Pandemic boost to tech and digital industries worsens gender job divide

The boost given by the pandemic to the digital, automation and technology industries is set to exacerbate gender inequality in the workplace, as the new jobs being created are being taken largely by men.

The pandemic is driving a shift in companies’ use of technology, both official statistics and business surveys suggest, making the automation and digitalisation industries some of the few winners from this year’s economic turbulence.

Nearly 800,000 additional jobs have been created in computer programming and related services across the EU, the US, the UK, Japan and Australia so far this year, according to an FT analysis of official data. The number of other tech-related professional jobs in areas such as information technology and telecoms was also up in some countries, with men over-represented in both sectors.

This is in sharp contrast to the overall jobs market — unemployment has risen in most major developed economies

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Divide and conquer–modular controller design strategy makes upgrading power grids easier — ScienceDaily

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) develop a novel approach for the modular design of controllers for large-scale network systems. Their strategy, which provides a completely decentralized method to design controllers for subsystems of a larger whole, could be readily applied in power grids, greatly simplifying the task of sequentially upgrading individual subdivisions while ensuring stability and performance.

The control of large-scale dynamic network systems, such as national power grids, is a remarkably challenging topic. In this context, “control” roughly means monitoring relevant output variables to ensure that the system operates stably and within safe margins. The difficulty and necessary considerations associated with the design and implementation of controllers usually skyrocket when dealing with complex networked systems, and theoretical studies to find new approaches to controller design are constantly being carried out.

One common problem that arises in large networked systems is that they’re integrated. So, when a

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