in the 1900 block of Maciel Avenue to look beneath a Toyota Prius, drive off and then return to remove the part around 4 a.m. The thieves, arriving in what appears to be a black Honda Civic, are seen removing the catalytic converter — including jacking up the car and sawing through its connection — in about three minutes’ time.

“The majority of these cases involve theft from the Toyota Prius — which

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Amazon Ring recalls 350,000 doorbells after some caught fire

  • Amazon-owned Ring has recalled more than 350,000 smart doorbells in the US after reports of some them catching fire and causing damage.
  • Around 350,000 second-generation Ring doorbells sold in the US, and roughly 8,700 sold in Canada, have a potential fire hazard linked to their batteries, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said Tuesday.
  • “The video doorbell’s battery can overheat when the incorrect screws are used for installation,” the CPSC notice said.
  • Ring has received 23 reports of doorbells catching fire and causing property damage in the US, and eight reports of minor burns.
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Amazon-owned Ring is recalling 350,000 smart doorbells in the US after reports of some of them catching fire, giving eight people minor burns. 

Around 350,000 second-generation Ring video doorbells sold in the US, and about 8,700 more sold in Canada, come with a potential fire hazard linked to

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Ring is recalling 350,000 smart doorbells after some of them caught fire

Amazon-subsidiary Ring is recalling hundreds of thousands of video doorbells after receiving reports of them catching fire.

a microwave is sitting on the side of a building: A Ring doorbell

© Shutterstock
A Ring doorbell

The potential fire hazard impacts around 350,000 2nd generation Ring doorbells sold in the United States and roughly 8,700 more sold in Canada, according to a notice posted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on Tuesday. The $100 doorbells were sold on Ring’s website and on Amazon between June 2020 and October 2020, according to the CPSC.

“The video doorbell’s battery can overheat when the incorrect screws are used for installation, posing fire and burn hazards,” the notice said.

According to the notice, Ring has thus far received 23 reports of doorbells catching fire and causing property damage, as well as eight reports of minor burns.

“The safety of our customers is our top priority,” Ring spokesperson Emma Daniels said in a statement, adding that

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Steve Bannon Caught Running Facebook Misinformation Network

Illustration for article titled Steve Bannon Caught Running a Network of Misinformation Pages on Facebook

Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Steve Bannon has been outed for his involvement in running a network of misinformation pages on Facebook. Who could have possibly seen this coming.

Facebook has talked a big game about monitoring election misinformation, and yet the independent activist network Avaaz said it had to alert the company to the pages before it removed them for coordinated inauthentic behavior. The group didn’t need an army of 35,000 moderators to figure this out, and yet Facebook consistently fails to spot the troublemakers that journalists and researchers with less funding and staff seem to keep spotting. As they say: makes you think.

Avaaz said that it alerted Facebook to the pages on Friday night. By that time, in aggregate, Avaaz says the top seven pages—Brian Kolfage, Conservative Values, The Undefeated, We Build the Wall Inc, Citizens of the American Republic, American Joe, and Trump

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Man caught on camera burglarizing Kenner elementary school, police say | Crime/Police

Investigators are trying to identify a man accused of burglarizing a Kenner elementary school. 

The suspect slipped into Audubon Elementary, 200 W. Loyola Drive, about 6:45 a.m. on Oct. 21, said Lt. Michael Cunningham, a spokesman for the Kenner Police Department. 

A Michigan man accused of threatening to kill relatives of a 10-year-old girl who had accused the man’s brothers of raping her has been arrest…

School officials discovered the break-in when an employee arrived at work later that morning and realized someone had been rummaging around in her office. 

Police officers reviewed surveillance video and spotted the unidentified man entering the building after the doors had been unlocked for the day but before students and staff arrived, Cunningham said. 

The man entered several offices, picking up a laptop and a computer joystick, according to authorities. He eventually left behind the laptop but took the joystick, hurrying off just minutes

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Deadly Snake Removed From Home Air Conditioner Unit, Rescue Caught On Camera

Warm weather forces snakes to move around and find cool spots. Now, what could be better than chilling inside an air conditioner unit.

A red-bellied black snake was recently found in an air conditioner unit at an Australian home.

In a Facebook post, Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 wrote that it “took ages” for them to remove the snake from the unit.

“What’s the go with venomous snakes in aircon units lately haha. This took ages to get the snake out but we got there eventually,” he wrote.

McKenzie added he had switched off the power before removing the reptile.

“Before any aircon guys or sparkies have a heart attack I had all of the power off to the aircon before poking around,” he said.

A video of rescue was also posted on Facebook, which showed the snake catcher using a torch to find the exact hiding

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