Can We Cure Cancer With Disruptive Technologies?

By Öykü Ilgar, SAP

Earlier this year, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) was named a winner of the SAP Innovation Awards for achieving a breakthrough in protein analysis on cancer research. Leveraging big data analytics, the team was able to make a major advancement in protein analysis: A team headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Küster succeeded to create a comprehensive map of proteins within the human body. Analyzing this data will help to fight deadly diseases more effectively with targeted treatments.

80% of the human proteome can be accessed “online”

“If we do understand, particularly in the context of diseases, how things work inside a cell, inside an organ, inside a human as a whole, we might better understand how we can tackle diseases,” said Prof. Dr. Bernhard Küster, Head of the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics at the Technical University of Munich. “This has been a quest

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Virtual Reality: The Most Disruptive Technology of the Next Decade, IDTechEx Reports

BOSTON, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual reality has already had a major impact in a range of different industries. IDTechEx predicts in its recent market research report that this technology will grow to $8Bn by 2030. One way that virtual reality has been used is in planning. VR technologies have recently been shown by an article in the Financial Times to be used by the City of London Corporation to help with planning decisions for future office areas. Virtual reality will be a key technology of the next decade, with IDTechEx predicting that the augmented and virtual reality market will grow to over $30Bn by 2030.

The City of London collaboration was between the City of London Corporation, Innovate UK, New London Architecture (NLA) and VU.CITY. The level of detail captured by the project is down to a 2cm accuracy in a nearly 3km square area. This is

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Five Emerging Disruptive Technologies For Entrepreneurs To Observe

A futurist who is passionate about launching businesses. He is the CEO of BlockVentures & Unite.AI, a news website on AI & robotics.

While there are endless articles highlighting the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and blockchain, there are other emerging technologies that are often neglected by entrepreneurs. These technologies have the potential to completely disrupt the aerospace, health and manufacturing sectors. In this article, will explore five potential breakthrough technologies and how I believe they will converge.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is more commonly known as 3D printing. While the industry was initially hyped with the promise that 3D printers would become prevalent in people’s homes, the real breakthroughs will result from commercial 3D printers.

Traditional manufacturing subtracts material (cutting out/hollowing) from metal or plastic to craft the intended object. This results is material waste that is approximately 40% higher than in additive manufacturing. Additive

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The Best of SMX Virtual Event Explores Eight Disruptive Technologies Shaping the Future of Smart Manufacturing

“Manufacturing is accelerating into its fourth renaissance,” said Julie Pike, director of Canadian Events for SME. “Innovation and technological advancement are dramatically reshaping how we produce our products, from the way we design them, to how our factories are connected to how we empower our workforce. The Best of SMX Virtual Event will present case studies, panel discussions and a number of keynote addresses to explore Industry 4.0 and what manufacturers need to know to be successful and thrive under today’s and tomorrow’s changing, challenging business conditions.”

Pike enumerated eight key disruptive technologies set for exploration at The Best of SMX, including:

  • 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing in which manufacturers use this game-changing power to design and rapidly produce tooling and finished parts not possible with traditional methods.
  • Automation & Robots technology that enables accuracy and
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