Researchers add second dating technique to prototype spaceflight instrument — ScienceDaily

A new study by Southwest Research Institute scientists describes how they have expanded the capabilities of the prototype spaceflight instrument Chemistry Organic and Dating Experiment (CODEX), designed for field-based dating of extraterrestrial materials. CODEX now uses two different dating approaches based on rubidium-strontium and lead-lead geochronology methods. The instrument uses laser ablation resonance ionization mass spectrometry (LARIMS) to obtain dates using these methods.

“The central aim of CODEX is to better understand some of the outstanding questions of solar system chronology, such as the duration of heavy meteoroid bombardment or how long Mars was potentially habitable,” said SwRI Staff Scientist F. Scott Anderson, who is leading development of the instrument.

“In a way, we’ve given CODEX binocular vision in dating,” said Jonathan Levine, associate professor of physics at Colgate University and Anderson’s collaborator on CODEX. “When you can look at something from two different perspectives, you get a deeper view

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Interest on Dating Apps Drop for Women Named Karen

Finding love is hard as it is in 2020, but neo-acts of racism among white supremacists have made that quest even harder. 

The dating app Wingman released research stating that it’s now more difficult for women with the name Karen to get a date. The app found that matches for women named Karen dropped more than 20 percent in 2020 when compared to results from the previous year. Also, responses to messages sent by women named Karen dipped close to 33 percent. 

Wingman CEO and founder Tina Wilson claims that she wasn’t surprised by these stats because dating sites seem to reflect real-world issues. 

“The trends we observe with online dating usually reflect what’s going on in the real world,” Wilson said in a press release, per Yahoo!

This comes after the term “Karen” became a popular way to describe aggressive white women displaying classist, racist, and/or other prejudices

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Here’s How AI Makes A New-Home Hunt About As Fun As Dating

New home building is riding a torrid—counter-pandemic, safe-haven-fueled—sales pace. This attests to the way many firms in this trillion-dollar sector have blasted into the millennium’s technological present, and they’d like to believe that present has nothing but running room ahead. Note, though, the millennium dawned two decades ago. Builders would mostly admit they’ve got plenty of catching up to do, mostly on the customer-friendly user experience front, to make buying, owning, and building value in a home, um, less painful.

Still, feats of selling technology and process leaps and bounds they’ve accomplished in the pandemic time-warp have transformed a typical new-home hunt. Now, it’s less a grueling test of intestinal fortitude and more something resembling, well, shopping for just about everything else.

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One of the world’s most popular YouTubers announced he’s dating an Australian influencer. What happened next shows how relationships can be big business for content creators.

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  • Since YouTuber Ethan Dolan (of the Dolan Twins) announced he was dating Kristina Alice, the Australian influencer’s Instagram following has skyrocketed.
  • Online creators use relationships to reach new audiences, create new and different content, and even to provide professional assistance with their work.
  • But not every creator can or will use their relationship as part of their work, as concerns about privacy or how perception of their relationship will affect their work.
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Kristina Alice was a little known Australian influencer — until one of the world’s biggest YouTubers announced that they were dating.


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The Dolan Twins are a pair of U.S.-based comedy creators who have nearly 11 million subscribers on YouTube.

In a video ‘Addressing assumptions about us’, one of the twins, Ethan, confirmed fans’ suspicions that he has a girlfriend.

And that answer was enough to jumpstart Alice’s online

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