Obama criticizes Americans for liking ‘cheap gas and big cars’ more than ‘the environment’

Former President Barack Obama, in his latest memoir, criticized Americans for liking “cheap gas and big cars” more than they care about “the environment” – even during a catastrophic event like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The comments came during a section in Obama’s 700-page book, “A Promised Land,” released earlier this month.

On page 570, the former commander in chief recounts a press conference he gave more than a month into the oil spill – now considered one of the largest in history – saying his comments did not adequately express the frustration he truly felt.

FILE: Former President Barack Obama speaking at the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Summit in Oakland, Calif.  (AP)

“Reading the transcript now, a decade later, I’m struck by how calm and cogent I sound,” Obama writes in his book. “Maybe

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Tech icon criticizes San Francisco, announces move to Florida: ‘Impossible to stay here’

Bay Area tech icon Keith Rabois announced he’s leaving San Francisco permanently — and he is criticizing the city on his way out.

Rabois, an early executive at PayPal, Square, LinkedIn and more, told Fortune he is “moving imminently” because he’s finding it “impossible to stay” in San Francisco. After living in the Bay Area for 20 years, he said he plans on moving to Florida.

“I think San Francisco is just so massively improperly run and managed that it’s impossible to stay here,” Rabois told Fortune. He told the publication other friends in his peer group have done the same, and a look at his Twitter account shows multiple tweets about the so-called San Francisco exodus.

Rabois is a legend in Silicon Valley as an investor and a tech exec. He rose to prominence as part of the PayPal Mafia,

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Obama criticizes Trump’s plan to fire Dr. Fauci after election

South Carolina Board of Election says 1.3 million people voted early in SC

The South Carolina Board of Election says 1.3 million people have voted early in South Carolina as of 12 p.m. Monday either by mail or in person.

This blows past the 2016 numbers where just 517,000 people voted early. The South Carolina legislature expanded early absentee voting this year because of Covid-19.

The popularity of early voting can be seen in long lines over the weekend. Early in-person voting ends at 5 p.m. ET on Monday.

Top former RNC official announces he voted for Biden

A top former RNC official announced on Monday that he is voting for Joe Biden.

Ryan Mahoney, a former RNC communications director, tweeted a photo of his ballot.

Mahoney said he was “proud

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