Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on the challenges of adapting an enterprise product for consumers

There’s been a lot of talk about the consumerization of IT in the workplace. But in the case of Zoom, the pandemic forced the high-flying video conferencing service to rapidly shift gears in the other direction, resulting in some painful lessons along the way.

Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan said despite the company’s culture of always trying to see the world through its customers’ eyes, it had to rethink many of its assumptions when suddenly a wide range of consumers began using Zoom for everything from distance learning to having virtual cocktails with friends.

“On the one hand, we were very excited, because after many years of hard work your dream is coming true of helping people stay connected,” Yuan said. “But then suddenly, you have 30 times more growth than you were expecting, so how do you handle that? You’ve got to work harder.”

Yuan spoke on day

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Nvidia, Intel, and AMD GPU shipments up 10.8% as consumers scoop up PCs

Demand is sky high for GPUs, according to industry intelligence firm Jon Peddie Research. In the company’s latest Market Watch report for calendar Q3 of 2020, it found that GPU shipments increased 10.8% year-over-year. AMD, Nvidia, and Intel all saw quarter-over-quarter increases as well.

As Jon Peddie notes in the breakdown of the report, GPU shipments are a leading indicator. Manufacturers purchase them before shipping PCs to consumers. This means that the market expects demand for PCs to remain high through the foreseeable future. The overall PC market increased 9.47% year-over-year, according to Jon Peddie.

Discrete GPUs from AMD and Nvidia were up 13.44% quarter-over-quarter. That jump is partially due to historical trends that lead to consumers purchasing more discrete GPUs in Q3 than Q2. But it also reflects the launch of Nvidia’s RTX 3000-series video cards in September. Those products flew off shelves and are still difficult to find.

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Consumers stocking up on at-home technology, boosting Best Buy results

Early holiday deals boosted same-store quarterly sales growth to levels Best Buy has not seen in 25 years.

However, similar to concerns about other big-box stores that have seen sales surge during the coronavirus pandemic, executives at the Richfield-based electronics chain said they don’t believe sales growth will continue at the same rapid pace in the foreseeable future.

Best Buy’s comparable sales grew nearly 23% in August, September and October as shoppers continued to invest in at-home technology. Comparable U.S. online sales grew 174%, only trailing last quarter’s record growth in online sales, the company reported Tuesday.

“We really are pleased that we were able to leverage our unique capabilities including supply-chain expertise, a very flexible store operating model and obviously the ability to quickly shift to our digital channels,” said Corie Barry, Best Buy’s chief executive, during a Tuesday media call. “And that is meeting what is obviously some

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Herman Miller’s New Stores Let Consumers Test-Drive High-End Office Chairs

Office furniture company

Herman Miller Inc.

is trying to expand further beyond selling large orders of expensive chairs to employers with a new bid for individual at-home workers.

Herman Miller this month will open its first stores designed for consumers in Century City in Los Angeles and New York City’s Hudson Yards, and plans to open two more next month in Austin, Texas, and Tokyo. It previously relied purely on large showrooms aimed at business-to-business customers, e-commerce and a presence in consumer outlets such Design Within Reach, a sibling under parent company Herman Miller Group.

The new Herman Miller stores take up just 1,500 square feet and encourage shoppers to take a guided “test drive.” The goal is to win over people who might buy

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Do consumers enjoy events more when commenting on them?

Researchers from Rutgers University and New York University published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that explores the phenomenon of user-generated content during experiences.

The study, forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing, is titled “Generating Content Increases Enjoyment by Immersing Consumers and Accelerating Perceived Time” and is authored by Gabriela Tonietto and Alixandra Barasch.

“Enjoy the moment. Put down your phone.” The media is full of headlines telling consumers that to truly enjoy themselves and their experiences, the first step is to ditch their cellphones. Yet this advice often appears to fall on deaf ears. Major events routinely coincide with huge surges in social media posts as millions tweet during experiences like the Super Bowl and World Cup. This poses something of a conundrum. People clearly generate large amounts of content–remarking on what they are currently doing, hearing, and seeing–as experiences unfold, but is this behavior helpful

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Why consumers think pretty food is healthier — ScienceDaily

A researcher from University of Southern California published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that explores whether attractive food might seem healthier to consumers. The study forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing is titled “Pretty Healthy Food: How and When Aesthetics Enhance Perceived Healthiness” and is authored by Linda Hagen.

