Modi government outlines new science technology, innovation policy, focuses on bringing back diaspora

Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that STIP 2020 is aiming to create a long-term pathway for scientists and students.

India has begun preparations to bring in Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) 2020. Along with the “landmark policy initiative”, the Central government has emphasized building “policy level mechanisms” and creating opportunities to attract bright talents among Indian diaspora back home, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said. Dr. Vradhan has disclosed that the prime objective of STIP 2020 is to decentralize the policy designing and transform it into an inclusive process.

STIP 2020 focuses on the development of technology and research methods. Apart from making socio-economic progress, the STIP 2020 aims at fulfilling the aspirations of lakhs of budding scientists and young students, Dr. Vardhan said while chairing policy consultation with the Indian diaspora and seeking their contributions to the upcoming policy on Science and Technology.

Dr. Vardhan has also outlined that the

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Indian diaspora major stakeholder in new science & tech policy process: Vardhan

New Delhi, Nov 7 (PTI) Union minister Harsh Vardhan on Saturday called for suggestions of the Indian diaspora in formulation of the new Science and Technology Innovation Policy, 2020, saying they are major stakeholders in the process.

Addressing experts at a virtual event, the minister said the scientific diaspora contributes a lot in both internationalisation of science and technology development and boosting the country’s technology prowess.

He said the Indian scientific diaspora is considered one of the most vibrant diaspora communities around the world. People of Indian origin holding leadership roles in academia, industry, and the government, even in some of the most technologically advanced countries are evidence of that, Vardhan said.

There is a huge potential in connecting and engaging with the Indian scientific diaspora, not only for the benefit of the country’s national development but also for global development, the Science and Technology minister said.

“Indian diaspora is

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