Cross Border Xpress unveils new facial comparison technology

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Just ahead of this holiday week, San Diego’s Cross Border Xpress (CBX) unveiled new biometric facial comparison technology.

The CEO of the sky bridge that connects travelers directly to the Tijuana International Airport told ABC 10News that it will further secure and streamline travel into the United States.

The U.S.-Mexico border is still closed to non-essential travel because of COVID-19. CBX CEO Jorge Goytortua said CBX is still not encouraging people to travel right now but if they do, they can take advantage of this technology.

“Within seconds, the technology will recognize the passenger in a [Customs and Border Protection (CBP)] database,” said Goytortua. He told ABC 10News that the comparison process happens only at a time and place where travelers are already required by law to verify their identity by presenting travel documents.

Goytortua says that when a traveler arrives at the CBP processing area,

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Magazine publisher Future swoops on price comparison website GoCompare

GoCompare snapped up in £600m deal: Magazine publisher Future swoops on price comparison website

Britain’s biggest magazine publisher has swooped on the price comparison website Go Compare in a £600million takeover.

Future, which owns dozens of niche print and online titles including Country Life, Games Radar and Cycling Weekly, wants to use the brand’s technology to sell more services to its 400m readers.

It is offering cash and shares in a deal that values GoCompare, which is known for its opera singer mascot Gio Compario, at £594million – or 136p per share.

Magazine publisher Future is offering cash and shares in a deal that values Go Compare - known for its opera singer mascot Gio Compario (pictured)  - at £594m or 136p per share

Magazine publisher Future is offering cash and shares in a deal that values Go Compare – known for its opera singer mascot Gio Compario (pictured)  – at £594m or 136p per share

The takeover will net Sir Peter

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs iPhone 12 camera test comparison

iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE cameras

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The convenience of a phone camera is why it has become such an intrinsic part of the smartphone experience. The ability to quickly whip it out of your pocket, take a photograph, and know that you’ll get a great-looking image is why a lot of people splurge on a high-end flagship phone. However, you don’t have to break the bank anymore to get an amazing camera phone.

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s affordable smartphone. The one that eschews some nice-to-have features for a lower, more approachable price point. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is Samsung going all-in on a feature-packed affordable flagship.

With similar price points, but two different ecosystems, we pit the two phones against each other to test out their imaging prowess. Here is Android Authority‘s iPhone 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 FE camera test comparison. Be sure to cast

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A Comparison Of 2 Lesser Known ETFs For Those Rotating Into Emerging Market Equities


The world has spent much of 2020 trudging through the trenches, but with less than two months to go before we bring down the curtains, the recent vaccine-related news from Pfizer (PFE), AstraZeneca(AZN), and Moderna (MRNA) feels like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It remains to be seen if things will ever be the same again, but perhaps it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to expect “some semblance” of economic normality in 2021? December also seems to be the month when a lot of investors re-position their portfolios; with the S&P 500 (^GSPC) currently trading at an exorbitant P/E of 40x, and the Nasdaq 100’s (NDX) valuations not far behind at 36x P/E, it’s challenging to make a case for further outsized gains from the domestic markets. There are various alternatives that offer more compelling value at current levels, but in my piece today I’d like

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Comparison of Russian and US Navy guided-missile cruisers

  • Since 2017, the US and Russian navies have been the only two navies that operate guided-missile cruisers.
  • Both vessels have roughly the same capabilities, providing area air-defense while also being able to attack surface ships and submarines. So which would triumph in a head-to-head clash?
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With the retirement of the Dutch-built cruiser Almirante Grau by the Peruvian Navy in 2017, only two countries now operate cruisers: Russia and the United States.

Russia has three Slava-class guided-missile cruisers in service while the United States has 22 Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers. Naturally, we’ve got to ask… in a one-on-one fight, would a Russian missile cruiser win or would an American?

Both vessels have roughly the same capabilities. They both provide area air-defense while also being able to attack surface ships and submarines.

Black Sea Fleet Moskva Guided Missile Cruiser

Russian Black Sea Fleet guided-missile cruiser Moskva.

The Ticonderoga-class cruiser’s main battery consists

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iPhone 12 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera comparison


Daniel Van Boom/CNET

The iPhone 12 is the biggest iterative jump Apple has made for its flagship devices in years but, unusually, that jump doesn’t largely revolve around the camera. The iPhone 12 family is entirely 5G, reverts to an iPhone 5-esque design, and there’s also an iPhone Mini for the first time ever. 

But that’s not to say there’s nothing new in the cameras. As CNET’s Patrick Holland explains in our review, the main camera on both phones has a faster lens that lets in more light, and night mode is now on both the ultrawide-angle and selfie cameras. The 12 Pro also gets an improved telephoto camera, yielding a better optical zoom.

But how does 2020’s iPhone compare with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, one of 2020’s best (and most expensive) Androids? I took both around Sydney to find out. 


When it comes

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