Drone Footage Shows Collapse of Observatory

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  • The famed Arecibo Observatory, featured in the films Contact and Goldeneye, gave way earlier this week after its support cables snapped.
  • The National Science Foundation, which ran the Puerto Rico-based radio observatory, released dramatic drone footage of the collapse.
  • The telescope operated for almost 60 years, scanning the skies for asteroids and alien signals and contributing to our understanding of the universe.

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has released tragic drone footage of the collapse of the famed Arecibo Observatory, which fell this week after 57 years of service.

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    The observatory—made famous by films like Contact and the James Bond flick Goldeneye—probed the distant reaches of the universe for signs of extraterrestrial life, scanned the skies for fast radio bursts, and tracked marauding asteroids zipping through our solar system. It’s

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    See unreal drone footage of Arecibo Observatory’s catastrophic collapse

    Remarkable video footage of the Arecibo Observatory’s 900-ton platform falling into the 1,000-foot wide dish below was released Thursday by the National Science Foundation. A drone happened to be performing an up-close investigation of the cables that still held the platform above the dish as the cables snapped Tuesday.

    The video of the massive radio telescope shows both the drone footage and the view from a camera in the visitor center that shows the platform falling into the dish just above the jungle floor in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Two massive chunks of the cement towers that the cables were attached to can also be seen falling.

    Two of the cables had previously broken, one in August and another in November, destabilizing the telescope.

    A drone was inspecting the site atop one of the towers, where

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    Aevum unveils smallsat-launching drone aircraft

    Aevum CEO Jay Skylus said Ravn X will be ready for operations within the next 18 months after it clears regulatory reviews.

    WASHINGTON — Small launch startup Aevum on Dec. 3 unveiled its Ravn X vehicle, a reusable drone aircraft and rocket combination designed to launch small payloads to orbit. 

    Ravn X has been years in development. Aevum, based in Huntsville, Alabama, is positioning Ravn X to compete in the increasingly crowded small launch market, promising fast-response service enabled by an autonomous aircraft that can take off from any mile-long runway.

    “This is the first time we’re showing the full vehicle, all three stages,” Aevum founder and CEO Jay Skylus told SpaceNews.

    “Now we will start doing vehicle level testing that’s required for air-worthiness certification and launch licensing,” Skylus said. 

    The 55,000-pound unpiloted aircraft is 80 feet long with a 60-foot wingspan. While in flight it will release a two-stage

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    Space Startup Earns $1B In U.S. Military Contracts Amid Launch Drone Unveiling

    Space startup Aevum received several government contracts worth nearly $1 billion, including opportunities with the United States Space Force and United States Air Force (USAF).

    Aevum is constructing autonomous drones called Ravn X, which take off and land horizontally like airplanes; today (Thursday, Dec. 3) also marks the rollout of the Ravn X vehicle. Aevum is also building a global logistics network to take on as many launch duties as possible themselves.

    This work recently garnered them the upcoming ASLON-45 mission with the United States Space Force, which is the first formal small launch mission contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense.

    Aevum also received a USAF AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research Phase I contract for rapid launch and space logistics, along with a separate indefinite delivery and quantity contract with the USAF Space and Missile Systems Center’s Launch Enterprise Small

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    Space startup Aevum debuts world’s first fully autonomous orbital rocket launching drone

    Launching things to space doesn’t have to mean firing a large rocket vertically using massive amounts of rocket-fuel powered thrust – startup Aevum breaks the mould in multiple ways, with an innovative launch vehicle design that combines uncrewed aircraft with horizontal take-off and landing capabilities, with a secondary stage that deploys at high altitude and can take small payloads the rest of the way to space.

