After a six-month hiatus Liberty Science Center opens to visitors. Various items explode with liquid nitrogen inside a safe room as part of Boom Time.

RIVER EDGE — Getting young students interested in niche fields of science can be difficult. One 16-year-old is taking matters into her own hands. 

Lara Ozkan, of River Edge, hasn’t let her age stop her from becoming a genetic researcher who has studied links between diet and cancer. Not only that, but she has writtena book to outline the intricacies of RNA sequencing for beginners. 

“I love teaching,” said Ozkan. “Sometimes it’s me teaching my sister the multiplication table or teaching my brother in high school chemistry. I like spreading knowledge, that’s a genuine interest of mine.”

Lara Ozkan, a 16-year-old from River Edge, presents a research project for an online symposium. (Photo: Photo courtesy of Lara Ozkan)

Ozkan has always had an