NC School of Science and Math student collaborate at a distance to win competitions during the pandemic ::

Last June, a student team from the North Carolina School of Science and Math was among 5 national winners of the annual “Samsung Solving Problems for Tomorrow” competition.

Solving problems using their STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) experience is their passion. It was last January when their team was among three in the state and 200 across the country still hoping to be among the top 5 teams that would each earn a prize worth $100,000.

The team, led by seniors Jason Li and Dalia Segal-Miller, developed an app that uses artificial intelligence to help people separate recyclables.

Holding an average thermos with a metal container and plastic lid, Li explained how the app works. The phone’s video function scans the metal surface. “It will classify as metal with about an 80% accuracy,” he said.

There were three North Carolina student teams who made it to the second stage

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