    Aevum’s model actually isn’t breaking much new ground in terms of its foundational technology, according to founder and CEO Jay Skylus, who I spoke to prior to today’s official unveiling of the startup’s Ravn X launch vehicle. Skylus, who previously worked for a range of space industry household names and startups including NASA, Boeing, Moon Express and Firefly, told me that the startup has focused primarily on making the most of existing available technologies to create a mostly reusable, fully automated small payload

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    New drone technology uses data from mobile networks to chart flight paths. Here are the two companies behind it

    By Jack Denton

    The telecom companies say they can use mobile network data to facilitate flight corridors

    Ericsson (ERIC-B.SK) and Vodafone said that they have successfully tested technology that uses mobile network data to facilitate flight corridors for drones, opening the door to safer and more accurate flights for commercial and emergency purposes.

    In a trial this month in Germany, the two European telecom giants used data from mobile networks to produce coverage maps to allow a drone to stay in areas with good signal up in the air.

    The technology allows drone operators, including emergency services, to deliver supplies quickly, while maintaining and optimizing the connection to the mobile network, which is crucial for flight.

    The trial also used another technology from Vodafone to collate anonymized and secured mobile user data on the ground, which allowed the drone to avoid heavily crowded areas.

    “The mobile network is a data-rich

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    Drone Defense System Market Size- Detailed Analysis of Current Industry Figures with Forecasts Growth By 2027

    The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

    Nov 30, 2020 (Market Insight Reports) —
    Selbyville, Delaware Global Drone Defense System Market Report added at Market Study Report LLC offers industry size, share, growth, trends and forecast analysis up to 2027. Drone Defense System Market Report also covers top key players, porters five forces analysis and market segmentation in detail. This report examines the global Drone Defense System market and provides information regarding the revenue for the period 2020 to 2027.

    Global Drone Defense System Market is valued approximately USD 3.6 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 64.64% over the forecast period 2020-2027. Drones have seen technological breakthroughs that give them with destruction capabilities. These drones will now be able to be launched by the military with deadly accuracy, wreaking havoc on enemy territory. The

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    Marine Corps wants kamikaze drone swarms

    The Marine Corps is looking for industry sources to produce a man-portable system capable of launching swarms of kamikaze drones over contested battlefields, according to a new notice.

    In a request for information published earlier this month, Marine Corps System Command detailed a fresh need for an “individually operated, man-portable, anti-materiel, anti-personnel ground-launched loitering munition system” for fielding to grunts in the coming years.

    The so-called Organic Precision Fire-Infantry (OPF-I) capability will consist of a fresh infantry-operated system capable of launching drones that can conduct explosive strikes and are “capable of swarming” over a 20-kilometer range for up to an hour and a half, according to the notice.

    The AeroVironment Block 10C digital Switchblade Tactical Missile System in action

    The AeroVironment Block 10C digital Switchblade Tactical Missile System in action

    The Corps has been on the hunt for an OPF system since at least April 2018, when the service published a request for proposals for systems capable of providing

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    What Does the Future Hold for Drone Tech

    FREMONT, CA: Drone technology has a wide range of applications from increasing work efficiency and productivity, decreasing workload and production costs, improving accuracy, refining service and customer relations and resolving security issues on a vast scale.

    Drones are known worldwide with different names, like Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft, and Flying Mini Robots. Regardless of the name, drones are becoming increasingly popular and have proven to have various applications. Despite being in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, drones have managed to break through the rigid traditional barriers which were otherwise impenetrable for similar technological innovations. Over the last few years, drone technology has become vital for various functions for businesses and government organizations. The technology has managed to pierce through various industries where other technologies have been lagging. From quick deliveries at peak hours to scanning an unreachable military base, drones have proven

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    Leveraging Commercial Drone Technology for Businesses

    FREMONT, CA: Drones can be beneficial to farmers in various ways. Experts in the UAV industry have cited agriculture as a goldmine of opportunity for the technology. From identifying failing crops to taking inventory counts, farmers can leverage drone technology in various ways.

    Technology is the driving factor behind each business, and each day a new technology emerges that outdates the existing one and begs businesses to adopt the new one to stay ahead of the competition. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones have been innovating old businesses and creating new brand opportunities for companies across various sectors. The technology has been pegged to be one of the unique inventions of the last decade and also offers a wide range of benefits across various industries and can also be leveraged to improve workplace efficiency. The impact of this technology has been immense, and in the last few years alone, it

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