WisdomTree’s Unconventional Emerging Markets High Dividend Yielding ETF Play (NYSEARCA:DEM)

Brief Thesis

As global demographics start to lean towards more elderly populations, an increasing number of people are looking to shore up retirement obligations and finance life in their twilight years. While sovereign banks have attempted to maintain economies on life support through hyper excessive use of monetary policy, interest rates have been crushed, forcing income investors, many of whom are retirees, to find alternative revenue streams.

With this trend has come the advent of more versatile ETF offerings – some resolutely focused on dividend distributions and other hybrids looking to emulate the safety of bonds with the returns of equity. To that point, I recently redacted an article on Aptus Defined Risk ETF (DRSK) – not exactly a pure dividend play, but another which could fit in the family of income generating plays. It is worth checking out also.

While I remain mildly bullish on dividend-focused ETFs, it goes

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Newtek Business Services Has Bright Future In Spite Of Dividend Cut (NASDAQ:NEWT)

Newtek Business Services (NEWT) is a business development company with a unique, well diversified business model. NEWT has benefited immensely from policy and societal changes that arose as a result of Covid-19. Although it cut dividends recently, it might surprise on the upside if there is additional government stimulus. With an 11% yield, NEWT makes a decent income investment.

Strategy and Portfolio

NEWT’s lending business is focused on providing loans under various Small Business Administration Programs. It holds one of only 4 Non-Bank SBA lender licenses, giving it an important competitive advantage in the space. In fact it’s the largest non-bank lender under the Section 7(NYSE:A) loan program based on annual origination volume. The Section 7(A) loan program provides loans up to $5 million to small businesses, with government guarantees covering up to 75% It has also been a major lender under the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides

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These 3 Dividend Stocks Are Practically Money Machines

Many investors buy dividend stocks for one reason: They want a reliable income stream.

Some stocks generate larger income streams, while others provide more reliability. If you’re looking for both, check out these three dividend stocks. 

1. AbbVie

You just might drool over AbbVie‘s (NYSE:ABBV) dividend yield of close to 5.2%. You’ll also almost certainly love the drugmaker’s dividend track record. AbbVie is a Dividend Aristocrat — a term for S&P 500 members that have increased their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.

$100 bills in a money printing machine.

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Could the looming entrance of biosimilar rivals to AbbVie’s top-selling drug Humira in the U.S. market threaten the company’s dividend? I don’t think so. First, Humira’s sales won’t totally evaporate overnight when biosimilars hit the U.S. market in 2023. More importantly, AbbVie has plenty of other products to generate revenue.

Rinvoq and Skyrizi appear to be worthy successors to Humira. AbbVie’s

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DVYE And SDEM: Emerging Market Equity ETFs With Strong 6.5%-7.9% Dividend Yields (NYSEARCA:DVYE)

Emerging markets equities offer international diversification, strong dividend yields, and the potential for substantial capital gains due to their low prices, cheap valuations, and the relative strength of the dollar. Risks are higher than average, with dividends and returns strongly dependent on underlying economic conditions. The Global X SuperDividend Emerging Markets ETF (SDEM) and the iShares Emerging Markets Dividend ETF (DVYE) are both emerging market high dividend equity index funds, provide investors with an easy and cheap way to access these securities, and are strong buys.

DVYE is more diversified and yields 6.5%, while SDEM has fewer holdings but yields 7.9%. Both funds are remarkably similar otherwise, so interested investors should choose SDEM if they prefer the stronger yields, DVYE if they want a more diversified, less risky fund.

Funds Overview

SDEM and DVYE both invest in emerging market high dividend yield stocks. SDEM invests in the top 50 highest

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IBM Declares New Dividend, With a 6.1% Yield

IBM (NYSE:IBM) is extending its tradition of sharing its gains with stockholders. The company’s board of directors has declared a fresh quarterly dividend on its common stock of $1.63 per share, to be handed out on Dec. 10 to investors of record as of Nov. 10.

The company didn’t hesitate to point out that it has paid quarterly dividends for over 100 years; it started doing so in 1916. 

Over the past few decades, it has also consistently raised them on an annual basis. Earlier this year, by doing so, IBM made it onto the list of Dividend Aristocrats, the very small group of S&P 500 index companies that have increased their payouts at least once per year for a minimum of 25 years running.

$100 bills flying from a laptop PC.

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These increases have collectively been substantial. Since the beginning of 2010, IBM’s dividend has nearly tripled, from $0.55 per share to

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Could emerging markets become a new dividend hero?

Helen Bradshaw of Quilter Investors

Helen Bradshaw of Quilter Investors

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, investors have had to get used to a tough environment when it comes to shareholder payments.

Those countries that are able to return to normality sooner will likely see a smaller fall in their economic growth. China is a great example, with the economy expanding 4.9% in the third quarter at a time when global growth remains under pressure. 

The developed world with their service-led economics may find the recovery takes longer than their developed market counterparts, consequently creating a gloomier outlook for earnings and ultimately dividends. 

Furthermore, Asian companies went into the coronavirus pandemic with strong balance sheets, a helpful characteristic when it comes to income sustainability.

Why global investors will start upping exposure to EMD assets

This factor has allowed them to weather the dividend crisis better than other regions, overall leading to fewer cancellations than

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Verizon’s 4.4% Dividend Yield Remains One of the Best in Tech

Though shares have turned in an unimpressive negative 6% return this year, Verizon‘s (NYSE:VZ) business has been a stable staple. That was on display once again in Q3 2020, with net new wireless subscriber additions and the highest rate of Fios Internet additions since 2014. But the big news — another double-digit percentage increase in free cash flow — underpins the real reason to own this stock: the 4.4% dividend yield. 

A city skyline with a bubble that has "5G" in hovering above.

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Wireless is a modern necessity

New 5G wireless networks have been all the rage this year, and on this front Verizon trails behind T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) in terms of national coverage. However, its 4G LTE network outperforms other carriers’ new 5G in average performance.

It shows in the numbers. Verizon added net 136,000 retail postpaid connections on the consumer side, net 417,000 retail postpaid connections in the business segment, and net 144,000 Fios Internet additions

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Profit falls 5% to Rs 1,065 crore; board declares special dividend

text: Tech Mahindra Q2 results: Profit falls 5% to Rs 1,065 crore; board declares special dividend

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Tech Mahindra Q2 results: Profit falls 5% to Rs 1,065 crore; board declares special dividend

Tech Mahindra, a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, on Friday reported 5.27 per cent year-on-year (YoY) decline in net profit at Rs 1,064.60 crore for the second quarter ended September 30, 2020, as against Rs 1,123.9 crore in the same period last year. On a quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) basis, the profit rose 9.5 per cent from Rs 972.3 crore in the June quarter of FY21. The company’s board has declared a special dividend of Rs 15 per equity share on face value of Rs 5 per cent (300 per cent).

The Pune-headquartered company reported revenue from operations of Rs 9,371.80 crore as compared to Rs 9,069.9 crore in the September quarter of 2019, registering a year-on-year growth of 3.32 per cent. On QoQ basis, revenue was up 2.9 per cent from Rs

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