The Art of ComEd’s Community of the Future

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is a company with a long-standing history of scientific innovation that traces its roots back to Thomas Edison and the lightbulb. But as one of the nation’s leading electric utilities, serving over four million customers in northern Illinois, ComEd is not only continuing a tradition of innovation by developing and deploying the most cutting-edge energy technology; it also pushes the envelope when it comes to transformative, educative, and community-centered art.

Since 2016, ComEd has been partnering with the Bronzeville neighborhood to create one of the greenest, most connected, most resilient communities in the nation, redefining the role of the urban utility and transforming lives in the process. ComEd’s Community of Future is a “smart community,” that leverages innovative technologies, like microgrids, to enhance the lives of everyday people. ComEd’s identification of microgrids as a crucial technology for increasing the resilience and sustainability of the electric grid was

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