Consumers see almost 7,000 food and restaurant advertisements per year, with the vast majority touting fast food. In marketing materials, food is extensively styled to look especially pretty. Imagine the beautiful pizza you might see on a billboard — a perfect circle of crust with flawlessly allocated pepperoni and melted cheese. Advertisers clearly aim to make the food more appetizing. But do pretty aesthetics have other, potentially problematic, effects on your impressions of food?

On one hand, beautiful aesthetics are closely associated with pleasure and indulgence. Looking at beautiful art and people activates the brain’s reward center and

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An Efficient Decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Cryptocurrency That Exhibits Many Benefits for Consumers and Businesses

Metrix Coin

Metrix Coin
Metrix Coin
Metrix Coin

Brisbane, Australia, Nov. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Scalable, Flexible and Applicable to Multiple Use-Cases Metrix Coin and its ticker MRX is not just another PoS cryptocurrency, but rather a blockchain technology that offers benefits to consumers and businesses, scalable to encompass growth and flexibility to implement in multiple use-cases. 

About PoS cryptocurrencies

A little background about PoS crypto algorithms first. In this kind of algorithm, anyone with a certain amount of coins participates in the transaction validation and block creation process that renders a stake reward (a process known as staking). It is simple, one must create a wallet, hold coins until maturity is reached, and have it connected online participating in the network to start receiving stake rewards. In order to prevent centralization and monopolization of the network by someone with the highest value of coins at stake, a number of techniques

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RIT researcher uses data to help wearable technology companies connect with consumers

New research is evaluating how wearable technology companies can better engage with their customers and humanize relationships in machine-mediated environments built to promote healthy behavior.

For more than four years, Duygu Akdevelioglu, an assistant professor in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business, has been gathering data on brand engagement in the wearable technology space, a $34 billion industry according to Forbes, and its impact on motivation. Her goal is to lead companies such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple to discover new ways of engaging with consumers that will ultimately improve health-related outcomes by encouraging people to focus on their physical and psychological wellbeing.

“Wearables are an increasingly evolving market,” said Akdevelioglu, who has expertise in marketing, consumer communities, and social media. “Tracking our bodies, movements and emotions, wearable devices have been incorporated into homes, workplaces, and even insurance plans. But there are fundamental questions when it comes

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Consumers Embracing the Convenience and Security of NFC Contactless Technology

Recent ABI Research Report Highlights NFC User Experience And Use in Nine Countries

A global ABI Research study found 45% of consumers in nine countries use contactless payment with more than two-thirds of customers having two or more cards stored in their digital wallet it was announced by the NFC Forum today. The United Kingdom led all countries surveyed with 20% of respondents reporting they use the technology daily. The study timeframe was at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing industry research reports surging use of contactless technology as part of the global health crisis. The NFC Forum sponsored the research and more information about the results can be found here.

The survey also reported that user experience with NFC was very positive and most respondents were equally positive about security. The vast majority of respondents (88%) reported a consistently positive user experience with NFC contactless technologies and

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Centri Business Consulting Moderates Panel On Game-Changing Technology For Cannabis Consumers

This special presentation from Centri Business Consulting comes from Benzinga’s Virtual Cannabis Capital Conference that took place on October 15. Click here for more coverage of this event with presentations from some of the top CEOs, investors and lenders in the cannabis space.

At last week’s Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, Managing Partner at Centri Business Consulting Michael M. Aiello moderated a panel discussion on the topic of technology as a game-changer for cannabis consumers.

Centri Business Consulting focuses on accounting and advisory services for the cannabis industry. 

“When I think about technology, the first thing that usually comes to mind for me is the company. And I start thinking about enhancing quality and consistency,” said Aiello. “But again, today is about the consumer. And I’d say if that’s important to the business, isn’t that also extremely important to the overall customer experience? And of course, the answer is yes.”


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