The Context of Modern Banking

The digital era brought myriad new opportunities for businesses and banks, but also a whole slew of new challenges and uncertainties. A few years ago, when we started taking our first steps with Openbank, our 100% digital bank, we felt like we were walking down a dark, foggy road at night, where the fog was made up of our competition and the regulations – which is to say that we were moving forwards, but not entirely sure what our next steps would have been.

After studying the market and plotting its trajectory, we realised that – since technology is the main driving force for change nowadays – we needed to be on top of the game, and as digitally-savvy as can be. We also needed to be aware of the many changes that can sweep across the banking world and change the playing field practically overnight. We’re all witnessing a

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IAS Expands ‘Context Control’ Solution in APAC, Adds Bahasa Indonesia and Thai Language Capabilities

BANGKOK, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today announced the launch of Bahasa Indonesia and Thai language capabilities for its Context Control solution. IAS’s contextual solution is now available worldwide in languages including Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Context Control incorporates the premiere semantic technology in the verification space to deliver unmatched accuracy and granularity in online content classification for IAS customers. Superior content classification enables a new level of precision and scale for marketers seeking to better navigate the content adjacencies associated with their online campaigns. With advertisers running campaigns in an always-on global news cycle, IAS provides critical brand safety and brand suitability solutions to accurately assess the full content and context of a page, regardless of language.

IAS’s patented semantic technology provides human-like machine comprehension of the vernacular Bahasa and Thai languages, taking

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